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Kanji ボッティ
Romaji Botti
Alias Bro (兄貴(あにき), Aniki)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Occupation Soldato
Affiliation Orco Family (Formerly)
Fango Family (Formerly)
Vanetti Family
Status Deceased
Relatives Cerotto (Younger Brother)
Unnamed Sister-in-Law and Nephew
Debut Day 1
Japanese Ryuunosuke Watanuki
English Sean Dinan
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Botti is a character of 91 Days. He is the older brother of Cerotto, who was in Fango's gang, who worked for Orco Family as hired guns against the Vanettis, until its takeover by Fango and, after Fango's death, he, Gatto, Corvo and everyone else from Fango Family joined the Vanetti Family's ranks, since without Fango, they were all finished.


Like his brother, he has dark skin and black hair and his face has a square jaw and round wide nose. He wears almost the same outfit as Cerotto, but with diffirent colours and has a white baseball hat with black pinstripes for a headgear and carries a wooden baseball bat as his primary weapon of choice.


He is somewhat brash, acts like a bully towards others and relies mostly on his own strength, as he beaten up his own brother and tried to persuade Corteo to work for Fango and Orco through brute force and threats, to which his baseball bat got to use, until he himself was knocked out cold by Angelo with a wrench.



Botti is Italian for barrels.


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