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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
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Kanji 明日(あす)、また明日(あす)
Romaji Asu, Mata Asu
Air Date May 21, 2017 (Advanced Screening)[1]
July 5, 2017
Volume Volume 7
Storyboard 菅沼栄治
Director 鏑木ひろ
Animator 大島貞生 冨永拓生 川上暢彦 岸友洋
Script 鏑木ひろ 岸本卓
Opening Signal
Ending Rain or Shine
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Day 12
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"Those happy days, that is, the cruel prologue to my tragedy. The props that enlivened my revenge. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and, after that, darkness.[2]"
— Angelo in episode preview[3]

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is the thirteenth episode of 91 Days.


  • Written by: Taku Kishimoto & Hiro Kaburagi.
  • Storyboard: Eiji Suganuma.
  • Animation Directors: Sadao Ōshima, Takuo Tominaga, Nobuhiko Kawakami & Tomohiro Kishi.
  • Directed by: Hiro Kaburagi.


The episode will consist of three separate plot points.

Shoal of Time[]

Shoal of Time ((とき)浅瀬(あさせ), Toki no Asase) is the first segment of Day 13.

A long time ago, in Lawless, Vincent Vanetti walks in front of his children. Suddenly, Vanno Clemente calls out to Nero, so he turns and smiles. Nero scolds him for sleeping in. Smiling, Vanno says that he was too excited to sleep. He turns to Fio and asks if she's going as well. She asks to where. Nero elbows him, so he stammers. Fio narrows her eyes and asks again where they're planning on going. Nero looks annoyed and Vanno says "to church."

Nero studies his father, who doesn't seem to be paying attention. Frate asks his older brother if he's going. Smiling, Frate asks that he take him. Nero tells him to be quiet. He says that it would be bad if they got caught. Frate runs in front of him and says he's fine with that. He asks again and promises not to get in his way. Nero says that they'd be skipping mass and asks if he isn't afraid of God's punishment. Still smiling, Frate says that he's not. Nero says that he'll probably get a beating from Vince and teasingly punches his cheek. Still smiling, he pushes away his hand and says that he's fine. He says that Nero always gets hit. Nero smiles at him and crosses himself. He asks if he swears to God that he won't regret it. Frate cuts him off and says that he swears, if hell is even real. Nero looks annoyed and calls him a scamp. He smiles and agrees to take him. Frate is happy and says to himself that he did it.

Fio smiles while telling Vanno a story about her neighbor. Vanno blushes and seems to be spaced out. Fio asks if he is listening. He says that he was. She studies him for a moment and smiles, saying that he's up to something. She asks that he tell her. He pauses for a moment and then says that the circus is in town and it looks really fun. Nero suddenly interrupts and tells him not to give it away. Vanno smiles and apologizes, saying that it just slipped out. She asks if they're planning on skipping mass. Vanno says they are and says she should come too, since it will be way more interesting than mass.

Fio looks annoyed and says that their mother isn't getting any better and Nero is just fooling around. Nero gets mad and asks what it has to do with their mother. He threatens that she better not tell anyone. Fio says she won't have to because he'll be found out and get a beating. She turns to Frate and asks if he plans on going as well. He hides behind his brother and asks what it matters, since their father will take them anyway. Fio doesn't react to this and tells him to do what he wants. She turns away and says that she can see Frate is one of the fools as well.

Frate looks embarrassed, so Vanno walks behind him and slaps him teasingly on the back. Smiling, Vanno says that he's seeing Frate in a new light. Frate smiles at him as Fio continues down the road alone. Nero runs towards the forest and says they should go. Vanno tells Frate that as long as he worships God properly in his heart, it'll be fine. Vanno crosses himself and runs after Nero. Frate does the same.

at a small church, a small group of people stand outside chatting. Ganzo Alary asks Vincent Vanetti how Connie Vanetti is doing. Vince says that a doctor's seen to her and there hasn't been any change. Ganzo Alary tells him that if he carries on in the same way, his children will be bored to tears. Vince asks what he means, and Ganzo tells him to take them out once and a while. He says that just because their mother can't, doesn't mean the kids can't walk. Ganzo lights a cigarette and Vince says that that's the reason he brings them to mass. Ganzo says that if he insists on just making them do what he wants, it's going to backfire on him someday. Vince turns away from him and tells him that it's none of his business. Ganzo exhales smoke and seems to notice someone. He waves at the Lagusa family and Testa waves back. Angelo walks beside a stroller that his mother is pushing.

Vince asks and Ganzo tells him that Testa had his second child: Luce. As the family happily walks into the church, Vince says that he's had enough of Testa's stubbornness. Ganzo scolds him and tells him that there aren't many as loyal as him in the mafia. Vince says that his mafia family comes second to his real family. Ganzo says that that is true. He says that when Testa drove away the Galassia messenger a while back, it scared him. Vince says that Testa won't like it, but it's high time they made peace with the Galassias for the family.

Ganzo is surprised to see Fio and asks where Nero and the rest are. Annoyed, she yells back that she has no idea and continues walking. Ganzo says that they were following behind. The church bells ring and Vince says that they should head in.

At the Vanetti house, the same church bells can be heard ringing. The two brothers look at their mother from the doorway. Though Frate smiles, Nero looks distressed. He silently closes the door. Frate asks why they came back to the house. Nero doesn't answer but walks into his father's office. Frate follows him and says that Vince told them never to go inside. Nero begins picking his father's desk, and Frate asks what he's doing. Annoyed, Nero tells him to be quiet and says that they can't see the circus without money. Frate says that he didn't says that before, and Nero says that it goes without saying.

Nero says that he can't get it to open. Looking worried, Frate says that they can still go back and join the service and that Vince might not have noticed yet. He tells Nero they should stop. Nero sighs and asks if he forgot what he said. Frate looks embarrassed and says that they can't do anything with the drawer locked.

Nero stands and looks around for another way in the drawer. Frate says that he won't go to the circus after all. Nero is annoyed and asks if he's running away now after swearing to God. Frate says that he didn't think they'd steal. Nero begins walking towards him, so Frate runs away. Nero looks around to find a fire poker. He uses it to pry open the drawer. Vanno whistles loudly so Nero looks outside. Behind a bush, Vanno motions over to the door where a black maid is coming to the door.

Just as she's close to the steps, Frate burst out of the door and she asks what he's doing not at mass. Frate looks scared and says he's going now. The woman says that he can't fool her and says that he snuck out. Frate says that he didn't and then looks to his side as if shocked. She is surprised and looks as well. Frate uses this to run past her. She yells after him to stop, and says she'll tell Vince.

Nero opens the drawer and finds a picture of a young Ganzo Alary, Vincent Vanetti, and Testa Lagusa. He takes money out of an envelope and puts it in his pocket. He notices the picture before saying that he can't stick around and tossing back in the drawer and closing it. As he's about to leave he hears his mother coughing and turns toward her door. The maid yells that she'll bring the medicine and water right away. Nero goes into her room and closes the door.

Connie asks why he didn't go to church and Nero says that he just forgot something. He tells her to face the other way and she then thanks him. She says that he really is a sweet child.

Outside, Vanno taps his arm, annoyed. Nero suddenly says they should go. Vanno tells him not to scare him like that. Vanno smiles and follows him. Vanno compliments on "giving the old lady the slip." He asks if he got the money, and Nero tells him not to worry. He hands him money and tells him to get something nice on the way back. Vanno happily snatches it and says that he knew he'd come through. Vanno asks why Frate ran off. Nero says that his cowardice is acting up again. Vanno says that there's no hope for him. Nero says that there's going to be a lot of trouble when they get back. Vanno tells him to stop worrying and that they should enjoy the circus. Nero grabs the money and runs past him. Vanno, smiling, runs after him.

Nero says that it must be nice how carefree Vanno is. Vanno laughs and says that he must be jealous. They laugh and he says he is. They run down the dirt road together.

All Our Yesterdays[]

All Our Yesterdays (すべての昨日(きのう)) Subete no Kinou) is the second segment of Day 13.

A long time ago in Lawless, Ganzo Alary sits with a woman in Jim's Bar. She pours wine and he tells her that it's enough. Smiling, she says that she has him to look after her, so she can drink as much as she likes. He smiles at her as she takes a sip.

A man approaches her table and Ganzo asks what he wants. The man asks if he's Ganzo of the Moreno Family. Ganzo asks him to tell about himself first. The man introduces himself as Vincent Vanetti. Ganzo smiles and asks what he wants.

Vince pulls out a chair as the woman looks annoyed. Vince says that he wants a serious job. Smiling, he asks if he's a serious person, since he looks like a penniless immigrant. The woman laughs and says that he stinks, but Vince cuts her off and says that he did come to Italy on dirty boat and that he is as he appears. Though he has much greater hopes than other men. The lady is annoyed and offers him money to go away. Ganzo slams his fist on the table to silence her. The lady looks embarrassed and everyone turns and looks at their table.

Ganzo puts out his cigarette and asks what hopes he has. Vince says to get a job from him and eventually to have his own Family and become Don. Ganzo smiles and gives him a card. Other people look at them and the woman seems to be crying, holding a handkerchief to her face. The card says 216 Michelle G--- Street, Chicago, IL. 60591. He says to be there at 12 the next day.

Testa fiddles with a camera and says that they have no use for outsiders. Orco scolds him for using that line again. Testa says that it's true. Ganzo scolds him and tells him not to be so set against it. Since they were in the same position not too long ago. Ganzo says that the he has guts, so the don is bound to like him. As Orco sits on the couch eating chips, Testa says that the Family doesn't need someone with guts, but someone who thinks deeply and sees far. Annoyed, Ganzo complains that Testa lectures at the drop of the hat. Ganzo tells Orco to say something. Still eating, Orco says that he's just an outsider. He looks down at his hands and says that if they aren't happy, just break off and start anew.

Still fiddiling with the camera, Ganzo asks what it is. Testa says that it's a new toy as a doorbell rings. Ganzo says that he's there and gets up. He says that he's sure they'll like him as well.

Vince extends his hand to Testa and introduces himself. Testa looks at his hand but doesn't take it. He says he's Testa Lagusa as Vince puts his hand down. Still sitting on the couch, Ganzo introduces Orco and says that he's serving under their family for now. Orco greets him in Italian and Vince nods at him. Ganzo says that the Don is out but suggests they kill time with cards.

Orco complains about being hungry, so Ganzo tells him to eat his foot. Vince asks if he should have brought refreshments. Testa says that it would have suited their childish game.

Ganzo asks what part of Italy Vince is from and he answers Savoca, Italy. Testa asks if he migrated because of the economic crisis. Vince said that he heard it was prosperous in America. Orco says that he should be a farmer in South Dakota. Gonzo asks if he went to Chicago to try the family there. Vince asks if he means the Galassias. He says that he did but they turned him away. Ganzo says that they put on a lot of airs over there, and you can't join without connection. Testa says they should do the same, but "someone" just brings in strangers without knowing where they're from.

Vince gets up and puts his coat on the hanger and says that he didn't expect to be welcomed so kindly, but Orco says that no one is and he should realize that. Smiling, Testa raises his bet, so Ganzo and Orco fold. Smiling, Ganzo suggests that Vince does as well. He says that Testa only plays of it's a sure win, so Vince will lose everything if he's not careful. Testa says that he can extend a loan if he has to go to South Dakota. Vince asks if he can borrow money. The two are taken back and Orco scolds him. Testa asks if he's married. Vince says he is. Testa says that they deal in prostitution as well and, if he can't clear his debt, they'll put his wife to work. Vince says he can do as he likes.

Ganzo throws in money and he tells Orco to do the same. Orco is annoyed and says that, if he can't return it, he'll have the first go at his wife. Looking unfazed, Vince says he'll get it back with interest. He turns to Testa and raises. The two stare at each other before Testa smiles and then folds. The two are shocked and congratulate him. Testa doesn't look happy as he puts his money on the pile. Vince says he doesn't need the money but wants to join the family. Ganzo says that he's the real deal. Testa refuses and says that someone who takes risks with such high stakes will only bring danger to the Family. Ganzo is annoyed and says that he's just bitter.

Vince interrupts him and says that's fine, but he wasn't just taking a high stakes risk as he looks behind Testa. Testa turns to find a mirror behind him. As Vince put his coat on the hook, he adjusted the mirror that was there. Vince says that he couldn't make out the numbers, so he was waiting for him to bluff with a flush. Orco is astounded but Ganzo is furious at his cheating and begins to scold him. Testa raises his hand for him to stop and he stands from his chair and walks in front of Vince. He smiles and extends his hand, saying that he thinks they'll make a good team. Ganzo is surprised, but Testa reminds him that he was just saying they need someone cunning.

As the sun sets, Testa asks Orco to take a picture of them. Orco again complains that he's hungry and suggests they have lasagna. Testa narrates that "A raison d'etre gives a person power. Friendship is a more reliable tool than a knife." Orco snaps the picture of the three men. Testa says "It's nice to meet you, Vince."

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow[]

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (明日(あす)、また明日(あす), Asu, Mata Asu) is the third segment. It carries on from Day 4.

Nero lies in the back of the buggy, coughing. There are pineapple cans scattered around him. Angelo asks how he is, and Nero says he's fine but he'll be better after some sleep. Angelo's stomach grumbles, so he turns to the paper bag behind him. He finds that Nero ate all the cans of their pineapple. Nero says that he just finished them off. Angelo is mad and says that he ate Angelo's share as well. Nero says that, since he left them for so long, he thought he didn't want them. He coughs and then apologizes. Angelo turns back ahead of him, not looking mad.

Nero remembers when they buried their mother. It was raining and his father and siblings both attended. Frate cried loudly under Fio's umbrella. Testa and Ganzo also attended.

Later on, Frate got sick and coughs in bed with pink cheeks. Fio and Nero watch over him. Ganzo comes in and says that he's bringing up the special eggnog. He brings the hot cup over to Frare and says that, with that, he'll be better.

Frate blows on it before taking a sip. He smiles and says that it's good. Nero asks if he can have some too. Smiling, he says that he can if he gets a cold. Nero looks at him disappointed.

In present time, Nero lies in bed with pink cheeks. Angelo comes in with a bowl and picks up the knife lying beside Nero. In his sleep, Nero says "It's good... eggnog..." Angelo looks at him for a moment before waking him. He holds the bowl and knife, and asks him to get up for a bit. He does and Angelo asks for his hand. He does and asks what he's doing. Angelo says "bloodletting." He pricks Nero's finger and says that, if you get rid of the bad blood, the fever will go down. A small amount of blood trickles into the bowl. Nero asks if it really works. Angelo says he doesn't know. As he's about to do another finger, Nero asks what he's doing. Angelo smiles and says he's doing all his fingers and toes.

Nero pulls his hand back and rolls over on the bed, making the bowl fall on the floor. Angelo looks disappointed and Nero says that he'll be fine after he sleeps. Angelo says that an ice pack might help, but Nero becomes angry and says to leave him alone. Angelo looks unimpressed and Nero says he doesn't need him fussing over him before coughing again.

At the Vanetti Mansion, Barbero introduces the Lodge to Corteo. Barbero says that they call it the Lodge and says that it used to me his, and now they use it as a distillery. He tosses a stack of papers onto the table between them to show the equipment they use there. Barbero says that they want to manufacture his Lawless Heaven there. Before he can continue, the phone rings and Barbero goes to answer it.

Barbero tells someone on the phone that he'll send them money right away and that he'll leave the rest to him. Barbero calls to Corteo and says it's for him.

Corteo explains that it's best not to use something too cheap. He says that if Nero is getting better, it wouldn't be good if he deteriorates again. Barbero listens and Corteo says goodbye.

At a bar, Angelo asks for a bottle of his cheapest booze. The man says that it's a bit dangerous. Angelo says that it's fine and smiles.

Angelo mixes egg, milk, and flour in a pot on a stove. He tests it with a spoon and then smiles. He pours it into a cup and then adds the alcohol. Angelo says that it's ready and Nero wakes up. Annoyed, Nero flips over and says he doesn't need anything. Angelo says that it's eggnog and it's good. Nero looks at him through the side of his eye. Nero sits up and apologizes, but Angelo smiles and says it's fine as he hands the cup to him. Nero blows on it a bit, but Angelo says not to worry because the alcohol cooled it down. Angelo smiles as Nero takes a drink, but Nero suddenly spits it out and coughs, surprising Angelo.

Nero's eyes are watering and says that it's really sweet. He smiles before looking up and says that he appreciates it anyway. Angelo looks at him, still surprised. In the kitchen, Angelo takes a ladle and tries another sip. He says to himself that it's good while looking puzzled.

At "Garage Work," Angelo waits outside while Nero pays for a car. Nero runs out and tells him to get in first. Angelo looks at the bottle as Nero runs into a General Shop. Angelo smile while looking at the bottle and then throws the bottle and it shatters offscreen.

The two drive home with Nero in the driver's seat. Nero pulls something out of his pocket and puts it in Angelo's lap. Angelo looks over to see Nero smiling at him. Angelo looks down to a can of Royal Palm: Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple. They continue driving down the dirt path and out of view.




  • All the titles are quotes from Macbeth. The full lines are "But here, upon this bank and shoal of time, We’d jump the life to come" and "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death."


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