Interlude (Transcript)
Japanese インタールード
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The Interlude is the seventh of the 91 Days Novelization.

It takes place sometime between Day 7 and Day 8.


While staying at Corteo's, Angelo dreams of his childhood.


Dreaming, Angelo hears his younger brother calling to him. He recognizes the voice as being from the time he could walk with Luce in his arms.

He remembers he had grown tired just earlier and demanded to be carried, but their mother told him to walk properly and refused now that he was a little older, saying being carried is for babies. Angelo felt conflicted between being glad he was relieved from his burden or to feel lonely and mourn. When he discussed this with Corteo, he laughed, saying he's jealous because he didn't have any siblings. Angelo felt he couldn’t be angry at him for laughing after that.

Angelo replies that he has himself and Luce. At that, Corteo smiles happily but sadly, too; seeming to not trust that he was serious.

It is difficult for children with parents in the mafia to make friends. So while Corteo was the only friend they had, they were close. He was smart and passionate about his studies, and he always had something new to teach them. Angelo liked listening to him have fun sharing that information.

The scenery began changing to a time long gone. Angelo realizes that he's dreaming, as the only precious thing left with him was Corteo.

Luce says that they should go on an adventure. He took his brother's hand and pulled him towards the forest. Angelo realizes that this was when they had come for a picnic as a family. Because it was still too early to have lunch, and Luce was full of energy, having come thus far in the car.

Together with Corteo, the three of them go on an adventure in the forest. That said, it was a man-made forest created for picnics, so there wouldn’t be any of the wild beasts Luce was expecting.

Corteo tells Luce not to touch a mushroom, as it's poisonous. Angelo feels that it was a good thing they had such a knowledgeable friend and that Elena was amazing for staying firm and bringing him along no matter how many times he held back and refused her. As he was thinking such, he takes out a handkerchief and wipes Luce’s hands.

Luce asks about another berry and Corteo replies that it isn't poisonous. Before he can stop him, he pops the red berry in his mouth. Immediately, he makes a face and spits it out, remarking that it's too sour.


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