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Hovering Through the Filthy Air
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Kanji (よご)れた(そら)をかいくぐり
Romaji Yogoreta Sora wo Kaikuguri
Air Date October 1, 2016
Volume Volume 6
Storyboard 野村和也
Director 鏑木ひろ
Animator 藪野浩二 冨永拓生 北山修一 大島貞生 岸友洋
Script 岸本卓
Opening Signal
Ending Rain or Shine
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"Hovering through the filthy air, a foolish bird meets his place. Here is the farthest ends of the earth and the opening of hell, where there is no way forwards or back. So, Avilio, let's end it all.[1]"
— Nero in episode preview[2]

Hovering through the Filthy Air is the twelfth and final episode of 91 Days.




  • Written by: Taku Kishimoto.
  • Storyboard: Kazuya Nomura.
  • Animation Directors: Koji Yabuno, Sadao Ōshima, Shuichi Kitayama, Takuo Tominaga & Tomohiro Kishi.
  • Directed by: Hiro Kaburagi.


At Hotel Lawless, Nero goes up an elevator while thinking about why he trusted him. Angelo sits in front of a window overlooking the Island. He is guarded by one of Strega's men. A second man knocks on the door and brings in a tray of food for Angelo. Angelo doesn't react, so the second man complains that he still has no interest. The first man asks why he is still alive, since he killed Galassia. The other man says he doesn't know. The second man notices magazine about Florida sitting on the table and says that it's ridiculous. As he tosses it back, a large explosion can be seen out the window on the Island. The two quickly look over, but Angelo just looks on without any expression.

The first man remarks that the Vanettis must all be dead by now, then the other replies that it's the perfect presentation for Don Strega. As they talk, Angelo notices a car parked outside of the hotel with Cerotto sitting in the driver's seat. The first man begins eating Angelo's food, so the second man scolds him. He says that he's not eating it anyway. The second man begins to leave, but is attacked after opening the door. The second man is shocked and tries to pull out his gun but instead yells out "bang" as he points his finger. He is attacked as well. Through this, Angelo doesn't stop looking out the window. After taking them both out, Nero stares at Angelo, infuriated. Angelo finally looks up and smiles at him.

At the island, a large group of men stand outside of a church. They say that if they throw down their weapons, they won't be hurt. Strega watches on from his car. Someone waves a white cloth out of the window and says that they're coming out but they instead throw a bomb. This causes a shoot out as both sides begin firing. The shooting eventually leads to one of the Galassia cars exploding.

At Fango's mansion, Tigre and Nero sit in a room together. Tigre says that they keep coming in swarms, so even if all of their bullets hit, they wouldn't have enough. Nero receives a phone call from Cerotto. He says that Angelo is in room 501 of Hotel Lawless and that everyone's been sent over to the Island. Nero says that he's going and that Tigre and the rest should as well, as he doesn't want to "die in the same place Fango did." Tigre laughs, agreeing, and then adds that they're only after Nero anyways. Nero chugs down the rest of his drink and then says "later." Tigre stops him briefly, starting to says that it's their something, but then says to never mind and instead tells him to sock Avilio for him.

Now in the car with Angelo, Nero, and Cerotto, Cerotto asks where they're going, but notes that there's no way they can escape anyways. Angelo asks Cerotto why he's there. This angers Cerotto and he instead turns the question on him and asks why he's still alive since he's done killing all the Vanettis. Angelo doesn't reply, so he begins talking about Corteo; saying that he never wanted to join the family, no matter how much money he could get from it, he wouldn't even consider it. He blames Angelo and says that it's all his fault and that Corteo had never even been with a woman. He begins crying and demands to know why Avilio should live when he's dead. The whole time, Angelo looks out his window and doesn't react. At Cerotto's shouting, Nero tells him to pipe down. Cerotto wipes his eyes and drinks some alcohol.

Nero pulls the letter from his coat pocket and asks who sent it. Angelo tells the truth and Nero says that he was "being deceived from all sides." Angelo then admits that he is the reason that Frate, Volpe, Del Toro, Barbero, and Vanno are all dead. Nero sadly looks down at the letter and notes that he's the only named person in it who's still alive. He asks why he wasn't killed as well. Angelo says that Vincent holed up in his mansion and wouldn't come out. So he would have to get close to his son first. Still looking down, Nero asks then why he would let him live when he seen him at the play house, as he had already gotten to his father. He says that it was because he wanted them to both feel the same pain that he did. "A pain worse than death." Angelo chuckles, causing Nero to look over at him. Smiling, he says that it was "a shame Vincent died so soon."

Nero pulls out a gun and pushes it into Angelo's forehead, as he breathes heavily in anger. Though Angelo again has no real response to this, Cerotto is distressed and tells him not to shoot him where they are. Nero seems to be about to pull the trigger when Angelo tells him to "do it." He instead clocks him, and he passes out. Nero says that he'll save it for later. Cerotto is exasperated by this and turns on the car.

At the Island, Tigre and a group of men are about to try and make an escape. Tigre is drinking and he hands it over to a man beside him. The man chokes on it. Tigre reassures him that he'll be fine, and the man smiles at him with tears in his eyes. Another man appears and says that the boats ready. The man run out into an open area and are ambushed. Tigre begins shooting and he tells the other men to go on ahead. They do and one of them is gunned down. Tigre is shot twice in the leg but continues to shoot at them. When his bullets run out, he is shot to death in a shower of bullets. None of the Vanetti men make it off the island. Afterwards, their bodies are all lined up in a row as Strega looks around smiling. He says that "the king's arms are long, Nero."

At a Shell gas station, Cerotto fills up his car. He asks if they want some breakfast. No one answers so he scoffs and walks away towards a store across the street. Nero notes that he's too trusting.

Cerotto walks towards the counter with a can of beans. He looks at the car and scoffs, then goes back and grabs another two cans. As he approaches the counter, he hears honking so he turns and looks out the window to see his car driving away. He runs out of the store in disbelief, but the clerk assumes he's stealing so he punches him out. In the car, Nero says that he's hungry.

Angelo dreams of waves washing up on a sandy shore. He opens his eyes and looks to see a man sitting at the table near the foot of his bead. The man yawns and then notices Angelo's awake. He rushes out of the room.

Angelo, now sitting up, downs a glass of water. Strega stands beside him and asks why he killed Galassia. He says that he lived a happy life and that it was just because it was convenient since the Vanetti's killed his family. Strega finds this amusing and says that he's just been manipulating everyone. Angelo asks why he saved him, and he says that it was as thanks. He says that he sped up his plans to be don next.

With cars following the two, Nero shoots at the Galassia cars as Tigre drives. Strega says that they fled to the Island. Angelo says that prohibition will end soon, making the town worthless. He asks what the point is. Strega says that Nero killed Ronald, but he thinks that Angelo might be more useful as he's "a man with no inconvenient ambitions." He says that if he kills someone on the Island, he can be free. He asks if he'll come with him, and Angelo says that he doesn't care anymore. He looks over at the Florida magazine.

At the Barton Diner, Nero and Angelo sit together at a booth. Nero looks around nervously. A man brings Nero a meal before staring at Angelo whose hands are tide up. Noticing, Nero says that he's escorting a dangerous prisoner. He says that he shouldn't stare at him because everyone who's gotten involved with him has ended up dead. After finishing his meal, Nero lights up a smoke. He tosses the pack at Angelo and he lights one up too. A suited man walks in to the diner and sits at the front. Nero observes him from the side of his eye. He then pays and they bother walk out.

Back in the car once again, Nero looks at a map using a lighter to see. Angelo tells him to go right and how to get onto his route. Nero asks where they're going, and Angelo says to the sea. Angelo asks if he's ever seen it, and Nero says that he hasn't. They then head in that direction.

The two eventually set up a fire to camp out. Nero passes Angelo some alcohol and then asks why he didn't just leave the city. He says that he wanted to see his revenge play out. Nero takes the letter from his pocket and throws it into the fire. Nero asks if he was satisfied. Angelo says that he thought that by completing his revenge and making his family's killers pay, he would find a reason to live again. But he says that "there was nothing left." and that "It was all for nothing." This infuriates Nero and he grabs Angelo by the collar and pushes him against a tree. He demands to know what was the point of all their deaths as he punches him in the face. He sadly asks why he didn't just kill him too. and that he trusted him. Angelo screams back that he should have just killed him seven years ago as he ran away. For the first time showing his pain, Nero is shocked as Angelo begins to cry. A car drives by in the background.

Nero thinks back to seven years ago, when he went to the Lagusa house with his family.

When he was looking downstairs in a closet, he finds a birthday gift to Angelo. As he stares at it, he hears a loud noise and rushes out to see. Angelo runs out the door. Nero aims at him with a pained expression on his face. He pulls the trigger without opening his eyes and Angelo isn't hit.

Nero sits against a tree staring at the dying fire. Angelo is asleep on the ground laying on top of a blanket. Nero looks at him before looking up at the moon that just appeared from behind the clouds.

At another diner, they both sit at a booth as Angelo is still tied up and Nero is eating. Angelo says something then Nero looks annoyed before Angelo raises his tied hands. Nero cuts his hands loose and they then share his meal.

Angelo is driving and Nero sits scared. Angelo almost hits a tree but then swerves away from it. In an open field, they pass by a mother and baby horse and after a small bridge. Nero is again driving as Angelo smokes a cigarette as he looks out the window. Nero lays awake in the sun smoking as Angelo fixes a tire on the car. In the middle of the night, Nero yawns as Angelo sleeps in the passenger seat.

Finally, they arrive at a cloudy beach. They climb over a small hill to reach it with the car parked on the other side. On top of the hill, they look out at the sea. As they walk down the beach, Nero says that "You don't need a reason to live. You just live." As they walk, Angelo begins to say why he didn't kill him. Nero stops walking but Angelo continues forward. He says that it is because he "didn't want to kill [him]." Nero points his gun at him. He closes his eyes before looking forward and shooting.

As Nero drives back alone, he passes by the same car and man that he seen earlier. As he passes the other man brakes and looks at Nero's car, implying that he is following him. In Nero's car, he looks over at a can of "Royal Palm Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple" sat on his passenger seat. He looks forward before beginning to smile.

As the credits roll, we see the waves washing up onto the shore. Their footprints are erased by the waves, and there is no trace of them left.




  • The same can of sliced pineapple is seen during Day 4. They are used to attack the Gorilla. Nero eats one and says that it's sweet.
  • The line "It was all for nothing" that Angelo says to Nero is the same line his father used before he died.
  • The final scene is visually similar to the ending scene of Road to Perdition.
  • The title is a reference to a passage in Macbeth 1:13.
Fair is foul, and foul is fair
Hover through the fog and filthy air.


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