The Island is a location in 91 Days. The Island is a sandbar within Lawless.



In 1917, the island had no buildings and the bridge did not extend to it. After prohibition was passed, the church was converted into a speakeasy, catering to criminals and bootleggers.

In 1928, Angelo and Corteo go to the Island to sell their booze.

After Orco tries to take out Fango, he and 20 men flee to the Island.

After Orco's death, the Island becomes a base for the Fango Family.

After Fango's death, the Vanetti Family reconsiders the Island as a primary sales route, that they continue rebuilding while expanding the Lodge, and that they work toward mass production[1].

The remnants of the Vanetti Family flee to the Island. Though a majority of the Family is wiped-out, Nero Vanetti manages to escape.




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