91 Days Wikia

The Galassia Family (ガラッシア・ファミリー, Garasshia Famirī) was created in 19th century and controlled the most of Chicago and wanted to control Lawless too. Not much known about their feud with Don Moreno, but they certainly didn’t get along with the Morenos to the point of reaching a mob war.

With time, their power was getting promotion day by day, which made the other mafia families in Illinois to be afraid of them.

The Vanetti Family wanted to create an alliance with them by kinship through Fio's marriage with the Galassia family's Don's nephew, Ronald, yet it failed and claimed Ronald's life and a funeral for him was held, where his cousin, Don's another nephew and family's Underboss, Strega, had appeared to pay respects and, through Ganzo, secretly plot his revenge.

Sometime later, the Galassias called the incident with Ronald "a water under the bridge", responded positively on Nero's offer of partnership and their Don arrived in Lawless to attend the opening night of the Vanetti Playhouse, yet everything turned sour for both families, as their Don died at the hands of Angelo Lagusa and, under Strega's leadership, the Vanetti Family was immediately destroyed, after which, they remained as the only mafia family in Illinois, yet, at some point, according to Epilogue, they had a clash with FBI and left Lawless after Prohibition had ended.