Night of the Murder[edit | edit source]

Please, Corteo. A raison d'être gives a person power. Friendship is a more reliable tool than a knife. We're brothers, right?

Phantom of Falsehood[edit | edit source]

Funny, I heard you lost some turf downtown to the Orco family.

That's funny. Watching an ass strut around in a lion's skin.
—Avilio, to Ronald Galassia[source]

The whole world's gone mad. They claim to be my dad's best friend, and want to help me with my revenge. Bizarre, isn't it? I'm handed everything, even the names of the men who stole the people I loved...
—Avilio about the letter[source]

Where the Footfalls Lead[edit | edit source]

Losing to Win, and What Comes After[edit | edit source]

Blood Will Have Blood[edit | edit source]

If we leave now, I'll never reach Vincent. Plus, there's a fourth man who wasn't in the letter."
"If we stay here, we die! Isn't your life worth more than some revenge!?"
"You've got it backwards, Corteo. If I abandon my revenge, I lose my reason for living.
—Ronald about Vanno[source]

To Slaughter a Pig[edit | edit source]

A Poor Player[edit | edit source]

Nero... Starting today, I'll be your brother.
—Avilio after Frate's death[source]

Behind the Curtain[edit | edit source]

Black and Deep Desires[edit | edit source]

Proof of Good Faith[edit | edit source]

If I abandon my revenge, I lose my reason for living.

...I'll see you soon.
—Avilio, to Corteo after killing him[source]

All for Nothing[edit | edit source]

I've been waiting for this day for so long. Ah... But have I really? I can't even tell anymore. What did I come back here for? What have I been killing for?

I returned to this town for the sake of this day. This time, I'm the one who will take everything away.
—Avilio to Vince[source]

Slipping Through the Dirty Sky[edit | edit source]

Angelo: "Why're you here?"
Cerotto: "What about you? Why are you still alive? You wanted revenge against the Vanettis, right? And you finished that crap already, right? Hey. You listening to me? He never wanted to join the Family. Even when I told him how rich he could get, he wouldn't even think about it. It was stupid how damn straight-laced he was. But you... You drove him crazy. And you killed him. He'd never even been with a woman... How is it right that you live and he dies!? Hey, are you listening!?
Nero: "Pipe down."
—Cerotto scolds Angelo[source]

Cerotto:「そういうお前は なんで生きてんだよ ヴァネッティの奴等に復讐したがったんだろう そんなもん もうとっくに終わってんじゃねか? おい 聞いてんのかよ? あいつはな ファミリーなんかに入りたくなかった わざわざ儲け話持ってってやっても 見向きもしね バカみたいに真面目な奴だった なのに お前のせいでおかしくなっちまった お前に殺されちまった 女も知らねのに あいつが死んでお前が生きてんのは なんか可笑しくねか? 聞いてんのかよ おい」
—Cerotto scolds Angelo[source]

Angelo: "What's the point a you bein' here?"
Cerotto: I gotta better one for ya. What's the point a ya bein' alive? You got your precious revenge against the Vanettis. Christ. What more you got left to do? Hey. You listenin' to me? He was a decent guy. He never wanted to be a part of this. I told him a thousand times how much dough he could make with the Family, and still... He got on my nerves, how straight-laced he was... But you... You drove the poor scrub outta his mind. And if that wasn't enough... You... You murdered him. He was just a kid, never even been with a woman, and you couldn't even give a shit about him! He'd a done anything for you!"
Nero: Okay. That's enough.
—Cerotto scolds Angelo[source]

I thought that by completing my revenge and making my family's killers pay, I would find a reason to live again. But there was nothing left. It was all for nothing."
"You've got to be kidding me. Don't you dare try to sum it all up like that. What about them!? What were their deaths for!? Why didn't you just kill me? I trusted you!"
"Then you should have just killed me back then! That night, seven years ago... If you'd just shot me...
—Angelo and Nero[source]

The reason I didn't kill you is because I didn't want to kill you.
—Angelo's final words of the anime[source]

—Angelo's final words of the anime[source]

Well, there's definitely a reason you're alive. I didn't wanna kill ya.
—Angelo's final words of the anime[source]

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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