Proof of Sincerity
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Proof of Good Faith

Kanji 誠実の証
Romaji Seijitsu no Akashi
Air Date September 16, 2016
Volume Volume 5
Storyboard 小島正幸
Director 鳥羽聡 柳屋圭宏
Animator 冨永拓生 徳田夢之介 小林利充
Script 岸本卓
Opening Signal
Ending Rain or Shine
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"If you balance friendship and revenge, the heaviness naturally becomes obvious. Without trust, there is no friendship and without sincerity, there is no trust. So show me your proof of sincerity[1]"
Angelo Lagusa in episode preview[2].

Proof of Sincerity is the 10th episode of 91 Days.


With Nero succeeding his father's position as Don, the family wishes to expand their power by introducing and dealing Lawless Heaven to the Galassia Family. This position is left up to Avilio. As the family is still searching for Corteo's whereabouts, Avilio embarks with his trunk. Where is Corteo? And why was that letter sent to Avilio?[3]

Staff Edit

  • Written by: Taku Kishimoto.
  • Storyboard: Masayuki Kojima.
  • Animation Directors: Takuo Tominaga, Toshimitsu Kobayashi & Yumenosuke Tokuda.
  • Directed by: Satoshi Toba & Yoshihiro Yanagiya.


At a local harbor, Avilio is shown waiting to board a boat. Gianni is shown spying on him from behind a newspaper. A man tells the group that they can now board so Angelo stands up with his trunk. As he's about to board, he notices Tigre watching him, surprising him. Tigre is initially taken back by being caught, but then smiles at him.

The two talk in an alley. Tigre initially talks about Lawless Heaven and apologizes for spying on him. He pauses briefly and then expresses his sadness about Corteo; saying that he's a good guy and that Fango probably fed him a line. Nevertheless, he still has to die. Angelo maintains a blank expression throughout. The boat honks and and they both look towards it. Tigre waves Gianni over who is staring at the boat. Angelo asks if he can go and Tigre says it's fine. As the boat sails away, they send him off.

As the boat gets farther and farther away, Angelo stands at the edge of the boat, staring at the port. A man approches him, so Angelo turns around. He smiles, finding Corteo standing there, and compliments him on his hat. Corteo smiles back at him.

Back at the Vanetti mansion, Nero. Barbero, Tigre, and Ganzo sit together in Nero's office. Barbero asks if Corteo showed up at the boat and Tigre tells him that he hadn't. Nero asks how many times he has to say that he isn't in on it. Ganzo doesn't say anything, as he's thinking about the previous night.

After Angelo confirms that Ganzo did send the letter, he comes inside the house. Angelo asks why he sent the letter to him. Ganzo says "Vincent kept worrying himself over Testa's son, the one who got away. He told me to track you down by any means necessary. Don't worry. You're dead, as far as he knows. To be honest, my hopes weren't high, but you did well. You made a few blunders along the way, but the way you killed Vanno had style." Angelo asks why he wants the Vanettis dead. Ganzo admits that he wanted the town of Lawless and everything that comes with it to himself. Ganzo asks if he killed Nero. Angelo says that he can kill Nero any time, but Vincent won't go down that easily. He says that to kill Vince, he needs Ganzo's help, since he needs Angelo as well. Angelo says that he wants Corteo and that once he's safe, he'd come back. Ganzo asks what happens if he refuses, and Angelo says that he entrusted the letter to a certain man, and that if he dies, it will be sent to Nero with his name on it. Ganzo gets up and opens a door. Corteo is sitting on the other side of it. Ganzo says that, for now, he should pick a familiar place to lay low.

At Angelo's old apartment, the two enter together. As he enters, a group of women are shocked to see him. The woman asks where he's been and says he owes her rent. Corteo hands her a bunch of money and asks if it will cover it. The woman looks through it and says that it's too much. Smiling, he says to take it as an advance on future rent.

In the apartment, Corteo notes that it's very spartan. Angelo agrees. Smiling, Corteo sits on the table and says that he'll sleep there that night. He notices a wallet laying on the ground, but as he picks it up, he realizes that there's a pile of them. Angelo says that when he lived in this room, he was an empty shell until that letter came.

The next morning, Corteo is awakened by the sounds of cooking. He goes into the kitchen where he finds Angelo making coffee. They greet each other and Angelo notes that Corteo slept well. Corteo says that lately, he hadn't been sleeping much. Angelo asks if he wants some coffee and they both go into his room to sit on the bed and drink it. Angelo takes a sip and says that he only has the one cup as he passes it to Corteo. Corteo takes a drink but says that it's too sweet. Corteo says that Angelo did always love sweet stuff as he passes it back to Angelo.

Corteo says that he needs to go shopping. Angelo asks what for, so he says that he needs blankets, utensils, and says that since they're there, Angelo should take him to show his favorite places.

The two head out and go to the grocery store. They buy bread and cooking supplies. They use these to make supper. Angelo really enjoys it and Corteo smiles at him. That night, they switch beds as Corteo sleeps on Angelo's bed and Angelo sleeps on the table. Though Corteo fell asleep, Angelo can't seem to and sits up. He goes to the window where a bottle of Lawless Heaven sits. He drinks it from the bottle. He sits down in a chair there and looks over at Corteo's back before looking out the window. The camera pans over to show that Corteo is actually awake as well.

At the grocery store, Angelo makes a phone call where he says to "Give [his] regards to Mr. Strega." He leaves the store and Corteo is standing outside, waiting for him and smoking. As Angelo leans against the store, Corteo hands him a cigarette and lights it for him. Angelo begins to speak, but Corteo interups him by asking if he's going back to Lawless. Angelo confirms this, but says he has to go to Chicago first, then head straight back. Concerned, Corteo asks if he'll come back to see him. Angelo says that he will, as he puts out his cigarette as he starts to walk away.

Corteo calls out to him so he turns around. Corteo waves in his special way and Angelo smiles at him as he walks away.

Back at the Vanetti mansion, Vincent asks how the playhouse is coming along. Nero says that it's right on schedule and that the orchestra they've got rehearsing is saying good things about it, too. Vincent reaches beside him with a shaky hand to his cigar box. Nero looks displeased at this. He stands up and tears the end of it. Del Toro lights it for him. Vince says that it's been a long road. But if they can patch up their relationship with the Galassias, that should clear up the last of their worries. Nero agrees and says that if you can't beat them, join them. Vince says that the Galassias want is to expand steadily, not to destroy. He says that as long as they're corteous toward them, they won't be unreasonable. Nero says that they won't let them live, but they won't let them die either. They'll just hang over them at all times, taking kickbacks and growing fat. Vince says that he understands how he feels, but that the Galassias could wipe them out if they wanted to. Nero tells him not to worry, as he's not stupid enough to try to do something about it now. Nero quotes his father saying "Think carefully, then walk forward with purpose. The faster you rush out, the more likely you are to trip and fall." Vince smiles at this. Nero tells his father that no matter what happens, he'll protect the family.

Tigre laments that they can't find Corteo anywhere. Barbero says that he's worried about Corteo, but about Avilio as well. Tigre says that he did call from Chicago and that he said the deal went great. Nero says that the Galassias corroborated too. Barbero says that he's been gone a whole week, and that if he'd gone straight to Chicago, it should have only taken him one day. Tigre says that it's his big trip to Chicago and that there's nothing wrong with spending a few days living the high life. He says that the women there aren't like the ones in Lawless. Ganzo agrees, saying that a woman he took to bed in Chicago left him limp for a week, sickly even. Smiling, Angelo suddenly appears at the door, and asks what they're talking about. This suprises everyone and Tigre greets him, asking if he wants a drink. Nero says that it sounds like business went well. Angelo agrees, saying that they got almost everything they wanted. Looking displeased, Barbero says that it took him quite a while. Angelo says that there was a lot in Chicago he had to try out. Barbero doesn't seem happy with this answer, but Tigre happily asks how it was over there. Angelo, to the surprise of Tigre, says that it wasn't great and that the alcohol quality was poor. He says that they can mix it into cocktails to hide it, but the straight stuff is nothing. He says that there is no Chicago booze that can top Lawless Heaven. Don Galassia and his underboss, Straga both agreed. Nero says they should toast and tells Angelo to tell them stories of his trip.

Back at Ganzo's house, he says that he's relieved that he returned because he was worried that he might run off with Corteo. Angelo says that his revenge isn't finished. Ganzo says that the playhouse will be opening in three days, so Vince will be leaving his mansion for the first time in a long while. Ganzo hands him a gun and says that he should keep him safe while smiling. Angelo doesn't pick up the gun, so Ganzo asks what's wrong. He says that it's nothing as he picks it up and puts it in his pocket. He gulps down the rest of his drink then stands up to leave. As he reaches the door, Ganzo throws him a bag full of bullets. He tells him to use it well.

At the playhouse, Nero says that he can't believe that it will only be two days until it's open. Ganzo says that Don Galassia will come, as promised and that that means he officially accepts the Vanettis as friends. Tigre happily says that Lawless is now his. Nero says that it isn't yet, since there are still those with lingering loyalty to Fango and there's also Corteo. Ganzo puts his hand on Nero's shoulderand says that he and his father will need the best security there is to protect the guests. He says to leave it to him. Nero agrees and then asks where Barbero is. Tigre says that he went to go meet someone at the pier.

At the pier, Barbero asks a sailor if he'd seen Corteo with a picture. The man says that he can't seem to remember, so he takes out some money.

At Angelo's, he receives a phone call from Tigre asking if he can come now. He says that they got a lead about Corteo. Angelo agrees and hangs up. He leans back in his chair and sighs.

At the Vanetti mansion, Angelo knocks on the door. He enters a room with Barbero, Ganzo, Nero, and Tigre. They all seem surprised to see him. Angelo asks if they found where Corteo is hiding, and Nero says that they hadn't. Barbero walks up to Avilio and asks if he let Corteo escape. He cocks his gun and says that they day he left for Chicago, Corteo was at the pier. Angelo doesn't say anything as Barbero holds a gun to Angelo's head. Gianni knocks on the door, but Barbero tells for him to wait. Though he tries to stop him, Corteo barges in. This shocks everyone and horrifies Angelo.

Going back to Angelo's old apartment, Corteo lays in bed awake, staring at the ceiling. He sits up and looks at the bottles of whisky around the apartment. He puts them into a bag and walks outside. On his way out, he is stopped by the landlady. She asks if he's a friend of Angelo's. She says that it's better if he stays away from him because "He doesn't have a proper job, yet he has all that money..." Smiling, Corteo says that they're brothers. The woman apologizes and Corteo walks away. As he does, he says "Forever. No matter what happens."

Down by a small river, Corteo opens his bag and takes out a bottle of Lawless Heaven and thinks about their time together. At a zoo, Corteo asks if that's his favorite place. Avilio says that it is, so Corteo asks if he comes there a lot. Angelo says that he doesn't, and that it's his first time. He says on that day, Luce told him he wanted to go to the zoo someday. Back in the present, Corteo opens a bottle and pours it out, saying that they can start over together. He then throws the bottle into the water. He then starts throwing them in one by one.

One morning, he is awoken by the landlady knocking on his door. She says that he has a call from Angelo Lagusa. He answers the call and doesn't say anything until he hears someone on the other line. It's actually Ganzo who tells him to come back at once because he has to save Angelo.

Back in the office, Barbero drags Corteo to sit in a chair. He pulls his gun on him and asks why he tried to kill Nero. Nero walks over to him and says that he doesn't remember doing anything to earn his hatred. He says that he wanted to save Avilio from this ridiculous place. Tigre curses at him and Barbero asks if he and Avilio were working together. He denies this and says that he did it himself. Barbero asks if it was Avilio who got him out of the garage, and he refuses this as well. Barbero says that someone saw him on the pier the day Avilio left for Chicago. Corteo says that he never went there. Barbero calls him a liar and says that they both went after Nero together. Smiling, Corteo looks up at Barbero and asks "Avilio's in your way, isn't he? He could steal your position as Nero's right hand." Barbero slaps him twice and is about to punch him when Nero calmly says that it's enough.

Barbero begins to protest, but then looks at Nero and stops. Nero pulls out his gun and points it at Corteo and cocks it. He looks over at Angelo and stops. He walks over to him with the gun and, smiling, gives it to him. He tells him to kill Corteo. Angelo looks upset and slowly takes the gun. They all exit the room with Barbero stopping momentary to stare at Angelo.

As the last man leaves the room, Angelo puts the gun by his side and walks over to Corteo. He sadly asks why he would come back, and Corteo says that it was because Ganzo said that Angelo was in danger. This angers Angelo and Corteo says that even if he hadn't, it would have been the same way with him dying. He says that with his gun, he can clear any suspicion of him. After that, no one will get in his way. Angelo says that he's there to get revenge and he's not done yet. Smiling, Corteo sits back in his chair and closes his eyes, saying that it's been a crazy ride. He notes that it's only been three months since Avilio came back to Lawless. He opens his eyes and says that he's glad he got to see him again. With a shaky voice, Angelo again asks why he came back, so Corteo smiles and says "Angelo, because we're" and then trails off, smiling and then does his special wave. Angelo shoots him and then sadly begins to smile. He finished his words, saying "because we're brothers, right?" With his face quivering, he promises to "see him soon."




  • Though not worded the same way in English, the title is from Macbeth.

Macduff, this noble passion,
Child of integrity, hath from my soul
Wiped the black scruples, reconciled my thoughts
To thy good truth and honor. Devilish Macbeth
By many of these trains hath sought to win me
Into his power, and modest wisdom plucks me



  1. 復讐と友情を天秤に掛ければ、その重さは自ずと明らか。信頼無くして友情は無く、誠実無くして信頼は無い。見せてくれよ、その誠実の証を。
  2. 「91Days」第10話予告


  3. ドン・ヴァネッティの座を継いだネロは、ファミリーの勢力拡大の布石としてドン・ガラッシアに「ローレスへブン」を届けたいという。その役をアヴィリオが任されることになった。ファミリーの者たちが依然としてコルテオの行方を探す中、トランクを抱え乗船するアヴィリオ。コルテオはどこにいるのか? そして、アヴィリオに手紙を送った人物の目的とは?
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