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Kanji カーメロ
Romaji Kamero
Physical Description
Gender Male
Affiliation Fango Family (Formerly)
Vanetti Family
Status Deceased
Debut Day 9
Japanese Naoto Kobayashi
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Carmelo is a character in 91 Days.


Because he only shown briefly, little is known about his personality. Though he is a new member of the Vanetti Family, he is quite rough while interrogating Corteo. When he is pushed aside by Ganzo, he looks slightly uncomfortable when Ganzo knocks Corteo to the ground.


Similarly to Corteo, Cerotto, and Gatto, he is dark-skinned, making his race seem ambiguous.


After the murder of Fango, many of his men go to the Vanettis to throw themselves at their mercy. As with Fango gone, they're done for. Carmelo is one of these men. He is first shown in a garage of the Vanetti Mansion. Corteo is being roughed up for answers about his betrayal of the family by Carmelo. Avilio asks how they know it was him, and he motions over to Gatto. He explains that Corteo leaked Nero's schedule to Fango then came back to the island yesterday.

Ganzo pushes Carmelo out of the way and begins beating up Corteo and demanding that he explain himself. Avilio watches this without emotion. Nero calmly leaves and Avilio follows him.

Later that day, at the Vanetti Mansion, gunshots suddenly ring out and Ganzo yells for someone to get in there. Having been shot in the arm, Ganzo stumbles out, cursing, as Tigre and Gianni come running. Ganzo tells them that Corteo escaped out the back window. The two run to the back as Barbero and Nero run out as well. Nero runs to Ganzo and asks if he's alright. Nero picks him up and Avilio comes out and asks what happened, to the surprise of the two.

Inside the garage, Nero, Ganzo, and Avilio look at the damage. The back window had been broken and Carmelo lays dead on the floor, having been shot. Ganzo says that Carmelo charged out of nowhere and whipped out a gun. Ganzo says that he had a feeling about Carmelo from the start. Ganzo calls him trash and kicks his body.


The name Carmelo is a male given name. It originates from Italy and is quite popular there[1]. It's meaning comes from the Hebrew word for garden. [2]


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