Frate Vanetti
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Kanji フラテ・ヴァネッティ
Romaji Furate Vanetti
Alias Caesar By Ronald[1]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 170 cm[2]
Affiliation Vanetti Family
Status Deceased
Relatives Vincent Vanetti (Father)
Connie Vanetti (Mother)
Nero Vanetti (Older Brother)
Fio Vanetti (Older Sister)
Debut Day 2
Japanese Koutarou Nishiyama
English Jeannie Tirado (Child)
Justin Briner (Adult)
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Frate Vanetti is a character in 91 Days.

He is the youngest child of Vincent Vanetti. He is affiliated with the Vanetti Family, but feels that it will be swallowed up unless they get along with the other Families.


Frate is the youngest sibling of the Vanetti household. He has fair skin, teal coloured eyes and blonde hair, with a few freckles around his nose and cheeks. Though his age is unknown, he is at least younger than 21 years of age. Later on in the series, Frate's eyes become noticeably more sullen and dull due to the added pressure from his role within the Vanetti family.

In his debut, Frate sports a black suit, shoes and bow tie. However, his regular attire consists of a green jacket, brown trouser, blue tie and a striped waistcoat. Compared to his older brother Nero, Frate generally dresses smart and orderly.


As a child Frate was well behaved, he is noted to have always attended Sunday Mass unlike his older brother and Vanno who would often skip the event. In one instance when Vanno and Nero skipped church to see the circus, they learned how to juggle, this interested a young and naive Frate and Fio however, they both quickly grew bored of the trick. As a young child he was described as kind and sweet and is noted to have gotten along well with his family.

However, as he grew older he began to resent his older brother for his carefree and slightly "selfish" attitude. He felt that he was more responsible and much worthier of his father's acknowledgment than his brother, yet was ignored in favor of Nero. Frate claims that he does not desire his father's love and affection but would rather be simply acknowledged for what he is capable and is doing for the Vanetti family. Because of this insecurity he latched onto his sister's husband, Ronald who manipulated Frate into doing as he pleased.

Frate looks up to and deeply admires his brother in-law Ronald and goes as far to agree with Ronald that it is best that Nero be killed in order to bring peace between the Vanetti and Galassia families.


Frate was born sometime after his two older siblings, Nero and Fio, to Connie and Vincent Vanetti. He was born and grew up in the town of Lawless, living in a modest house initially. Because of his age and nature, had trouble finding a place with the rest of his family; Nero, because of their age difference, and Fio because of her gender. In sharp contrast to his brother, Frate was also very meek and afraid of his father, causing them to have little to do together. Despite this, Nero and Vanno encouraged him to do things together. him to be too cautious to hang-out with Nero and Vanno. According to Nero, Frate and the rest of his family would often go to the lake together[3].

Shoal of Time

In 1917, in Lawless, Vincent Vanetti walks in front of his children. Suddenly, Vanno Clemente calls out to Nero, so he turns and smiles. Nero scolds him for sleeping in. Smiling, Vanno says that he was too excited to sleep. He turns to Fio and asks if she's going as well. She asks to where. Nero elbows him, so he stammers. Fio narrows her eyes and asks again where they're planning on going. Nero looks annoyed and Vanno says "to church."


Frate ask Nero to let him come along

Nero studies his father, who doesn't seem to be paying attention. Frate asks his older brother if he's going. Smiling, Frate asks that he take him. Nero tells him to be quiet. He says that it would be bad if they got caught. Frate runs in front of him and says he's fine with that. He asks again and promises not to get in his way. Nero says that they'd be skipping mass and asks if he isn't afraid of God's punishment. Still smiling, Frate says that he's not. Nero says that he'll probably get a beating from Vince and teasingly punches his cheek. Still smiling, he pushes away his hand and says that he's fine. He says that Nero always gets hit. Nero smiles at him and crosses himself. He asks if he swears to God that he won't regret it. Frate cuts him off and says that he swears, if hell is even real. Nero looks annoyed and calls him a scamp. He smiles and agrees to take him. Frate is happy and says to himself that he did it.

Fio looks annoyed and says that their mother isn't getting any better and Nero is just fooling around. Nero gets mad and asks what it has to do with their mother. He threatens that she better not tell anyone. Fio says she won't have to because he'll be found out and get a beating. She turns to Frate and asks if he plans on going as well. He hides behind his brother and asks what it matters, since their father will take them anyway. Fio doesn't react to this and tells him to do what he wants. She turns away and says that she can see Frate is one of the fools as well.

Frate looks embarrassed, so Vanno walks behind him and slaps him teasingly on the back. Smiling, Vanno says that he's seeing Frate in a new light. Frate smiles at him as Fio continues down the road alone. Nero runs towards the forest and says they should go. Vanno tells Frate that as long as he worships God properly in his heart, it'll be fine. Vanno crosses himself and runs after Nero. Frate does the same.


The brothers check on their mother

At the Vanetti house, church bells can be heard ringing. The two brothers look at their mother from the doorway. Though Frate smiles, Nero looks distressed. He silently closes the door. Frate asks why they came back to the house. Nero doesn't answer but walks into his father's office. Frate follows him and says that Vince told them never to go inside. Nero begins picking his father's desk, and Frate asks what he's doing. Annoyed, Nero tells him to be quiet and says that they can't see the circus without money. Frate says that he didn't says that before, and Nero says that it goes without saying.

Nero says that he can't get it to open. Looking worried, Frate says that they can still go back and join the service and that Vince might not have noticed yet. He tells Nero they should stop. Nero sighs and asks if he forgot what he said. Frate looks embarrassed and says that they can't do anything with the drawer locked.

Nero stands and looks around for another way in the drawer. Frate says that he won't go to the circus after all. Nero is annoyed and asks if he's running away now after swearing to God. Frate says that he didn't think they'd steal. Nero begins walking towards him, so Frate runs away. Nero looks around to find a fire poker. He uses it to pry open the drawer. Vanno whistles loudly so Nero looks outside. Behind a bush, Vanno motions over to the door where a black maid is coming to the door.


Frate tricks the maid

Just as she's close to the steps, Frate burst out of the door and she asks what he's doing not at mass. Frate looks scared and says he's going now. The woman says that he can't fool her and says that he snuck out. Frate says that he didn't and then looks to his side as if shocked. She is surprised and looks as well. Frate uses this to run past her. She yells after him to stop, and says she'll tell Vince.

Before Vanno and Nero leave, Vanno asks why Frate ran off. Nero says that his cowardice is acting up again. Vanno says that there's no hope for him.

After returning, Nero and Vanno practised juggling constantly. When they showed this to Frate and Fio, they went crazy for it before soon becoming bored of it.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Sometime between 1917 and 1921, Connie Vanetti passes away. On the day of her burial, it was raining and his father and siblings both attended. Frate cried loudly under Fio's umbrella. Testa and Ganzo also attended.


Later on, Frate gets sick and coughs in bed with pink cheeks. Fio and Nero watch over him. Ganzo comes in and says that he's bringing up the special eggnog. He brings the hot cup over to Frare and says that, with that, he'll be better.

Frate blows on it before taking a sip. He smiles and says that it's good. Nero asks if he can have some too. Smiling, he says that he can if he gets a cold. Nero looks at him disappointed.

Night of the Murder

In April of 1921, Frate's father takes out the don of the Moreno Family as well as Testa, his wife, and youngest son. Because of this, his father becomes don of his own family. They move into what would later be known as the Vanetti Mansion.

Sometime before Angelo returns to Lawless, Fio agrees to marry Ronald Galassia. When this is announced to the Family, Vanno and Nero go out drinking at Cerotto's Bar. Vanno is drunk and is upset with Nero about his younger sister, Fio. He wants to know why Nero didn't stop their marriage, and Nero says that it was her decision. Vanno says that she's marrying a guy that she doesn't even love just so she can protect her family as he takes another drink of his booze. Nero thinks that he's had enough, but Vanno tells him to shut up.

Vanno then asks about what Frate thinks about it, and Nero says that he doesn't know because they don't talk anymore. Vanno says that it should be that complicated and that they're brothers, so they should talk before he passes out. Nero remarks that Vanno doesn't even drink, and that it's more complicated than he thinks.

Phantom of Falsehood
In Vince's office, on the day of Fio's wedding, Vince asks how the Playhouse is coming along. Nero says that it's all going smoothly and should be done by the end of June. Del Toro stands silently behind Vince. Frate says to his brother that Don Galassia decided to come to the big opening. He says they have three months, then Vanneti, Orco, and Galassia will be in the same place. Though Frate is happy about this, Nero doesn't look at him as he says "So what?" Frate says that he knows the Orcos have been overstepping lately, but they have to do as the Galassias say, too, suddenly unhappy.

A meeting on Fio's wedding

Nero says that they do as well. Vince takes a drag of his cigar before saying that he doesn't have much time left. Frate says that that's why Fio is marrying Galassia's nephew. He says that Ronald's a good and trustworthy guy. He starts to say that there's nothing to worry about, before Nero cuts him off, saying that that killed another one of theirs. Frate looks away before smiling and saying that it's because they stole Orco's booze. This infuriates Nero and he says that the route was theirs until three months ago. He says that a family that can't protect their own turf has no future.

After taking another drag, Vince asks if he'd like a cigar. Vince says that when one smokes, they inhale time. He says that they must act carefully and if they go too fast, they'll trip. Frate seems annoyed by this and Nero says that God helps those who help themselves before walking out.

Where the Footfalls Lead

Scusa tries to sell Serpente's body.

After Vanno Clemente and Serpente are killed, Scusa holds a meeting at the Vanetti Mansion with Frate, Ronald, Vincent, Ganzo, and Del Toro. Ganzo is shocked that Vanno is dead. He, Vincent Vanetti, Ronald Galassia, and Frate Vanetti sit at a long table as Scusa says that as far as they can tell, they took each other out, but Vanno abducted and killed a member of the Orco family. Ronald calls him a meddling idiot. Frate asks where Serpente's body is and Scusa tells him not to worry, as he has it safely in custody. Infuriated, Ganzo stands and ask if he thinks he can blackmail the Vanettis. Scusa says that he understands his anger, but suggests that they discuss it calmly.

Frate asks how much. Ganzo snaps at him to stay out of it, because they don't need "some kids" opinion. Ronald asks what choice they have. If it gets out, it'll start a fight with the Orcos, and the Galassia's won't stand for it. Ganzo is angered by this. Ronald turns to look at Frate, and they smile at each other. Scusa asks if he'll buy it. Vince says that he prefers to keep things simple; that's why he dislikes that sort of haggling and tells him to remember that. Vince sighs, annoyed, and tells him to first bring the body there, then the'll talk. Scusa scoffs at this and leaves shortly afterwards.

Ganzo is again shocked when Ronald suggested that they kill Nero. He says that they don't even know for sure that Nero killed Serpente, and they lost Vanno. Ronald laughs and asks how stupid one'd have to be to kidnap someone and then get themselves killed. Ganzo stands, enraged, but Vincent tells him to calm down, saying he'll ruin his brain, like he did. Del Toro stands quietly behind him. Ganzo says that nothing good's happened since he came around. Frate says that one of his brother's men was killed by Orco recently. He says that Vanno probably killed Serpente to get even, and he bets Nero knew about it. Ronald says that, either way, he's already made fools out of them. He says that he doesn't' think Don Galassia will forgive Nero for it. If they don't kill him, the Galassias will just get personally involved. Vince cuts him off and says that he sees what he's saying, but orders him to leave Nero to him. Ronald says that if he insists, go right ahead, but he's the one who'll have to wipe his kid's ass for him. Ganzo says that it's about time he outgrew diapers himself. Vince scolds him slightly for this. Before leaving, Ronald turns to Frate, but Frate is taken back and looks away. Ronald smiles before exiting. Gonzo calls Ronald a brat and Frate says that they'll let him escape. Frate says that the family tried to kill Nero like the Galassias wanted, but he was too sharp, and left town before they got to him.

After having found Serpente's body, the car drives quickly along with Barbero driving, Nero in the passenger seat, Angelo behind Nero and Corteo behind Barbero. Barbero notes that someone is driving fast behind them. The car drives in front of them and Frate can be seen inside. They both park by the docks. Frate tells Nero that he has to leave the city as soon as possible and that if anyone sees him, it won't end well. Nero asks if there is a better way. Frate say that he won't die, and that should be enough. Barbero asks if he should accompany him and Frate answers that he has to stay because they can't run the moonshine business without him. Barbero says they still can't let him go alone. Nero tells him not to worry; he's just going for a quiet drive in the country. Angelo asks why not take him with him. He says that Fango seems to have committed his face to memory, he doesn't want to run into him again. Nero asks if he can drive and Angelo replies he can. Nero admonishes Nero, but he says that Angelo will work. Barbero asks if he'd decided on a place for the funeral. Frate answers the Riverside Cemetery. Angelo turns to light a cigarette, and Corteo is horrified to find the Angelo is smiling.


Frate at Vanno's funeral.

On a rainy day, a group stand around a coffin, including Ganzo and Frate. Frate looks up and notices Nero and Angelo standing behind a tree in the distance.
Losing to Win, and What Comes After

A photo of the brothers taken sometime before 1921

After Nero and Angelo leave town, and though not directly shown, Ronald and Frate send a man to kill both Angelo and Nero. They supply a picture of Nero as a child.

While the two are on their trip, Frate and Ronald make a truce with the Orcos. Barbero says that Orco finally made a move to snuff out Fango, but failed like they did. Nero says that they can't afford to fight on both fronts, either, so they want a truce. Barbero says that's mostly true. He says that Fango got twenty or so guys together and holed up on the Island and, apparently, he's connected with the owner, Granchio. Nero says that he has his bases covered. He says that he guesses they can come home, then. Barbero looks behind him before saying no. Nero asks why, if they're making peace with the Orcos, the Galassias shouldn't have a problem. Barbero agrees, and says that Frate persuaded Ronald of that. He asks if they could meet up before he gets into town.

Blood Will Have Blood

Outside the Vanetti Mansion, Tigre stands out front reading a news paper. Del Toro and Frate drive up, and Frate rolls down his window in the back seat. Tigre jogs over and Frate greets him. He asks if his brother's in yet, smiling. Tigre says not yet. He asks Frate if he's sure he can trust Orco. Frate smiles even more and says that it took a lot of effort, but they worked out a truce. Frate turns beside him and grabs a bottle. He says that it's a little early, but suggests he comes in for a drink to celebrate his brother's return. Tigre spits on the ground and asks if it's any good as the front gate opens. Frate says that it's better than the stuff Nero's making on the sly before Del Toro drives in.

That night, they pull up to the gate and honk. As they enter, one of the men welcome him. Nero asks where Tigre is, and Volpe answers that he's having a drink with Frate. Nero says that he's hopeless as he pulls forward with Angelo in the passenger seat. Nero turns off his headlights as he gets closer the mansion. Angelo asks what's wrong, and Nero says that they aren't the usual guards. As the car approaches the front door, Tigre comes out calmly and waves at him. Suddenly, Nero looks angry and slams on the gas. Tigre runs towards the car as a man runs out behind him, telling them to wait and begins blowing a whistle. Nero then quickly slams on the brakes and tells Angelo to open his door. He does as a bunch of men run outside with guns. One of the men manage to shoot Tigre in the shoulder and he falls to the ground. In the window, Frate and Ronald can be seen looking out the window at the scene while holding wine glasses. They manage to get Tigre in the car as they continue shooting at the car. Angelo asks what's going on and Nero replies that he has no clue. At the gate, Volpe shoots the other guard to death before he can stop Nero and then opens the gate for them. He hops on the side of the car as they drive away.

Volpe tells Tigre to keep pressure on his shoulder as they drive away and says that he's bleeding hard. He says they need to get him to a doctor. Nero says that it isn't possible, because they'll trace them. Angelo asks who he is, and Nero says that he's Volpe, and that he had him watching Ronald. Volpe apologizes, and says that it was actually Frate who made the first move. Nero says that he probably had a hunch they were onto them. Angelo asks what tipped him off, and Nero says that Tigre raised his right hand and that was the sign. He says, because of that, he didn't end up filled with holes and thanks him.

In Vince's office, Frate downs a glass of booze with dark bags under his eyes. Ganzo demands to know what's going on and tells Frate to explain. Frate says that Orco demanded Nero's life as one of the conditions of the truce. He says that it was Nero who tried to kill Fango in the first place, so it's only natural. Vince stands looking out the window and Del Toro stands silently beside his desk. Ganzo ask what he means by "only natural," and Frate says that he's getting his just desserts. Not looking at him, Vince asks his son why he didn't tell him. Looking ashamed, Frate says that he knew he wouldn't kill him. Vince turns and asks if he's willing to kill his own brother. Frate stands and says that if he doesn't, the Galassias won't stand for it. Ganzo scoffs and asks if he's sure about that. Frate says that they've always done what they say and always will. In exchange, they protect them. Frate asks his father if he doesn't understand that. Vince says that they aren't the Galassias' puppets.

Suddenly, there's a loud knock on the door. Gonzo tells them to keep it down, but Ronald enters the room. Ronald asks if insulting each other is a sign of a close-knit family. Frate looks unhappy to see him. Ronald says that a father and son shouldn't fight before smiling smugly.

Nero kicks a can as Barbero looks at him concerned. Tigre lays on the floor under a coat, panting. Volpe sits beside him and Angelo sits on a step. A car pulls up and Barbero asks if he's okay. Barbero asks about the bullet and Nero says that it looks like it passed through. Barbero says to change the bandage as he tosses a bag at Volpe. Nero asks if his father knew about what was going to happen that day. Adjusting his glasses, Barbero says that he doesn't think so. He says that the monster that attacked him was probably sent by Ronald and Frate. Listening, Angelo grins as he says that the Orcos are ahead of them and the Vanettis behind. He asks if it's time for them to head back on their trip. Barbero says no, as all the roads out of town are blocked off. Corteo says that it looks like they're stopping all the boats at the bridges too. Barbero says that it's only a matter of time before they find them there. He and Nero look at Tigre, who is sweating and panting on the floor.

Ronald says that Frate will run the Vanettis from now on. He says that if they don't like it, they're basically leaving the town to the Orcos. Enraged, Ganzo asks who he thinks he is. Ronald takes a drag from his cigar and slowly exhales. He says that either way is fine by him. Vince asks if that is the word from Don Galassia. Ronald asks who else it would be from. Frate smiles smugly. Ronald says that he has one other request for his "father"; he says that Nero needs to die.

To Slaughter a Pig

While Nero and the other men are staying with Fango, at Ottimo Orco, Orco, Frate, and Ronald sit together at a table. Orco says that he heard Nero got away. Frate looks down, embarrassed, and says that they still intend to find and kill him. Ronald says that he hopes to continue their good relationship, though Nero is standing in the way of that. they asks if he's heard anything about him. Orco says that he heard he's doing well for himself lately. Smiling, Ronald asks what he means. Orco says that he's rolling in dough off Lawless Heaven. Still looking uncomfortable, Frate says that he started making it without asking. Orco says that he'd like a piece of the action. Ronald says that if they get Nero, they'll have both the recipe and the brewery. Still smiling, Ronald rises from his seat and tells him that, if he finds anything out, to get in touch. He adds that that's a requests from the Galassias, too, before turning and walking away. Frate is left scrambling and he quickly jumps up and follows him without a word.

Nero and the rest of the men manage to trick Orco and hand him over to Fango. After killing him, The Orco Family becomes the Fango Family.

A Poor Player

The episode opens with Fio Vanetti asking her husband, Ronald Galassia, to bring her brother, Nero Vanetti, back to the family as they sit together in their bedroom. He replies that if Nero swears loyalty to the Galassias, then he'll let him live, though Frate Vanetti will be the next don. Fio says that she just doesn't want their family fighting anymore. He replies that it's all up to Nero, and if he submits, he'll be fine.

At what appears to be Frate's office, Ronald enters, marveling at the mess. He asks what's wrong, calling him "Caesar," and says that he looked much bolder when he was "casting the die." He also says that it's too late now for regrets. Ronald tells him that he has good points that Nero lacks, such as that he's sincere; that that was the first thing that he liked about him. He also says that he's the only one who really worries about the family, and that that's the reason they have to kill Nero, because he's the only one who can save the family. Ronald slides him a packet of cocaine and tells him to take it and have a rest.

Back at Frate's office, he is looking over their income. Now profits are half what they used to be three months ago. Ganzo replies that it is because Nero took the secret brewery. As they're talking, Ronald interrupts saying that he's naive because even after he met with him, Nero is still making money on their turf. He says that at this rate, Fango and Nero will run them out of business. Frate turns to Ganzo and says that it's now life or death between him and his older brother. Ganzo asks if he's going to say that in front of Vincent. Ronald then says that Nero is an enemy of the family and that Don Galassia wants Frate to take over the family.


Fio wants her brothers to get along

Nero and Frate are shown at a table. Fio come in with 3 cups of onion soup. Fio asks if they can go back to the way things were. Nero replies that he's always supported Vincent to protect the family and he plans to keep doing it. Frate says that he's wrong and that all he really thinks about is his cheap pride. Nero says that there isn't any point in protecting the family if they don't have their pride. He says that if they go against the Galassia's their family will be crushed. Nero asks if he wants their family to be swallowed up by them instead. Frate says that Fio married Ronald to keep that from happening and that Nero is ruining that. Nero calls Frate Ronald's puppet. Frate says that ever since they were children, that Nero just did whatever he wanted. He never went to Sunday mass and just played around however he wanted. Nero says that he invited him to go too, but he never would because he was scared of Vincent. Frate replies that Nero had always looked down on him like that. He says that Ronald's different, though, because he acknowledges him. Nero says that power isn't something that you have acknowledged, that you prove it yourself. This infuriates Frate and he stands up from his chair. He yells that he's the one who ruined their family with his selfishness. He starts to say that if he just died, their family would go back to normal. Fio slaps him for this and asks Nero to talk to Ronald. She says that even if the Galassias did take the city, at least their family would go back to normal. She says that they're both the same and asks what family they're even talking about. She says that a family with brothers killing each other isn't a family at all. She says that she doesn't care what happens, she just doesn't want to see her family killing each other. Nero takes a sip of his soup and says that it's gotten cold.

Fio slaps Frate

Nero says to Avilio afterwards that he'll work things out with Ronald. Avilio asks if the talk had made him nostalgic, and tells him to stop being sentimental. He says with Frate, it's either killed or be killed. Nero says that Frate is still his brother and that family is more important than anything. Avilio says that he had a brother like Frate once, and that he'll let Nero meet him soon.

Avilio and Volpe stand outside talking to each other. Avilio tells him that Nero will die soon if he keeps it up, since he's planning on working things out with Ronald. Avilio says he believes that things have gone too far for it to work out now. He tells Volpe that he needs his help, and Volpe replies that he would do anything for Nero.

At the Vanetti mansion, Frate, Ronald and some of their men are heading off to Sunday's mass. In the car, Ronald tells Frate that he is going to meet with Nero at the mansion. After that, the family will be his.

As they are driving along, Volpe and Avilio drive by in their car and Volpe manages to shoot Ronald in the arm. Frate is horrified at the incident. In the other car, it is shown that Volpe was also shot by some of the other men. Volpe jokes that Tigre will laugh at him, and Avilio says that they have to go somewhere to stop the bleeding. As they pull over, Avilio shoots Volpe in the chest, and afterwards stages his death to look like he crashed into a tree.

Frate and Ganzo find Volpe's body. Ganzo tells Frate that Nero wouldn't do such a thing, but Frate won't accept this, and says that he was almost killed by Nero and now knows that it is either kill or be killed.

Volpe's body is hung under a large bridge outside of the Island for Nero to see. The media gets a hold of this and the newspapers print stories of the family's split, and the attacks.

Frate is becoming more and more unwell, and now sits in his office biting his thumb and saying that he can't live this way anymore. Ronald says that he's just rattling his chain since Vincent is in the house, he says that he won't do anything serious. Frate turns to him and asks that they go to the Galassias in Chicago. Ronald becomes infuriated and yells at him to stop acting like a child. Frate looks ashamed before Ronald puts his hand on his shoulder and reassures him. He tosses him three more packets and tells him to have a good sleep. With a shaky hand, Frate grabs one and flings it into his mouth, causing him to choke on it.

In their room, Ronald tells his wife that he wants to talk to Nero and hear him out. Fio asks why, after all that's been done, and he replies that at this rate, Frate will be killed by Nero and the family will be crushed by the Galassias. Nero will be killed, as will their child. He kisses her neck and tells him that he can save them all. He asks if she's told anyone yet, and tells her to tell Nero. He says that their baby is the symbol of reconciliation between Galassias and Vanettis and will restore everything to its proper path.


Fio kills Ronald

At the mansion, Avilio had been sent to see Fio and Ronald. Avilio brought flowers that he says are from her brother. She notices a small note admits the bouquet. She reads the note and seems to be distressed, as Avilio and Ronald talk about Nero. Avilio leaves, saying that Nero will arrive shortly. Ronald walks to his desk and retrieves his gun. He notices Fio's concern, and says that it's only for safety. She asks if he is going to kill Nero, and he replies that the Vanetti's only option is to become a puppet to the Galassias. Though Frate understands that, Nero doesn't. He brings her closer to embrace her, but she shoots him in the stomach. He reaches for his gun but Fio shoots him a second time in the chest and he falls to the floor. She seems horrified and apologizes, saying it was the only way for her to protect Frate and her family. He finally dies as Ganzo and Avilio come back in. Avilio picks up his note and Ganzo walks over to Ronald to confirm that he is dead.

Nero and Avilio enter Frate's office and Nero asks how long he's going to stay cooped up. He tells him that he should go out of the country for some fresh air. Frate asks if he'll ever be able to return. He notes that he never missed mass. Nero did what ever he wanted, and yet, Vincent only ever cared for him. He says that he always envied Nero, since his dad acknowledged him. Nero says that their father loved him, but Frate says that he doesn't want to be loved, but acknowledged.


Frate is killed by Nero

Avilio walks up and pulls his gun on Frate. He lifts up his book to reveal that there was a gun under it. Avilio says that what he says is nonsense and asks how many people were dragged into their feud because of him. He asks why he doesn't just put an end to it as he hands him a gun. Frate says that he isn't afraid as he stares at the gun. Nero begs him not to, but Frate hears Ronald in his head telling him to, so he pulls the gun out and pulls the trigger, but there isn't any bullets. Nero shoots after this in self defense, hitting Frate in the chest and killing him.

Post Death

Before boarding a train, Avilio tells Fio to say that Frate killed Ronald. That's why Nero killed his brother to prove his loyalty to the Galassias.

As Nero sits mourning over the loss of his brother, Avilio pus his hand on his shoulder and says that starting today, they'll be brothers.

The Melancholy of Barbero

After Frate's death, Nero falls into a depression.

Black and Deep Desires

In one of the rooms, Ganzo, Avilio, Barbero, and Nero are inside. Nero asks Ganzo how his wound is. Ganzo says that it hurts a bit, but it's nothing serious. Del Toro enters the room and nods. He then brings them to Vince's room. As Avilio looks at Vince, he seems disgusted. Vince apologizes for calling them all the way there. Nero tells his father that he wants Barbero to serve as a family executive from now on. Barbeo says that he swears his loyalty to him anew. Vince gestures and Nero introduces Avilio as a new recruit. He asks if he's the one with the booze. Nero says that he's the one who brought it to them. He also says that Avilio has a lot of moxie. The two look at each other before he asks that Avilio takes care of Nero. Avilio agrees and calls him don. Vince says that "Children grow up before you know it. You do so much for them, then... Frate's dead, and Fio's gone too. Nero, I'm not blaming you. You did it all to protect the family. I thought welcoming Ronald into the family was the best way to protect it, and I listened to Ronald over you. But that made things worse with Frate." He continues to apologize, but Nero says that it's enough, and that it's all in the past now. Vince says that if Frate hadn't dies, the Galassia's would never have stepped back. He says that Nero did the right thing. Vince stands up and says that "God helps those who help themselves." He says that from now on, Nero will be the don.

Downstairs, Tigre downs a glass of Lawless Heaven and marvels at Nero becoming the don. Tigre says that he'll make a great don and Nero smiles happily at him. Avilio asks who the man beside his father was. Nero asks if he means Del Toro. Avilio says that he's never seen him speak. Nero says that he heard he got messed up in the European war. Since fighting there, he's served under Vince. Tigre asks if he was in prison. Nero says that he was on a job for the family. And he only got out the year before last. Avilio asks how long he was in for and Nero says that he isn't sure, but he thinks 5 years. Avilio says that he went to prison 7 years ago, he asks if Nero went on his first job with him. Nero says no, because he was supposed to, but got sent to prison before that. Tigre says he has to go to the bathroom and leaves. Now alone, Avilio thinks about what Corteo had said the night before about killing Nero. He stares at the knife sticking out of the ham on the table. He looks at Nero, who is drunk and looking at his lap. He seems to be slowly reaching for it, before Nero says that Ganzo thinks pretty highly of Avilio and that he really pushed for him to take Avilio there. Nero says that he was shocked, since Ganzo had always been an old-fashioned kinda guy and that he was sure he'd be the one to ague against it, but it was the opposite. With the knife no longer in the ham, Nero lights his cigar and sits back into his chair. Avilio says that he's glad the Nero was acknowledged by Vince. Avilio says he's drunk and that Nero should go on ahead as he walks out. Before he exits, though, Nero says "Seven years ago... That night, when Dad took me along on my first job... It wasn't just the kid who ran away. I couldn't shoot anyone. I was afraid to shoot. I felt like Dad held me in contempt for it. That's why, to get him to acknowledge me, I've thrown myself into my work, done a lot of killing. And then, even Frate... In the end, maybe nothing's really changed since then..." Avilio looks back slightly angry and says "But you could kill him now, right? That kid you failed to shoot seven years ago."

Hovering through the Filthy Air

Nero pulls the letter from his coat pocket and asks who sent it. Angelo tells the truth and Nero says that he was "being deceived from all sides." Angelo then admits that he is the reason that Frate, Volpe, Del Toro, Barbero, and Vanno are all dead. Nero sadly looks down at the letter and notes that he's the only named person in it who's still alive. He asks why he wasn't killed as well. Angelo says that Vincent holed up in his mansion and wouldn't come out. So he would have to get close to his son first. Still looking down, Nero asks then why he would let him live when he seen him at the play house, as he had already gotten to his father. He says that it was because he wanted them to both feel the same pain that he did. "A pain worse than death." Angelo chuckles, causing Nero to look over at him. He says that it was "a shame Vincent died so soon."



Vincent VanettiEdit
"I don't want his love; I want to be acknowledged!"
—Frate to Nero, Day 7

Frate is Vincent's youngest child. Similarly to Nero, Frate was desperate for his father's acknowledgement, but contrasting Nero, went about it in an opposite way. Vincent became distant after his wife fell ill, which was noticed by Frate when he says that his father wouldn't take them anywhere[4]. Throughout his life, Frate was afraid of his father, causing him to be quite dutiful. He never skipped church and wouldn't cause trouble along with Vanno and Nero.

Though it isn't shown how his father views him, he doesn't blame Nero for the death of Frate and said that Frate got out of hand.

Connie VanettiEdit

Connie is Frate's mother. She is only briefly shown, but she seems to have been a caring woman. Frate seems to have been unaware of her situation and smiled when he saw her in bed, though Nero looked concerned. At her funeral, Frate cried loudly.

Nero VanettiEdit

Ronald and Frate watch as is almost killed

Nero is Frate's older brother. They had a difficult relationship. As children and adults, Nero would often encourage Frate to tag along with him. Frate would often disagree because of his dutiful nature. As Frate grew older, he and Nero grew more distant. They disagrees on what the best course of action was for the Family. Eventually, Frate betrays Nero and attempts to kill him. He admits that he always envied how people respected him, especially their father. Though Nero could never bring himself to hate Frate, he is forced to kill him after he tries to kill him a second time. Nero seems the only one to mourn, besides Fio, and blame himself for Frate's death.
Fio VanettiEdit

Fio is Frate's older sister. Though they both have a very dutiful nature, Frate is loyal to the Family where Fio is loyal to her blood. As children, she is shown to scold Frate for not attending church while their mother is sick[5] and she doesn't hesitate to slap him when he suggests that Nero should die. After she kills Ronald, she is told to blame it on Frate. It is unknown what she says, as the Galassias end up blaming Nero Vanetti. She seems to have been deeply troubled by his death, but leaves town soon after.

Ronald GalassiaEdit

Frate and Ronald smile at each other

Ronald is Frate's brother-in-law.


Angelo LagusaEdit

Angelo Lagusa are only shown together twice. Though they haven't been seen interacting very much, Frate seems to be distrustful of Angelo. When Nero suggests that Angelo go with him to flee the city, Frate begins to protest.

When Nero begins to try and reconcile with his younger brother, Angelo actively tries to work against it. He takes the bullets out of his gun, causing his death.

Vanno ClementeEdit

Ganzo AlaryEdit

Hey, Frate! Stay out of this! We don't need some kid's opinion!
—Gonzo to Frate[6]

Gonzo is a close family friend of Frate's father and fellow member of the Vanetti Family. Frate knew Ganzo since he was born. They don't seem to be close, and when he starts to negotiate with Scusa, Gonzo scolds him[7]


Family TreeEdit



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