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Behind the Curtain
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Kanji (とばり)(かげ)
Romaji Tobari no Kage
Air Date September 3, 2016
Volume Volume 4
Storyboard 木戸雄一郎
Director こがわ よりやす
Animator こがわ よりやす
Script ムラオミノル
Opening Signal
Ending Rain or Shine
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"Yes... Deeper! Yeah... deeper! Stick it in deeper! Harder... harder! Yeah... do it nice. We'll finish this behind the curtain[1]."
Fango in episode preview[2]

Behind the Curtain is the eighth episode of 91 Days.


  • Written by: Yuichiro Kido.
  • Storyboard & Directed by: Yoriyasu Kogawa.
  • Animation Directors: Minoru Murao.




Walking down the hallway, Corteo overhears Avilio comforting Nero after the death of his younger brother, Frate. He is reminded of when he comforted Avilio after his family's murder.

Stepping out of a building, Scusa and Delphy are met by a group of reporters. Scusa introduces Delphy as the Federal Bureau of Prohibition from Chicago. He says that he will be keeping peace in Lawless in his stead. A reporter asks why he would come to Lawless, and he answers that "There's a rotten stench in this town, and it's coming from the mafia." and that he wants to end the police corruption. First, the Fango family, with the Island as their home base, he will sweep away. After that, the Vanetti family that has been controlling the city for many years with Nero as the don. Lawless heaven has been fetching high prices domestically and internationally of late. A reporter interjects that Nero is popular with the city's people, much more so than the cops. This is ignored by Delphy and he says that "The power struggle between the two families is endangering public order in the city." He says that they will first crack down on the brewing of moonshine, and then they themselves.

At the Vanetti mansion, Nero Vanetti, Barbero, Avilio, and Corteo are sitting together listening to a broadcast of Delphy speaking. Nero turns it off, and Barbero suggests that they cut down the production of Lawless Heaven. Nero refuses this, and tells him to keep rolling it out. Because "the sinners are waiting." Barbero laughs at this. Corteo stares at Avilio nervously.

Fango looks at a picture of Delphy. He remarks that he must have a big penis. Gatto, who is driving, looks at him, surprised. Fango says that since he has a big nose, he must have a big dick. Gatto says that he looks like the straight-laced, stubborn type. Fango says that guys like him are easy to deal with. He says that he thinks it's time to crush the Vanettis.

In a cafe, Delphy sits at the counter, drinking, eating toast and reading papers. An employee approaches and greet him, telling him to look at the wall behind him. There are multiple bullet holes there. He tells Delphy that he supports him because he's sick of violence. Delphy is happy and thanks him. Their conversion is interrupted as the door opens.

Corteo and Avilio walk in and sit on either side of him. Delphy asks what Vanetti's dogs want with him. Avilio plops a stack of money on his plate. Delphy asks what it is. Avilio reaches over and takes his coffee. He says that since Delphy just moved there, he probably has a lot of expenses. Avilio adds two spoon fulls of sugar to the coffee. Delphy tells him to keep his dirty money. Avilio adds another 2 spoonful and says "Your daughter is four years old now, correct?" This shocks Delphy and Corteo. Avilio puts his coffee back and stands up. He tells Delphy that he should take care of his family before walking towards the door. Corteo stands up to follow him, but when he walks past Delphy, Delphy shoves the money in front of his chest and says that he forgot it. He says to tell Nero that he will crush him, no matter what. Corteo looks very uncomfortable as he takes the envelope.

Cortep runs after Avilio who continued walking down the street. Corteo asks that he dug up info on his family. Corteo slips the envelope into Avilio's coat pocket. Corteo stops walking and smiles, remarking that Avilio has grown completely at home in the mafia. Avilio doesn't acknowledge Corteo and continues walking. Corteo stared at him as he walks away.

As Corteo, Tigre, Barbero and Avilio sit in Nero's office reading the newspaper, Tigre calls Delphy a big-nosed freak. Nero walks in and asks what's wrong. Barbero hands Nero a newspaper, and Nero reads out loud that Delphy exposes multiple establishments selling bootleg liquor. Nero has bags under his eyes.

Tigre scoffs that Delphy's messing with them. Barbero tells Nero that more and more bars are passing on buying their liquor. Angry, Nero says to fire rounds into Delphy's house, and, if that doesn't work, to rub him out. Nero turns and walks out of the room. Barbero calls out to him, but he still leaves. Barbero says that it's really affecting him. Tigre asks what he expects.

In the back yard, Nero smokes a cigarette. Avilio walks out and remarks that the weathers nice and asks if he wants to go for a ride. Nero takes the cigarette out of his mouth and says that he made up his mind to never get in a car that he's driving again. He then smiles. The two then laugh together.

Avilio lights his own cigarette and leans against a bush. Nero lays on the ground. Avilio says that Fango will make a move soon and that they best move cautiously from now on. Nero says that he's the only one left now and that he has to protect the family. He begins to say what he has to do, but then sits up and asks if Avilio will come with him. He agrees. Corteo stands inside by the window, watching them.

That night, at a bar, a drunk Cerotto remarks that he never thought that Corteo would join the mafia since he used to always say that he hated them. Corteo says that he does still hate them. Cerotto says that Fango wants him. He says that Prohibition's ending soon and Fango wants some really good booze to prepare for that day, that's why he needs him. Cerotto says that having someone like him acknowledge him is pretty amazing. Corteo refuses. Cerotto is shocked and says that he could be rich.

At a church, Delphy kneels in a confessional. He asks if something is true and Fango, from the other side says that it is, but it's not a trade off. He slips a map through. Fango says that it's just a tip.

Corteo is shocked that the Lodge is being investigated. Barbero, Corteo, Avilio, Nero, and Tigre sit in Nero's office. Tigre curses him. Nero tells them to take out his family. Barbero and Tigre looks very uncomfortable and Barbero asks that they just take him out. Avilio answers no for him, and says that someone else would pick up the investigation. Corteo looks shocked at this. Smiling, Nero agrees and says that they need Delphy himself to call it off.

At the police station, Delphy calls a recess. A police officer says that he's taking his family to a picnic and asks if he wants to come. Delphy says that he'd like to, but he can't. He says that he'd love to get out with the family soon through. After they all walk away, Scusa sneaks in and goes through the door.

Corteo says that Avilio must be kidding and asks what he thinks he's doing going after Delphy's family when his revenge is just against the Vanettis. Avilio tosses a stack of money over to him. Corteo asks what it's for, and Avilio says for college. He says to stay out of his life. As Avilio is in the doorway, Corteo throws the money at him and it explodes all over the floor. Corteo yells that he's the one who dragged him into everything. Avilio doesn't turn around and keeps walking.

At Delphy's house, the phone rings. Delphy answers it and a man tells him to call off the investigation at once. Delphy says that he won't respond to threats. The voice says that it's his last warning. He again refuses and hangs up the phone as his wife and daughter look scared. His wife says that he works too much and that he should take some time off. Delphy agrees as he walks them to the door. A police officer waits there and he asks that he take care of them. He kisses his daughter on the head and tells her to listen to her mother. The phone rings again as his wife says that they'll get going.

Delphy hesitates but then answers. As he does this, the police officer starts the car and it explodes. Delphy is horrified and runs outside. He finds the car on fire and looks on in terror. Luckily, his daughter was looking for her teddy bear and the two hadn't yet entered the car. Delphy falls to his knees in relief.

On the Island, Fango asks if he's sure about the info to someone on the phone. He says that he's surprised because he never thought that he'd come to him.

The newspaper prints that Delphy called off the investigation. The bartender reads this and is disappointed and says that that's always how it ends up.

At the Playhouse, Barbero says that since Delphy called off the investigation, they'll leave the Lodge alone now. Nero, Barbero, and Avilio walk outside and Nero says that it's good. Nero says that he can't believe that they called them out there just to check the carpet color. A man approaches from the other side of the road. Barbero quickly runs in front of Avilio and Avilio in front of Nero. Barbero puts his hand on his gun and tells the man not to come any closer. The man says that he's a huge fan of Nero's. Nero smiles and says that he's glad to hear it as he starts to walk away. The man tells him to hear him out and runs toward him. He tells him to let him join the family. Barbero steps between them and tells him to take a hike.

As they argue, Avilio looks around and sees two men in the shadows. They pull machine guns out of a box so Avilio calls out to Nero. They begin shooting but only the fan gets hit as Barbero and Nero both jump out of the way. Avilio shoots at the men but they run away, unharmed. Avilio chases them, but they get into a car and drive off. They stare at the fan who is now dead, laying in a pool of his own blood.

At the office again, Corteo, Avilio, Barbero, Tigre, and Nero sit together. Tigre slams his fist on the desk and says that Fango must have set the whole thing up. Barbero says that not too many people knew that Nero would be there today. Nero turns around and tells them to find the traitor.

In a car overlooking the town, Fango tells a crying Corteo to calm down. Corteo asks how he can. Fango says that they'd love to take him in at their place, but then they'd know that he's the one who betrayed them. Cerotto listens nervously in the front. Fango tells him to have a drink from his flask and calm down. Corteo begins gulping it down but begins to choke. Fango says that they'll kill Nero next time and then the Vanettis will be through. Then, he can make booze with them and make loads of cash. Corteo gets out of the car and Fango asks if he's gonna walk home.

Stumbling as he makes his way home, Corteo drops the flask and says that everyone just cares about themselves. From the car, Fango glares at him as he walks away.

In Nero's office, Nero peeks between the blinds and sees a group of 4 men standing and two of them talk to each other. Nero chuckles slightly and remarks to Angelo that that is what high alert looks like. Outside the door, men begin arguing, so Angelo and Nero turn to the door. Ganzo tells Nero to let him in while Tigre tries to stop him. He knocks and tells him to open up. Nero begins walking towards the door, but Angelo stops him.

Angelo opens the door to Ganzo and Tigre, with the former looking uncomfortable. Ganzo is annoyed, saying that he didn't come to talk to him. Angelo tells him that no one's allowed to see Nero at the moment. Angry, Ganzo steps towards him and asks him how many years he thinks that he's been there. Angelo doesn't react but Tigre seems to be ready to pull him off of him, if needed. Ganzo finishes that it was before Nero was even born. Barbero interrupts him, calling him "uncle" and then nods and apologizes. Ganzo "tsks" and then walks away.

Barbero walks in afterwards, telling Tigre not to let anyone in before closing the door.

At the Lodge, Corteo lifts up a box and carries it close to the door. Barbero, carrying an umbrella, is just now entering the building and, smiling, calls out to him.

The two sit down together inside. Barbero says that they're done for and won't be able to come back there for a while. Corteo asks if he found out who did it. Barbero says that everyone's a suspect. Smiling, he finishes that that includes themselves. Corteo, now looking nervous, smiles and says that he can leaves the Lodge to him. Barbero smiles and thanks him. Corteo quickly stands up and walks toward one of the tanks. As he stands by one and another man, he looks out of the corner of his eye to see Barbero looking towards him and frowning. Corteo is shocked and turns away.

As Corteo walks home alone, he spots Gatto across the street sitting in his car and glaring at him. He continues walking, nervously and stumbles slightly before continuing on.

At the Vanetti Mansion, Tigre tells a newcomer to start by learning everyone's names. Corteo stands around the corner listening nervously. Tigre tells the man that if he needs to piss, knock.

In Nero's office, Nero looks over some papers and asks Barbero if it's the list of invitees. Barbero says that it is, excluding the ones who haven't replied yet. Angelo stands by the window, silently looking out of the blinds. Nero says that he doesn't recognize most of the names, and asks if it will be okay. Barbero says that he vetted them before inviting them. Outside, Angelo spots Corteo walking out of the building. He tries to light a cigarette and, after briefly failing, crushes it in his fist. Angelo watches on with a blank expression.

On the Island in Fango's office, Fango lines up a swing for golf as Cerotto watches from behind. Fango swings heavily without hitting it, then asks how he was. Distracted, Cerotto is taken back and compliments his swing. Fango says that he meant Corteo and asks if he sent them any more news on Nero. Cerotto apologizes and says that he hadn't. They're interrupted by a knock on the door and Lacrima comes in. She says that he has an unusual visitor.

Fango laughs and says that he thought Scusa had left town. He also says he thought he was replaced as head of the Bureau. Scusa smiles and thanks him for asking. He says that he's been reinstated. As he walks in, he mocks surprise at seeing Cerotto. Cerotto nervously says that it's nice to see him. Annoyed, Scusa furrows his brows and remarks that he was there then. Cerotto looks away nervously and says "Y-Yeah..."

Fango takes a sip of liquor and says that it's good. He has a paper in front of him. Scusa asks what he'll doing with Corteo, then. Fango says that he knows too much about too much. Cerotto looks disturbed by this.

Cerotto looks unhappy as he drives Corteo. Corteo quietly asks why Fango's calling him out there at that time of night. Cerotto doesn't answer and looks ahead, uncomfortable. It's shown that Corteo is holding a flask and appears to be drunk. Corteo looks at him and again, quietly, says that he's been awfully quiet. Without looking at him, Cerotto says that the city's gotten dangerous lately as Corteo takes another sip. Cerotto asks if he wants to go to Chicago. He continues that prohibition's on the way out and, as long as they have the recipe, it won't take any time to make money. Corteo asks him what he's talking about. Cerotto says that it's no use and that he reeks of booze. He says that he's going to get drunk off of him.

Corteo quietly and slowly knocks on Fango's door. Fango stands facing his desk with a record playing and the curtains blowing in the wind. He turns and smiles at him, standing beside his golf club. He welcomes Corteo to "his castle." He asks if he wants a drink. Corteo closes the door and asks what he wanted to talk about. Fango pours a glass and says that he'll keep it brief. He hands it to him and says that he's through working with him. Surprised, Corteo stops walking. Fango, smiling, says that he had no more use for him. Shaking, Corteo takes the glass and asks if he didn't want his alcohol. Fango tells him to have a drink first, and calm down. Corteo slowly takes a slip and is horrified to find that it's his. Looking smug, Fango pulls out the paper from earlier, and Corteo finds that it's the recipe. Fango says that Scusa copied it for him from what "that big-nose" confiscated. He also made him a sample. He takes a swig from the bottle and exclaims that you "can't beat that kick." He begins laughing but then stops suddenly, saying that Scusa is "human garbage." He then smiles again and says that he tried to charge him out the nose for it. Corteo stares at him, horrified, and Fango reiterates that he no longer needs him. The record reaches the end of it's track and stops playing. [Pinebamboo: The King is Dead by Shogo Kaida].

He puts down the bottle and recipe and picks up his golf club. He begins walking towards Corteo and he steps back, nervously. Corteo suddenly trips and finds that it was over Scusa's body, with his forehead caved in. He realizes that his blood is on the bottom of the club. Fango watches with glee before closing his eyes and telling him to forget it and get lost as he points to the door with his club. Corteo walks towards the door before Fango tells him that he might tell Nero who the real traitor is. He begins the record once again as Corteo stops walking. Fango, standing in front of the telephone on his desk, tells the operator to get him the Vanetti Mansion. Corteo gasps for air facing the door. Fango continues to tell her to put him through to Nero Vanetti. Corteo turns and begins walking toward him. Fango tells her his name. Before Fango can stop him, Corteo slams the bottle onto Fango's head. He stumbles backwards before Corteo stabs him in the throat and blood begins poring out of the top. With his eyes wide open, he gasps that he can't see and asks where he went. He continues stumbling and says that it feels pretty good. Corteo grabs the telephone from his desk and smashes him on the head and Fango falls to the ground, entangled in the curtains. The record begins to repeat as Corteo smashes at least another 13 times. The blood spreads across the curtain as he continues relentlessly beating him from behind the curtain.




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