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A Poor Player
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Kanji あわれな(やく)(しゃ)
Romaji Aware na Yakusha
Air Date August 19, 2016
Volume Volume 4
Storyboard 大久保富彦 大畑清隆 鏑木ひろ
Director 大久保富彦 大藪恭平
Animator 関口雅浩 西田美弥子 舛舘俊秀
Script 岸本卓
Opening Signal
Ending Rain or Shine
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"From MacBeth Act 5: "Life is but a walking shadow." It spends its brief time upon the stage strutting and fretting and, afterwards, this poor player is heard no more.[1]"
— Angelo in episode preview[2]

A Poor Player is the seventh episode of 91 Days.


  • Written by: Taku Kishimoto.
  • Storyboard: Hiro Kaburagi, Kiyotaka Ohata & Tomihiko Ohkubo.
  • Animator Directors: Masahiro Sekiguchi, Miyako Nishida & Toshihide Masudate.
  • Directed by: Kyohei Ohyabu & Tomihiko Ohkubo.




The episode opens with Fio Vanetti asking her husband, Ronald Galassia, to bring her brother, Nero Vanetti, back to the family as they sit together in their bedroom. He replies that if Nero swears loyalty to the Galassias, then he'll let him live, though Frate Vanetti will be the next don. Fio says that she just doesn't want their family fighting anymore. He replies that it's all up to Nero, and if he submits, he'll be fine.

In the next scene, Fango is demonstrating how to properly squeeze a lemon over a pizza at Ommomi Fango. He is among Avilio Bruno, Nero Vanetti, Lacrima, and Cerotto. He says that he wants to show his thanks for helping him take out Orco. After Lacrima starts talking about the food, Fango suddenly pounds on the table, saying that they have to take out the Vanetti family. Fango starts to say that they're like a family now, but Nero interrupts, saying that they're more like roommates. Nero and Avilio head out to cause trouble for the Vanetti family. As they're walking away, Fango asks if they want any booze, but they refuse. Fango says back that it must be because make their own booze that's much better. Lacrima says that they should bring some next time.

In the car, Avilio and Nero complain about Fango. They both feel that he is running them ragged and that he'll try to steal their booze from them. Avilio also thinks that after they're not useful anymore, he'll probably kill them. Nero asks what he thinks they should do, and Avilio says that the only place that they can rest easy is with the Vanetti family, save for Frate and Ronald.

At what appears to be Frate's office, Ronald enters, marveling at the mess. He asks what's wrong, calling him "Caesar," and says that he looked much bolder when he was "casting the die." He also says that it's too late now for regrets. Ronald tells him that he has good points that Nero lacks, such as that he's sincere; that that was the first thing that he liked about him. He also says that he's the only one who really worries about the family, and that that's the reason they have to kill Nero, because he's the only one who can save the family. Ronald slides him a packet of cocaine and tells him to take it and have a rest.

At a speakeasy, a patron orders Lawless Heaven. The bartender denies him, saying that he'd have to go to one of Fango's bars. He is confused, saying that it should be the other way around, as Vanetti's should have Lawless Heaven. As he starts talking, though, Nero and Volpe walk in the bar. Nero walks up to the bartender and offers that he should buy from Fango. The bartender agrees. Immediately after, Ganzo Alary enters the bar and tells them to stop making trouble on their turf. Volpe approaches him first and tells him that they don't have anything to say to him, and tells him to get lost. Before he finishes, though, Ganzo punches him in the stomach and he falls to the ground. He walks up to the counter where Nero is standing. Nero greets him and they have some playful banter. Ganzo asks that they go outside to talk.

Outside, Ganzo asks Nero to return home. He says that it's simply a feud between brothers and offers to mediate on his behalf. He says that he taught both him and his brother about women. He says that he made Nero into a real man, so he should just do as he's told. He also says that a lot of people in the family miss him, and that many of them wanted to be in Ganzo's place, going to see Nero. Nero says that he could refuse him.

Back at Frate's office, he is looking over their income. Now profits are half what they used to be three months ago. Ganzo replies that it is because Nero took the secret brewery. As they're talking, Ronald interrupts saying that he's naive because even after he met with him, Nero is still making money on their turf. He says that at this rate, Fango and Nero will run them out of business. Frate turns to Ganzo and says that it's now life or death between him and his older brother. Ganzo asks if he's going to say that in front of Vincent. Ronald then says that Nero is an enemy of the family and that Don Galassia wants Frate to take over the family.

Nero and Avilio are walking and Avilio says that Fango probably already knows where the lodge is. Nero says that it doesn't matter because they don't actually have the recipe. Nero says that they should actually be worried about Corteo. Avilio says that he should be fine, since Barbero is with him. After that, a car pulls up in front of them and Fio gets out of the car.

Fio wants her brothers to get along

Nero and Frate are shown at a table. Fio come in with 3 cups of onion soup. Fio asks if they can go back to the way things were. Nero replies that he's always supported Vincent to protect the family and he plans to keep doing it. Frate says that he's wrong and that all he really thinks about is his cheap pride. Nero says that there isn't any point in protecting the family if they don't have their pride. He says that if they go against the Galassia's their family will be crushed. Nero asks if he wants their family to be swallowed up by them instead. Frate says that Fio married Ronald to keep that from happening and that Nero is ruining that. Nero calls Frate Ronald's puppet. Frate says that ever since they were children, that Nero just did whatever he wanted. He never went to Sunday mass and just played around however he wanted. Nero says that he invited him to go too, but he never would because he was scared of Vincent. Frate replies that Nero had always looked down on him like that. He says that Ronald's different, though, because he acknowledges him. Nero says that power isn't something that you have acknowledged, that you prove it yourself. This infuriates Frate and he stands up from his chair. He yells that he's the one who ruined their family with his selfishness. He starts to say that if he just died, their family would go back to normal. Fio slaps him for this and asks Nero to talk to Ronald. She says that even if the Galassias did take the city, at least their family would go back to normal. She says that they're both the same and asks what family they're even talking about. She says that a family with brothers killing each other isn't a family at all. She says that she doesn't care what happens, she just doesn't want to see her family killing each other. Nero takes a sip of his soup and says that it's gotten cold.

Fio slaps Frate

Nero says to Avilio afterwards that he'll work things out with Ronald. Avilio asks if the talk had made him nostalgic, and tells him to stop being sentimental. He says with Frate, it's either killed or be killed. Nero says that Frate is still his brother and that family is more important than anything. Avilio says that he had a brother like Frate once, and that he'll let Nero meet him soon.

Avilio and Volpe stand outside talking to each other. Avilio tells him that Nero will die soon if he keeps it up, since he's planning on working things out with Ronald. Avilio says he believes that things have gone too far for it to work out now. He tells Volpe that he needs his help, and Volpe replies that he would do anything for Nero.

At the Vanetti mansion, Frate, Ronald and some of their men are heading off to Sunday's mass. In the car, Ronald tells Frate that he is going to meet with Nero at the mansion. After that, the family will be his.

As they are driving along, Volpe and Avilio drive by in their car and Volpe manages to shoot Ronald in the arm. Frate is horrified at the incident. In the other car, it is shown that Volpe was also shot by some of the other men. Volpe jokes that Tigre will laugh at him, and Avilio says that they have to go somewhere to stop the bleeding. As they pull over, Avilio shoots Volpe in the chest, and afterwards stages his death to look like he crashed into a tree.

Frate and Ganzo find Volpe's body. Ganzo tells Frate that Nero wouldn't do such a thing, but Frate won't accept this, and says that he was almost killed by Nero and now knows that it is either kill or be killed.

Volpe's body is hung under a large bridge outside of the Island for Nero to see. The media gets a hold of this and the newspapers print stories of the family's split, and the attacks.

Frate is becoming more and more unwell, and now sits in his office biting his thumb and saying that he can't live this way anymore. Ronald says that he's just rattling his chain since Vincent is in the house, he says that he won't do anything serious. Frate turns to him and asks that they go to the Galassias in Chicago. Ronald becomes infuriated and yells at him to stop acting like a child. Frate looks ashamed before Ronald puts his hand on his shoulder and reassures him. He tosses him three more packets and tells him to have a good sleep. With a shaky hand, Frate grabs one and flings it into his mouth, causing him to choke on it.

In their room, Ronald tells his wife that he wants to talk to Nero and hear him out. Fio asks why, after all that's been done, and he replies that at this rate, Frate will be killed by Nero and the family will be crushed by the Galassias. Nero will be killed, as will their child. He kisses her neck and tells him that he can save them all. He asks if she's told anyone yet, and tells her to tell Nero. He says that their baby is the symbol of reconciliation between Galassias and Vanettis and will restore everything to its proper path.

At the Island, Nero and Avilio are sitting at the bar. Fango approaches Nero and tells him that he is the one who should become don of the Vanettis. He says that he'll support it and to keep up the good work. After he walks away, Nero asks how many people have been killed that were supposed to have been in the same family. A man walks up to him and says that Fio was calling him.

Fio kills Ronald

At the mansion, Avilio had been sent to see Fio and Ronald. Avilio brought flowers that he says are from her brother. She notices a small note admits the bouquet. She reads the note and seems to be distressed, as Avilio and Ronald talk about Nero. Avilio leaves, saying that Nero will arrive shortly. Ronald walks to his desk and retrieves his gun. He notices Fio's concern, and says that it's only for safety. She asks if he is going to kill Nero, and he replies that the Vanetti's only option is to become a puppet to the Galassias. Though Frate understands that, Nero doesn't. He brings her closer to embrace her, but she shoots him in the stomach. He reaches for his gun but Fio shoots him a second time in the chest and he falls to the floor. She seems horrified and apologizes, saying it was the only way for her to protect Frate and her family. He finally dies as Ganzo and Avilio come back in. Avilio picks up his note and Ganzo walks over to Ronald to confirm that he is dead.

Nero and Avilio enter Frate's office and Nero asks how long he's going to stay cooped up. He tells him that he should go out of the country for some fresh air. Frate asks if he'll ever be able to return. He notes that he never missed mass. Nero did what ever he wanted, and yet, Vincent only ever cared for him. He says that he always envied Nero, since his dad acknowledged him. Nero says that their father loved him, but Frate says that he doesn't want to be loved, but acknowledged.

Frate is killed by Nero

Avilio walks up and pulls his gun on Frate. He lifts up his book to reveal that there was a gun under it. Avilio says that what he says is nonsense and asks how many people were dragged into their feud because of him. He asks why he doesn't just put an end to it as he hands him a gun. Frate says that he isn't afraid as he stares at the gun. Nero begs him not to, but Frate hears Ronald in his head telling him to, so he pulls the gun out and pulls the trigger, but there isn't any bullets. Nero shoots after this in self defense, shooting Frate in the chest and killing him. Outside the room, it is shown that Avilio had emptied the gun beforehand and throws the bullets into one of the plants.

At the train station, Angelo and Tigre see Fio off. All three are wearing all black. Tigre hands her her luggage. Before boarding, Avilio whispers to Fio that Frate killed Ronald. That's why Nero killed his brother to prove his loyalty to the Galassias.

As Nero sits mourning over the loss of his brother, Avilio pus his hand on his shoulder and says that starting today, they'll be brothers.


Character Appearances[]


  • The title of this episode, "A Poor Player," is from Shakespeare's MacBeth. The entire line is "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more."
  • Ronald calling Frate Caesar is most likely a reference to Julius Caesar, an ancient Roman politician.


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