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The Moreno Family (モレノ・ファミリー, Moreno Famirī) was the oldest and strongest Mafia syndicate in Lawless. It was founded in 19th century, alongside with the Galassia Family in Chicago. It’s initial boss was Don Moreno, who was invisible in the show. Its initial members were Vincent Vanetti, Ganzo Alary, Testa Lagusa and Orco, who before his former Don's demise, split off and founded Orco family, which was feuding with the Morenos.

In 1921, Don Moreno found himself betrayed by Vincent and his own Underboss, who was Ganzo at the time.

The Morenos didn’t get along with the Galassias to the point of reaching a feud with them. As Vincent and Ganzo refused to be destroyed by their feud, they assassinated Don Moreno.

Eventually, Vincent, Ganzo, Vanno and Nero appeared at Lagusa Household and proceeded in demanding for Don Moreno's ledger from Testa, as Testa was the family's accountant and possibly, Consigliere, who found out about Vincent's dealings with the Galassias.

When Testa refused to give in to their demands and instead, attacked Vincent, he and his family were slaughtered with the exception of his eldest son escaping from them. The Moreno Family ends being rebranded into the Vanetti Family afterwards.