Throughout 91Days, there are many families.

Galassia FamilyEdit

A powerful Family that runs Chicago.

Moreno FamilyEdit

The Moreno Family was created some time before 1888. Much of the Family's history is unknown, but it included at least 6 members. It is suggested that they did not get along well with the Galassia Family. Their base was what would become the Vanetti Mansion. Before 1921, Orco leaves and starts his own Family. It is suggested by Testa[1] that the Families were feuding, as he first guesses that the Orco's men took out their don.

In April of 1921, The don and Testa Lagusa are taken out by Vincent Vanetti with the help of Ganzo Alary. They form the Vanetti Family.

Vanetti FamilyEdit

Main article: Vanetti Family

Orco FamilyEdit

Destroyed and turned into the Fango Family.


Destroyed and incorporated into the Vanetti Family.

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