Connie Vanetti
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Kanji コニー・ヴァネッティ
Romaji Konī Vanetti
Alias Mom (母さん, Kaa-san)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relatives Vincent Vanetti (Husband)
Nero Vanetti (Son)
Frate Vanetti (Son)
Fio Vanetti (Daughter)
Debut Day 13
English Jessica Cavanagh
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"Thank you... You're such a sweet boy..."
— Connie to her son[1]

Connie Vanetti is a character in 91 Days.


Connie is shown very briefly lying in bed. She seems to have the same hair color as her daughter and youngest son.


Though little is known about Connie, she married Vincent Vanetti before he joined the Moreno Family. After this, they had three children: Nero, Fio, and Frate. When her husband was attempting to get into the local mafia family, Testa Lagusa threatened to force her into prostitution to pay his debt.

Sometime in the early 1900, when her oldest son was 10, she was sickly and unable to walk. Bedridden, she had a maid taking care of her. According to her family, her condition was stable at this point.

When Nero Vanetti snuck out of mass and returned to their home, he hears his mother coughing and goes into her room. He tends to her and she praises him.

According to Nero, she made onion soup for her children.

Within four years, Connie passed away. Her family, Testa Lagusa, and Ganzo Alary attended her funeral. It took place on a rainy day, causing Frate to become sick.



Are you married?"
"We deal in prostitution, too. If you can't clear your debt, we'll put your wife to work."
"Do as you'd like.
—Testa and Vincent[source]

If you can't return it, I'll have the first go at your wife.

Mom isn't getting any better... And you're just fooling around."
"What's this got to do with Mom?
Fio and Nero[source]

Is Connie still doing the same?"
"Yes. A doctor's seen her too. No change.
Fio and Nero[source]

Take them out once in a while. Even if Connie can't, the children can still walk, can't they?
Ganzo Alary to Vincent Vanetti[source]

Oh my, didn't you go to church?"
"I just forgot something. Here, face that way."
"Thank you... You're such a sweet boy...
—Connie and Nero[source]

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Her first name, Connie, is a feminine name. It could be the short form of other names, such as Constance. A main character in The Godfather, which 91 Days is said to be inspired by, is named Connie.


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