Kanji 勘違い
Volume Volume 4
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Misunderstanding is a segment of 91 Daze.


Angelo waits for Nero in the car. When Nero comes out, they discover that the key is missing.


Nero That was delicious! I'm stuffed.

Huh? What's wrong?

Angelo The key.
Nero To the car?
Angelo Yeah. You got it, don't you?
Nero Huh? I gave you the key earlier.
Angelo When was "earlier"?
Nero Earlier! It was earlier!

I gave it to you in the restaurant.

Angelo No, you didn't.
Nero Maybe you were so entranced by your honey-soaked pancakes, you forgot.

If you left it inside, then go get it. What?

Angelo You stopped in the bathroom on the way out, didn't you?
Nero Yeah, so what?
Angelo You had the key when you went.
Nero Did I?
Angelo Yeah, no doubt about it.
Nero Then... the key is in the bathroom?
Angelo Most likely.

If you left it there, then go get it.

Nero Okay, be right back.
Angelo Hey, Nero.

Buy me some cigarettes while you're there.

Nero Got it.

Avilio, you son of a-- Wait! Wait, damn it!

Nero わぁ、うまかったな。たいもんざくな。う?なんだ?
Angelo 鍵だ。
Nero 車のか?
Angelo あぁ。お前が持ってるだろう。
Nero doushidarou
Angelo itsu ka
Nero saki wa saki da.
Angelo moratten nai
Nero gakki mitei pankeikki
Angelo omae toire ni
Nero sore ga doushita?
Angelo ni ottote da.
Nero sou dake?
Angelo machigai nai
Nero Jaa, kagi wa toire
Angelo totte koi yo.
Nero wa
Angelo maa, Nero. tabako kaitte kure.
Nero Un! Wakkata!

Avilio, teme!





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