Nero Vanetti
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Kanji ネロ・ヴァネッティ
Romaji Nero Vanetti
Alias Marte (マルテ, Marute)[1]
Big Brother (兄さん, Niisan)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 21 (approximately)
Height 180 cm[2]
Birthday 1907 (approximately)
Occupation Underboss (Formerly)
Affiliation Vanetti Family
Status Alive
Relatives Vincent Vanetti (Father)
Frate Vanetti (Younger Brother)
Fio Vanetti (Younger Sister)
Friends Vanno Clemente
Debut Day 1
Japanese Ruriko Aoki (Child)
Takuya Eguchi (Adult)
English Luci Christian (Child)
Ian Moore (Adult)
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"The Vanetti name is more important than anything. More than friends, more than parents and siblings. I'm ready to do what I must."
— Nero to his father[3]

Nero Vanetti is a main character and the deuteragonist of 91 Days.


Nero is charismatic and outgoing. He sometimes acts without thinking or is overcome with anger. Nero is also very enthusiastic. He is especially enthusiastic about food and alcohol, and he often makes a fuss when eating anything delicious, such as when he has pancakes at Jinny's Diner. He is a smoker and has been since at least age 14. He isn't particularly religious, and would skip church as a child. He has to be pushed to pray before eating and is ignorant of stories in the bible.

Nero cares deeply for his friends and family. He is said to be well liked by the people of Lawless, even more so than the police[4]. Though he often has a happy demeanor, he puts this on even when distressed, such as after the death of Arturo Tronco.

Nero is also quite bold. He often cracks jokes or teases others, even when in tense situations. He is also proud, even in dangerous situations, such as when asked to eat Fango's boot or when pressured to accept the Orcos stealing their turf.

Though not as obvious as his younger brother, he is desperate to earn his father's respect. He felt like a disappointment when he couldn't kill anyone on his first job, and to combat this, began throwing himself into his work. Despite this, he has problems killing and is a poor shooter because of this.

After he is forced to kill his younger brother, he became depressed and locks himself in his room[5].


The youngest Nero is shown is when he was around age 10. At this age, he wore his hair down and short. He dressed similarly to how he does as an adult, with a tie, vest, undershirt, but with capris and long socks with loafers.

At age 14, Nero is already quite tall and looks similar to as he does at age 21. At this point he has no facial hair. As he is on a on his first job, he covers his face, and wears a hat and trenchcoat.

At age 21, according to Don Galassia, he looks very similar to his father did during his youth[6]. He has a small pointy beard and slicked-back brown hair. Though his hair is darker than his two younger siblings', it is lighter than his father's.

Nero typically wears a dark blazer opened over a white long-sleeved shirt under a tawny vest and a red tie. Though hidden by his vest, he also wears suspenders with these pants. He also wears a belt. He wears matching dress pants with black shoes.

When in disguise, such as when he tries to sell to Granchio, he wears his hair down, as he did as a child, fluffy beard, and a different outfit.



Nero and Frate in front of the Vanetti Household

Nero was born to Vincent and Connie Vanetti around the year 1907. He had two siblings; his younger sister, Fio, then his younger brother, Frate. He grew up in a house in Lawless, being close with Vanno Clemente as well. He was said to be mischievous and would always get into trouble with Vanno Clemente. The two would often skip mass together.
Shoal of Time

In 1917, Lawless, Vincent Vanetti walks in front of his children. Suddenly, Vanno Clemente calls out to Nero, so he turns and smiles. Nero scolds him for sleeping in. Smiling, Vanno says that he was too excited to sleep. He turns to Fio and asks if she's going as well. She asks to where. Nero elbows him, so he stammers. Fio narrows her eyes and asks again where they're planning on going. Nero looks annoyed and Vanno says "to church."

Nero studies his father, who doesn't seem to be paying attention. Frate asks his older brother if he's going. Smiling, Frate asks that he take him. Nero tells him to be quiet. He says that it would be bad if they got caught. Frate runs in front of him and says he's fine with that. He asks again and promises not to get in his way. Nero says that they'd be skipping mass and asks if he isn't afraid of God's punishment. Still smiling, Frate says that he's not. Nero says that he'll probably get a beating from Vince and teasingly punches his cheek. Still smiling, he pushes away his hand and says that he's fine. He says that Nero always gets hit. Nero smiles at him and crosses himself. He asks if he swears to God that he won't regret it. Frate cuts him off and says that he swears, if hell is even real. Nero looks annoyed and calls him a scamp. He smiles and agrees to take him. Frate is happy and says to himself that he did it.

Fio smiles while telling Vanno a story about her neighbor. Vanno blushes and seems to be spaced out. Fio asks if he is listening. He says that he was. She studies him for a moment and smiles, saying that he's up to something. She asks that he tell her. He pauses for a moment and then says that the circus is in town and it looks really fun. Nero suddenly interrupts and tells him not to give it away. Vanno smiles and apologizes, saying that it just slipped out. She asks if they're planning on skipping mass. Vanno says they are and says she should come too, since it will be way more interesting than mass.

Fio looks annoyed and says that their mother isn't getting any better and Nero is just fooling around. Nero gets mad and asks what it has to do with their mother. He threatens that she better not tell anyone. Fio says she won't have to because he'll be found out and get a beating. She turns to Frate and asks if he plans on going as well. He hides behind his brother and asks what it matters, since their father will take them anyway. Fio doesn't react to this and tells him to do what he wants. She turns away and says that she can see Frate is one of the fools as well.


Vanno praises Frate

Frate looks embarrassed, so Vanno walks behind him and slaps him teasingly on the back. Smiling, Vanno says that he's seeing Frate in a new light. Frate smiles at him as Fio continues down the road alone. Nero runs towards the forest and says they should go.

At a small church, a small group of people stand outside chatting. Ganzo Alary asks Vincent Vanetti how Connie Vanetti is doing. Vince says that a doctor's seen to her and there hasn't been any change. Ganzo Alary tells him that if he carries on in the same way, his children will be bored to tears. Vince asks what he means, and Ganzo tells him to take them out once and awhile. He says that just because their mother can't, doesn't mean the kids can't walk. Ganzo lights a cigarette and Vince says that that's the reason he brings them to mass. Ganzo says that if he insists on just making them do what he wants, it's going to backfire on him someday. Vince turns away from him and tells him that it's none of his business. Ganzo exhales smoke and seems to notice someone. He waves at the Lagusa family and Testa waves back. Angelo walks beside a stroller that his mother is pushing.

At the Vanetti house, the same church bells can be heard ringing. The two brothers look at their mother from the doorway. Though Frate smiles, Nero looks distressed. He silently closes the door. Frate asks why they came back to the house. Nero doesn't answer but walks into his father's office. Frate follows him and says that Vince told them never to go inside. Nero begins picking his father's desk, and Frate asks what he's doing. Annoyed, Nero tells him to be quiet and says that they can't see the circus without money. Frate says that he didn't says that before, and Nero says that it goes without saying.

Nero says that he can't get it to open. Looking worried, Frate says that they can still go back and join the service and that Vince might not have noticed yet. He tells Nero they should stop. Nero sighs and asks if he forgot what he said. Frate looks embarrassed and says that they can't do anything with the drawer locked.

Nero stands and looks around for another way in the drawer. Frate says that he won't go to the circus after all. Nero is annoyed and asks if he's running away now after swearing to God. Frate says that he didn't think they'd steal. Nero begins walking towards him, so Frate runs away. Nero looks around to find a fire poker. He uses it to pry open the drawer. Vanno whistles loudly so Nero looks outside. Behind a bush, Vanno motions over to the door where a black maid is coming to the door.

Just as she's close to the steps, Frate burst out of the door and she asks what he's doing not at mass. Frate looks scared and says he's going now. The woman says that he can't fool her and says that he snuck out. Frate says that he didn't and then looks to his side as if shocked. She is surprised and looks as well. Frate uses this to run past her. She yells after him to stop, and says she'll tell Vince.

Nero opens the drawer and finds a picture of a young Ganzo Alary, Vincent Vanetti, and Testa Lagusa. He takes money out of an envelope and puts it in his pocket. He notices the picture before saying that he can't stick around and tossing back in the drawer and closing it. As he's about to leave he hears his mother coughing and turns toward her door. The maid yells that she'll bring the medicine and water right away. Nero goes into her room and closes the door.

Connie asks why he didn't go to church and Nero says that he just forgot something. He tells her to face the other way and she then thanks him. She says that he really is a sweet child.

Outside, Vanno taps his arm, annoyed. Nero suddenly says they should go. Vanno tells him not to scare him like that. Vanno smiles and follows him. Vanno compliments on "giving the old lady the slip." He asks if he got the money, and Nero tells him not to worry. He hands him money and tells him to get something nice on the way back. Vanno happily snatches it and says that he knew he'd come through. Vanno asks why Frate ran off. Nero says that his cowardice is acting up again. Vanno says that there's no hope for him. Nero says that there's going to be a lot of trouble when they get back. Vanno tells him to stop worrying and that they should enjoy the circus. Nero grabs the money and runs past him. Vanno, smiling, runs after him.

Nero says that it must be nice how carefree Vanno is. Vanno laughs and says that he must be jealous. They laugh and he says he is. They run down the dirt road together.

Vincent found out right away and beat Nero up. For a while, he and Vanno practiced together constantly. They showed Fio and Frate and they went wild, though they grew bored of it pretty quickly[7].

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Connie's funeral.

Sometime between 1917 and 1921, Nero's mother dies and they hold a funeral for her. It was raining and his father and siblings both attended. Frate cried loudly under Fio's umbrella. Testa and Ganzo also attended.

Later on, Frate gets sick and coughs in bed with pink cheeks. Fio and Nero watch over him. Ganzo comes in and says that he's bringing up the special eggnog. He brings the hot cup over to Frare and says that, with that, he'll be better.

Frate blows on it before taking a sip. He smiles and says that it's good. Nero asks if he can have some too. Smiling, he says that he can if he gets a cold. Nero looks at him disappointed.

Night of the Murders

Nero is told by his father that Testa was flinching money off the Family and they have to kill him[8].

In April of 1921, a 14 year-old Nero attends his first job with Vincent Vanetti, Ganzo Alary, and Vanno Clemente. They park on the side of the road, waiting for Testa to return home.

In a parked car, someone ashes a cigarette as a car drives by them. On his bike, Corteo smiles and says goodbye and happy birthday to Angelo. They do their special wave to each other and Corteo rides away. Angelo hears his father's car and, smiling, runs into the house.

On the road, Testa Lagusa slows down and he and Corteo wave at each other. After the two depart, the second car full of men starts up their car and goes in the same direction as Testa.

Vincent Vanetti loudly knocks on the door and tells him to open up. Testa lets Vince, Nero, and Vanno Clemente inside and Testa asks if he wants a drink, noting that he doesn't usually come there. Vince refuses this, and tells him to listen calmly. Vince says that their don has been taken out. Facing a drawer, though he was about to take out a bottle opener, he instead grabs a pocket knife. He then asks if it was Orco's men. Vanno and Nero look at each other. Vince pulls out his gun and points it at Testa. He says that it was himself.

Vince says that it's to protect the family. Testa is mad, after everything the don has done for Vince. Vince says that he's wrong and that he doesn't understand anything. Testa says that if he'd investigated, he'd know how much got back to the Galassias. Vince says that that's enough and tells him to give him the ledger. Testa tells him that it isn't there, it's at the bank. Vince gets mad and demands the ledger immediately. Dropping to her knees, Elena begs Vince to stop. He turns around and clocks her with his gun. Angelo and Luce both witness this, and though he grabs at his shirt, Angelo is unable to stop Luce from running from the closet.

Testa calls out to his wife. Luce runs out to his mother and they hug on the ground. Nero and Vanno are now pulling their guns on the two as well. Luce asks if she's okay. As the three men are now distracted, Testa pulls out his knife and stabs Vince through his right hand. He tries to stab him again, but merely slashes the left side of his face and Vince falls to the ground. The two other men have their guns pointed at him and he looks at Vanno before three shots are fired.

In the closet, Angelo begins to cry and Elena tells Luce not to look. Elena tells Vince to spare her son. She swears that he won't tell anyone. Vince tells her to listen carefully, and says that he would never forget about them as long as he lives. Four shots are fired and blood is spattered on their mantle.

The three men stand over the pair's bodies and Vanno kneels as he crosses himself. Vince asks if they have anything to wipe up with. Vanno pulls a handkerchief and hands it to him. Nero starts to walk away and Vince says that they'll look upstairs and Nero downstairs. Nero walks into the room with the closet and cocks his gun, nervous. He opens the other door to it and is relieved to find nothing there. He enters a room to the side of a closet. Under the couch, Angelo covers his mouth as he hides, scared. Once he's in the other room, Angelo leaves the room. There his father lays in a pool of blood and his mother and brother lie dead in each other's arms. Angelo begins to tear-up but a door behind him closes and he begins running out the door.

Angelo leaps off his step. A man sits in front of the car and Nero runs after Angelo, but trips. Standing up, Nero aims at Angelo and fires. He doesn't hit and there are now two men outside with Nero, who seem to be looking at him.

I couldn't shoot anyone. I was afraid to shoot. I felt like Dad held me in contempt for it. That's why, to get him to acknowledge me, I've thrown myself into my work, done a lot of killing. And then, even Frate... In the end, maybe nothing's really changed since then...[9]Avilio asks about his first job and Nero says that he went to lean on a guy who was filching money off the family when he was 14. He says that he thinks his name was "Lagusa" or something like that. He says there were four of them, including him and that it was lousy work. Avilio asks if he killed him, and Nero says that he made a move on them first. After that, there was no stopping it. He says that he shot at a kid who ran away, but he didn't get him. He says that ever since that day, he's just thrown himself into it[10]. Later in the night, the house is burned down.

The Melancholy of Barbero

“Ahhh, you dabbled in human trafficking. Mafia trash. The slave trade was abolished a hundred years ago. Even a junior school brat knows that.”

A boy the same age as Barbero stood in the entrance to the room.

“What’s with this brat?”

The mafia henchmen looked dubiously at the boy.

The boy barged into the room, completely unafraid of them. As the pale moon shone through the broken glass in the window, the boy stroked his hair.

“You don’t know anything. You lot are subcontractors of subcontractors at Uncle Orco’s place, dickweed mafia, right? I’ve got priority over this claim. Pull out, dumbnuts.”

The boy thrust the piece of paper he was holding at the thugs.

They read the name printed on that document.

“Vincent Vanetti……? You’re from the V-Vanetti Family……?

Their faces paled.

“That’s right. I’m their representative, Nero Vanetti. When I came to collect our debt as my father told me, I see this charade. Ahh, this old man’s dead.”

Barbero’s father was lying on the ground without even a twitch. The boy — Nero Vanetti — checked his pulse and then shrugged in amazement.

His father was dead.

But it wasn’t that much of a shock.

More than that, he couldn’t take his eyes off the boy named Nero who was boldly facing off against mafia opponents.

“You touched our claim without permission. What should I tell my father? Hey, can a dead man pay back money?”

As Nero spoke, he kicked the mafia in the side.

“Urgh……S-sorry. We didn’t mean to kill him.”

“I’m not asking you if you meant it. How did it happen?” he continued, and kept on kicking the mafia.

“W-we’ll pull back. So won’t you intercede for us to the Don?”

“Then hurry up and begone, ya spineless octopus.”

The mafia ran off, leaving Barbero, Nero, and the corpse of Barbero’s father in the room.

“Sorry about that. If I’d come a little earlier, your father might not have died.”

“It’s fine.”

“Is it? Well, if you say so……Here.”

He held out a hand to Barbero, who was sitting on the floor.

Barbero hesitated.

Instead of taking the hand, he asked, “Are you part of the mafia too?”

“I don’t want you lumping me in with that group from earlier, but yeah.”

“If I take your hand, what will happen to me?”

“Well, you’ll be taken along in place of the loan. By me.”

The borrower’s death didn’t nullify the loan. Nero was telling him to work in place of his dead father.

“Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to dispose of you somewhere. You’ll become a member of the Vanetti family.”

Family. If was what Barbero wanted the most. But at the same time, it meant the mafia Barbero despised the most.

“I hate the mafia. They’re the worst, aren’t they?”


“I have a dream. If I join the mafia, it won’t come true.”

“Hmm, let me hear it.”

“……I want to go to school and study. Then, I want to get a job where I can be useful to people.”

He had never spoken that desire aloud before. Even if he had, he’d have been hit and that would have been the end of it.

“If you want to study, study as much as you like. As for the rest of it……Be useful to me. Any complaints?”

No matter how Barbero refused, Nero boldly kept his hand outstretched.

“Come with me, Barbero. You’re not a man meant for hiding in this sort of place for the rest of your life.”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you. Even that you’d been paying off your father’s interest.”

Barbero was surprised that Nero knew him.

“Unlike me, you’re smart. I was moved……That’s why.”

He’d never been praised before.

“In the future, I’ll become the Don of the Family. At that time, I want you to be this for me.”

As he spoke, Nero tapped his forehead with his pointer finger.

Barbero hated the mafia. They were the cause of his unhappiness. If he accepted Nero’s invitation, he would have to become a part of the mafia he hated……

But the pale moon shone down on Nero’s figure. Nero, shining like he was beloved by the moon, had acknowledged Barbero’s worth.

“I need you.”

To be needed — it was an unbelievable temptation.

Fearfully, fearfully stretching out his hand, Barbero clasped Nero’s hand.

Then he kissed it.

Nero smiled like the sun.

Barbero was satisfied just with that.

Losing to Win, and What Comes After

Vanno Clemente and Nero Vanetti sitting in Cerotto's Bar. Vanno is drunk and upset with Nero about his younger sister, Fio. He wants to know why Nero doesn't stop her marriage, and Nero says that it was her decision. Vanno says that she's marrying a guy that she doesn't even love just so she can protect her family as he takes another drink of his booze. Nero thinks that he's had enough, but Vanno tells him to shut up.

Vanno then asks what Frate thinks about it, and Nero says that he doesn't know because they don't talk anymore. Vanno says that it shouldn't be that complicated and that they're brothers, so they should talk before he passes out. Nero remarks that Vanno doesn't even drink, and that it's more complicated than he thinks.

Night of the Murder

As they enter to Island, Angelo sees Tigre sitting in his car, reading a newspaper before spitting out his window. Corteo tells him that the church on the Island was converted into a bar.

Inside the church, Granchio tries some alcohol. Vanno asks how it is and Granchio asks if it's brand-name. Vanno says that it is, it's the best from over the border, and that he'd never had better. Granchio says that he thought Vanno wasn't a drinker. Vanno smiles and says that you can tell good booze purely from smell. Granchio tells him to take a whiff if his own asshole, then. Granchio says that he thought the Orco family controlled all the routes over the border. Vanno smiles, embarrassed, and avoids his gaze. Granchio asks if they're flinching off the Orcos. Nero doesn't seem to be paying attention and instead looks ahead smoking. Vanno asks how he knew. Playing with his fake mustache, Granchio says that he had that look to him. Serpente can be seen sitting on the couch.

Angelo suddenly interrupts their conversation, addressing Granchio. Vanno and he both turn to look at Angelo and Corteo as Angelo puts his briefcase on the desk.

Avilio says that he wants him to buy their booze. Granchio says to get lost because he doesn't want any of their "bathtub gin." Ignoring this, Avilio pours him a glass and slides it over to him. Instead of drinking it, he pours it on the ground. Corteo is surprised by this but Angelo looks unfazed. Granchio grabs Avilio's collar and calls him a brat. As he does this, Avilio pours him another glass. Granchio is about to punch him when Nero grabs his arm. Granchio steps to the side and Nero lights a match and sets the alcohol on fire. It maintains a blue flame and the three are taken back. Nero puts the flame out with his hand and then takes a sip. He seems to enjoy it and hands it to Granchio as he says that they'll buy it. After drinking it, Granchio says that they could probably stock it after all as he hands the glass to Vanno. Nero slams his fist on the counter and says that he already dumped it out. Vanno sniffs it a few times, then takes a sip. Granchio tells Nero not to get so mad. Vanno then makes a disgusted face and asks Granchio for a coffee. Granchio agrees and leaves with the glass.

Nero asks Avilio for how much a bottle, suggesting 3.5. Avilio holds his hand up, 5, and says that 3.5 is out of the question. Nero laughs and asks how much they can sell them per week. Before he can answer, a man at the front door yells and falls to the ground. A man beside him opens a latch at the bottom of the door and is about to shoot Fango's legs when Serpente appears behind him and puts a knife to the side of his neck, ordering to him to open the door. Vanno says that it seems the old man's getting the works. Granchio tells him to shut-up. The decide to wait and and watch.

The man steps back and Fango takes his gun. Serpente continues to hold a knife against his throat. Fango asks if he minds if he takes the gun. The man calls him a son of a bitch before Fango clocks him with it and the man falls to the ground. Fango apologizes for interrupting and says that he's looking for Nero Vanetti. Avilio quietly asks Nero who that is, and Nero says that he's Don Vanetti's son. Granchio says not to bring his arguments to the Island, that's the rule. Fango agrees that rules are important and says that that's why he's there. He found some booze stolen from then in their parking lot. Granchio says "good for you," so Fango shoots the ceiling and asks if he said something. Granchio says he hadn't so Fango again asks about Nero. He calls Corteo and tells him to come over. Corteo looks very uncomfortable and looks over nervously at Avilio as he walks over. Nero watches Avilio discreetly takes his pocketknife out of the briefcase he set there.

Corteo walks over with his hands up and Fango asks if he's Nero. Corteo says that he isn't, so Fango asks loudly if there are any other Nero's there. No one answers so he says that it must be him. Nero looks over to see Avilio rummage through a box behind him and pull out a pocket knife. Fango points his gun at Corteo and says that thieves deserve to die as he cocks his gun.

Avilio calmly says that he's Nero. Fango asks who Corteo is then, and Avilio says he doesn't know. Fango says he should speak up sooner as he pushes Corteo towards Serpente. Vanno smiles and looks over to Nero who's watching intently. Fango tells the "New Nero" to come over then. Avilio walks over with his hands behind his head. When he stands in front of Fango, he pushes up Avilio's hat with his gun. Avilio suddenly grabs his gun and shoves it to the side as he pushes a knife into Fango's throat. Fango's impressed and Avilio tells him to let Corteo go. Fango tells Serpente to slit Corteo's throat because he doesn't think Avilio can kill him. Serpente inches the knife closer as Corteo's neck as he tries to push his hand away. Avilio slowly pushes the knife into Fango's throat and blood begins to trickle out. Fango urges him to do it. Suddenly, Nero throws a bottle at Serpente and they all manage to break apart. Corteo quickly runs behind the counter and Nero calls him over as well. Fango runs over and pick up his gun.

Fango shoots wildly around the room. Luckily, the counter is iron-plated. As this is happening, Granchio manages to escape. Vanno tries to stand up and is almost shot. Crouching, he tells Nero that if Fango spots him, he's dead.

Corteo brews something and tells Avilio to throw alcohol at him. He does, and Fango begins shooting the bottles out of the air. Vanno says that Fango is playing around. Nero says that he must be the crazy guy that joined Orco. Vanno says that Orco's gotten serious. Vanno scolds the two for "fooling around," but they ignore him and Corteo tells them to throw something and then run for the exit. Nero begins to question him, but Corteo tells him to just do it.

As Corteo and Angelo both throw bottles, Fango aims at one of them as Serpente looks for bullets. Vanno and Nero sneak to the edge of the counter. Fire suddenly erupts around him and Fango exclaims that it's hot. The four men manage to escape.

They run to the parking lot with Angelo holding the briefcase and don't stop until they make it to where Tigre is parked. Nero notices that Tigre is slumped over in his seat with a handkerchief tied in front of his mouth. He yells his name and runs over and opens the door. He tells Tigre to wake up, but Gatto is secretly hidden in the backseat. He tries to stab Nero from the back, but Nero dodges this and grabs Gatto's arm. Vanno winds up and punches Gatto in the face.

The four men drive along the road, with Nero driving, Vanno in the passenger seat, Avilio behind Nero and Corteo to the right of him. Nero notes that it was something and Vanno says that it was pretty fun, though. Corteo thanks Avilio for before. Avilio asks if the candles were made out of paraffin. Corteo says that if you liquefy paraffin, then mix it with water, it'll blow.

Smiling, Vanno smokes a cigarette and says that they can't go back there for a while. He passes his cigarette to Nero and he says the the booze was good after taking a drag and that it'll make them lots of money. Across the river, the drive past the Playhouse. Vanno points it out and starts to pull off his face mustache as he says that he can't wait to show it to the don when it's finished. Nero says that it looks out of place in Lawless. Avilio asks if Nero was there. Nero says that he was as he pulls off his beard and smooths back his hair. Avilio is taken back. He turns around and says that he is Nero Vanetti while smiling.

Phantom of Falsehood

At the Vanetti Mansion, a band plays and people dance. In their wedding attire, people surround Fio and Ronald to congratulate them. Vanno downs a glass of alcohol. Vanno tells Nero that it's war against the Orcos now. Nero pats his cheek, smiling. This angers Vanno as he bats his hand away. Still smiling, Nero says that he must have clung to the underside of the truck to escape and that it was smart thinking of him.

Avilio approaches, holding a briefcase, and Corteo walks slightly behind him, looking uncomfortable. Nero, smiling, says that he's late. Avilio opens his case to show five bottles of Lawless Heaven. Nero whistles and says that his dad will love it. Nero sticks a cigar in his mouth and starts to pull out his wallet. Avilio smiles and says that it's a gift. Corteo is taken back by this. Avilio looks to the side and says that he realizes that it hardly compares to a car, wrapped as a gift. Nero says that it's a Phantom from the Galassias. Vanno seems annoyed by this. Nero takes a sip from a jar and says that it's good stuff. Nero gestures over to the table and says that the groom is the nephew of Don Galassia; the guy who controls Chicago. The three look at him unhappily. Vanno says that the Vanettis own Lawless and they don't need the Galassias' help. Avilio says that's funny, as he heard they lost some turf downtown to the Orco family. Vanno yells that he'd better watch his mouth. Avilio doesn't react to this but it surprised when someone calls out to Nero.

Barbero says that his father is calling him. Nero smiles and says sure. He introduces him as the brains of his operation. He introduces him to Avilio and Corteo. Barbero smiles and shakes their hands. Nero tells them to have fun before walking away.

In Vince's office, Vince asks how the Playhouse is coming along. Nero says that it's all going smoothly and should be done by the end of June. Del Toro stands silently behind Vince. Frate says to his brother that Don Galassia decided to come to the big opening. He says they have three months, then the Vannetis, Orcos, and Galassias will be in the same place. Though Frate is happy about this, Nero doesn't look at him as he says "So what?" Frate says that he knows the Orcos have been overstepping lately, but they have to do as the Galassias say, too, suddenly unhappy. Nero says that they do as well.

Vince takes a drag of his cigar before saying that he doesn't have much time left. Frate says that that's why Fio is marrying Galassia's nephew. He says that Ronald's a good and trustworthy guy. He starts to say that there's nothing to worry about, before Nero cuts him off, saying that that killed another one of theirs. Frate looks away before smiling and saying that it's because they stole Orco's booze. This infuriates Nero and he says that the route was theirs until three months ago. He says that a family that can't protect their own turf has no future.

After taking another drag, Vince asks if he'd like a cigar. Vince says that when one smokes, they inhale time. He says that they must act carefully and if they go too fast, they'll trip. Frate seems annoyed by this and Nero says that God helps those who help themselves before walking out.

Later that day in the cellar, Vanno tells the group to enjoy their stew as he puts bowls in front of Barbero, Nero, Tigre, and himself. He calls it Maestro Vanno's special Lawless-style cioppino. Smiling, Nero rubs his hands together and says that it looks great. He's about to eat some before Vanno scolds him, beginning to pray. Nero sighs and bows his head as well. Vanno says grace and they begin eating.

Tigre takes a spoonful in his mouth, but then recoils in pain and throws his spoon on the table. Barbero asks if it still hurts as Tigre rubs his cheek. Tigre grabs some chew and says that he won't be eating for a while. Smiling, Vanno pours Tigre's bowl into his own and says that Avilio's pretty interesting. Barbero smiles as well and says that Corteo also makes a mean brew. Nero smiles and says that maybe they won't have to press things with the Orcos. Suddenly concerned, Vanno asks if he asked his father about it. Nero doesn't answer, so he asks if they're taking Fango out. With says that they aren't. Vanno is taken back and demands to know why. Nero says that Galassia wants the Vanettis and the Orcos to make nice. Vanno slams his fist on the table and stands, asking how Tronco is supposed to rest in peace. He says that he'll do it himself if he has to. Barbero asks if he's drunk, even if he could beat the Orcos, the Galassias, but Vanno cuts him off and says that they won't know it they don't try. He says that they need funds first, so if they have the booze, but Nero cuts him off and smiles, saying that they'll kill him. They other three men are surprised. Nero says that they won't be the ones pulling the trigger.

In Corteo's apartment, Avilio says he'll do it. Corteo asks if he's serious and Avilio asks if he takes Fango out, he'll be able to join the family. Vanno says that it's a dangerous job and they recently killed one of their young guys. Avilio asks to let him try. Vanno pulls out his gun and bullets, and slides it across the table to him. He tells him on Wednesday night, he'll be spending time at Lacrima's apartment. Avilio takes it and asks who she is. Vanno says that she's Fango's mistress and that her apartment is across from the Lawless Chronicle. Avilio asks what he should do about her. Vanno looks down and rubs the back of his head. He says that he can kill her as well. Vanno asks if he'd ever killed before. Avilio says he hadn't, so Vanno says that he's getting a late start then. He looks up, and scratches his chin, starting to talk about his first kill. He trails off and stands up, saying he'll be in touch later. He pats Avilio's shoulder and then leaves.

On Wednesday night, parked outside Lacrima's, Cerotto leafs happily through a stack of money in the backseat of a car. In the front seat, Vanno says that he'll get the other half after he succeeds. Cerotto agrees and slides it into his coat. Avilio hands Cerotto a bottle and tells him he'll be fine. Cerotto takes a swig and then hands it back. Avilio also takes a swig, but instead spits a mist on his coat sleeve as Cerotto stares in awe.

Serpente sits in a car close to the buildings entrance. He notices Avilio stumbling towards the entrance and sitting on the steps. Angry, he gets out of his car and walks towards him. Serpente tells him that he stinks and asks how soused he is. He then kicks him and says that he can't sleep there. Avilio looks up, but his face is covered by a scarf and a toque, and says that his friend lives there. Serpente yells that he doesn't care and kicks Avilio onto the sidewalk; face down. Serpente kicks his again before Cerotto yells out to him. He runs over and, smiling, offers him some alcohol from his flask. He suggests that they go to the car, as they're too conspicuous there. Serpente kicks Avilio's stomach before fallowing him. As soon as Avilio sees them enter the car, he stands and enters the building.

Avilio goes upstairs and picks one of the lock on Lacrima's apartment. Inside, Fango can be heard asking someone to do it "harder" a few times. Avilio takes off his face scarf.

Outside, Vanno drives his car past the entrance and Serpente, who is laying back in his car, drinking from the flask.

Inside Lacrima's bedroom, Fango pants with slashes and blood across his back and his arms tied above his head. Smiling, he looks back and tells her to keep going. Lacrima smiles and begins whipping his back; calling him a pig. He begins panting and smiling. He turns around and looks in the mirror, only to see Avilio pointing a gun wrapped in his scarf. He quickly flips over as Avilio fires. Fango falls onto the ground and Lacrima is knocked back as she screams.

Smiling, Fango asks if his mother ever taught him to knock as he fishes something out of his pocket. Avilio approaches Lacrima with his gun drawn. She begs him not to kill her but he motions her to move over. Lacrima doesn't understand and Fango uses this as an opportunity to quickly move a knife in front of her neck. Fango says that he likes it and that he's getting chills all over. He says it's getting fun and asks if he wants to join in and dares him to fire. Lacrima again begs him not to as Fango begins reaching behind him for his gun. Fango pushes his gun into her armpit and begins pushing it in and out slowly, in a sexual manner. Fango again tells him to shoot one off already. Fango shoots, missing Angelo barely but injuring Lacrima's armpit. He then pushes her onto the ground and begins shooting at him.

Outside, Serpente hears the gunshots and sits up. Avilio shoots back, but misses as well. Fango returns fire and Avilio hides behind the wall. Fango manages to grab his clothes and runs out the window in only his pants. He jumps from the balcony in and barely manages to make it onto the adjacent roof, cutting his foot in the process. Avilio runs out behind him. He aims at him but Serpente suddenly barges in, stopping him. Serpente recognizes him but, before he can do anything, Vanno clocks him with his gun and Serpente collapses on the bed. Avilio walks in and Vanno asks where Fango is. Avilio looks down to see Lacrima laying on the ground, crying, shaking, and bleeding from her armpit. Vanno asks if he got away and Avilio says that he had and apologizes. Vanno says that they knew he was a tough one and that it's not his fault.

Vanno looks down at Serpente and notices his knife; he realizes that he is the same man as before as the handle looks like a serpent. He tells Avilio that he's the one who killed Arturo Tronco. Avilio asks if it will make trouble; a Vanetti killing an Orco. Vanno says that they'll go to the graveyard in the old village. Suddenly, sirens can be heard in the distance and Avilio says he'll meet him there.

Vanno arrives in his car and takes Serpente from the car. Serpente's arms are tied behind his back and holds a gun to his head as they walk forward. Vanno prays and apologizes for his sins. They arrive at a grave and Vanno says that this is where they laid Arturo to rest. He tells Serpente that he was a good guy and he liked cars. As the sun rises, Vanno tells him to start praying as he undoes his gag. Serpente kneels on the ground and begs for his life as Vanno raises his gun, saying he doesn't want to die and promises not to kill anyone ever again and to cut ties with Orco and Fango. He asks if he would kill him in front of Tronco. Vanno asks if he isn't going to pray. Serpente begs him not to and yells that he doesn't want to die. Vanno coldly says that he sees before shooting Serpente to death. He falls to ground and Vanno asks God to have mercy on Serpente's soul as he crosses himself. Behind him, Avilio can be seen in the shadows of the trees.

As soon as Vanno turns around, Avilio shoots him before he can react and Vanno drops his gun as he begins bleeding from his stomach. He gapes in shock as he clutches his stomach and falls to the ground. Vanno asks who he is. He says that his name is Angelo and he's the son of Testa Lagusa. Vanno gasps before Angelo shoots him again.

Back at the cellar, Nero suddenly punches Angelo in the face, knocking him back. Barbero steps between them and tells him to calm down, saying they should hear his side of the story first. Angelo wipes his mouth and says that Serpente stole Vanno's gun. He says that he shot Serpente, but it was too late. Barbero asks if his hands were tied. Avilio says that Serpente said he'd let Avilio pray, then he tied up Vanno. Nero tells him to take him to where it happened.

At the graveyard, Angelo walks in front of Barbero and Nero. He says that it's over there. As the scene comes into view, Angelo is shocked to find Vanno lying flat on the ground, but Serpente's body is nowhere to be found. Nero pushes his gun into Angelo's back, so he slowly looks over his shoulder.

where the footfalls lead

Sleeping at his table, Corteo awakens to find Avilio standing above him, smoking. Coreto asks if he's okay and then gets up to make some coffee. Angelo asks if he was there the whole time. Coreto confirms this. Corteo asks if Fango is dead, and Angelo says that he botched it, with Fango at least. He explains the situation, how he killed Vanno after Vanno killed Serpente, and how they suspects now that he killed Vanno or is working with the Orco's. To clear suspicion of himself, he must bring Serpente's body to the Vanetti's. Coreto asks where his body is. Angelo smiles and teasingly asks that it wasn't him.

At Cerotto's Bar, Cerotto stands behind the counter, seemingly distracted as he wipes a glass. He suddenly drops it. As he goes to pick it up, Corteo appears on the other side of the counter. This surprises Cerotto and he says that he's busy. Cerotto again begins to pick up the glass shards with his fingers as Corteo asks where he was the night before. He nervously answers that he was drinking with a friend all night. Corteo asks if he was near Fango's apartment with Avilio Bruno and Vanno. Before he can answer he cuts his finger and it begins to bleed. He says that he was but that he didn't do anything as he sticks his finger in his mouth. Corteo says that Avilio is looking for him because Nero ordered him to kill him.

This shocks Cerotto and he asks why he would do that. Corteo explains that Vanno was killed. Corteo asks if Cerotto was behind it. Cerotto strongly denies this and says that they've got the wrong guy. He finally curses and walks over to a bottle of alcohol and pours himself a glass, spilling some on the counter. He then gulps it down before saying that he can't stay there. He walks over to the cash register and grabs cash out of it, saying that he has to flee. Cerotto says that he hadn't told Avilio about that bar and asks what really happened because he might be able to help. Cerotto says that he didn't kill him.

At Ottomi Orco, Don Orco and his men sit around a table. A chef, a waiter, and his men nervously watch as Don Orco tries his lasagna. The don puts his fork down and beckons for the chef to come closer. As the chef bends down, the don takes his hat and spits his food into it. His men look around uncomfortably. The don says that there isn't enough butter. The chef frantically explains that last time he said there was too much butter. The don explains that lasagna is about harmony, not math. The chef drops to his knees, and begs him to give him another chance. Orco says that he didn't feed them lasagna, but pig slop. He asks his men if anyone liked it. None of them speak up so Orco calls over his men and tells the chef to give his regards to the pigs. As the chef is dragged away, Fango approaches the table, telling them to have a look.

Fango puts his bare foot on the table, and don Orco remarks that he got some bug bites. Smiling, Fango says that someone tried to run a hit on him the night before. He says that he didn't know the person, but that it must have been Vanetti who arranged it. Still grinning, he suggests that they take them out. This angers Orco and he tells him to shut up as he tries to stab his foot with his fork. Fango, unfazed and still grinning, easily pulls his foot off the table in time. Orco asks if he has any proof, and Fango asks who else it could be, since he, Fango, has been taking huge chunks of their turf, after all. He grabs a fork and then sticks it into Corvo's lasagna. Then faces him as he continues to say that they've all just been stuffing their faces there like pigs. Corvo, offended, begins to stand up as Fango quickly puts his fork into Corvo's neck, drawing blood. He takes the fork off as he spits his lasagna onto the table, saying that it doesn't have enough butter.

Don Orco says that the Galassias want the Orcos to make nice with the Vanettis, and that he's not about to start a war over a few cuts on his feet. Fango yawns and says that he'll just do things his own way. As he stands up, he asks if any of them have seen Serpente. Corvo jokes that maybe one of the Vanettis seduced him away. Fango stabs him in the hand with a fork and begins to twist it. He begins to walk away as everyone stares in shock and Corvo pulls the fork out. Fango remarks that it's a nice feeding trough that he's got there.

Wrapping his hand, Corvo curses at him. Orco tells him not to bother, since he's bound to already have enemies.

Back at the bar, Cerotto tells Corteo that he went to Fango's apartment with Avilio and Vanno. But all he did was offer Serpente some booze. He knew things had gotten bad, but he couldn't help getting curious. He saw Vanno leaving the apartment with a body and put it into his car. So he hailed a taxi and followed him. There, he found Vanno and Serpente's bodies. Corteo asks if they took each other out. Cerotto says that he's pretty sure he was still alive when Vanno carried him out of the apartment. Corteo says that with Serpente's body gone, it looks like Cerotto killed Vanno and helped Serpente escape.

Slamming his fist on the counter, Cerotto curses and says that he got greedy. Coreto asks what he means. As he turns around, Cerotto says that he has to tell his brother before suddenly gasping. At the door, someone is standing behind one of the curtains. Avilio walks through and points a gun at him. He begins to back up and falls to the ground when he meets the counter. He begs Avilio to wait and says that he didn't kill Vanno. Avilio calmly asks what happened to Serpente's body. Looking ashamed, Cerotto looks down and says that he sold it to Scusa. Avilio bends down, still pointing the gun at him, and tells him to take him to the body and that if it's not there, he'll kill him.

Outside of Cerotto's Bar, Serpente tells Tigre that if word of Serpente's body gets out, it's going to cause a lot of trouble. Tigre spits on the ground and says that he killed their Vanno. It's an eye for an eye. Serpente asks what Nero will do to Avilio if he doesn't find the body. Smoking, Nero says he doesn't know. Tigre says that they came out. Tigre says to himself for them to show them the way.

Ganzo is shocked that Vanno is dead. He, Vincent Vanetti, Del Toro, Ganzo Alary, Ronald Galassia, and Frate Vanetti sit at a long table as Scusa says that as far as they can tell, they took each other out, but Vanno abducted and killed a member of the Orco family. Ronald calls him a meddling idiot. Frate asks where Serpente's body is and Scusa tells him not to worry, as he has it safely in custody. Infuriated, Ganzo stands and ask if he thinks he can blackmail the Vanettis. Scusa says that he understands his anger, but suggests that they discuss it calmly. Frate asks how much. Ganzo snaps at him to stay out of it, because they don't need "some kids" opinion. Ronald asks what choice they have. If it gets out, it'll start a fight with the Orcos, and the Galassias won't stand for it. Ganzo is angered by this. Ronald turns to look at Frate, and they smile at each other. Scusa asks if he'll buy it. Vince says that he prefers to keep things simple; that's why he dislikes that sort of haggling and tells him to remember that. Vince sighs, annoyed, and tells him to first bring the body there, then they'll talk. Scusa scoffs at this.

Fango asks if Serpente is dead or not, and suggest that they just asks them. Gatto asks if he means at the Vanetti Mansion. Fango asks if he has a better idea. Gatto says that Don Orco doesn't want Fango starting trouble. Fango says that Orco won't be around much longer. Suddenly, Fango spots Tigre, Barbero, and Nero driving by in front of them. Fango smiles and slams on the gas and pulls the wheel sharply, following them. Fango says that it's their lucky day as he yells "yahoo."

At some building, Cerotto says that it's set to be demolished soon. He says that it's the perfect place for Scusa's men to hide the stuff they've seized. Angelo picks the lock and he and Cerotto enters behind him. Cerotto says that the room behind is the room and suggests that they go get it out. Angelo hears someone walking down the hall and pulls out his gun, but instead finds that it's Nero.

Back at the Vanetti Mansion, Ganzo is shocked that Ronald suggested that they kill Nero. He says that they don't even know for sure that Nero killed Serpente, and they lost Vanno. Ronald laughs and asks how stupid one'd have to be to kidnap someone and then get themselves killed. Ganzo stands, enraged, but Vincent tells him to calm down, saying he'll ruin his brain, like he did. Del Toro stands quietly behind him. Ganzo says that nothing good's happened since he came around. Frate says that one of his brother's men was killed by Orco recently. He says that Vanno probably killed Serpente to get even, and he bets Nero knew about it. Ronald says that, either way, he's already made fools out of them. He says that he doesn't' think Don Galassia will forgive Nero for it. If they don't kill him, the Galassias will just get personally involved.

Vince cuts him off and says that he sees what he's saying, but orders him to leave Nero to him. Ronald says that if he insists, go right ahead, but he's the one who'll have to wipe his kid's ass for him. Ganzo says that it's about time he outgrew diapers himself. Vince scolds him slightly for this. Before leaving, Ronald turns to Frate, but Frate is taken back and looks away. Ronald smiles before exiting. Gonzo calls Ronald a brat and Frate says that they'll let him escape. Frate says that the family tried to kill Nero like the Galassias wanted, but he was too sharp, and left town before they got to him.

Corteo sits outside in the passenger seat of the car. Barbero sits in another car. They both notice a red car driveby and Barbero gets out of the car. Tigre sits on the steps and notices a group of kids playing with a ball. He smiles and spits to the side, but actually spits on a boot. Fango remarks what a coincidence it is. He says that they have some more fun. Gatto punches him in the back of the head with metal cuffs on his hands and Tigre falls on the ground. Avilio sees this from the window.

Fango gets on top of him and asks if he's with Nero. Tigre doesn't answer and instead spits just below Fango's eye. Fango smiles and says that he must want a reward as he wipes his face. Fango takes a drag and then takes it out of his mouth, slowly inching it towards Tigre's face. He tells him not to be modest and take it. Tigre curses him, and Fango says that it must get him hot as well. With the cigarette inches from his face, Tigre says that he's not like him. Suddenly they're interrupted by glass breaking. The three stop and look up.

In the room, the door knob slowly turns and then is kicked open. Fango pushes Tigre in front of him with a gun to his head. Gatto pulls out his gun as well as they both look around the corner. In the room, Nero holds a gun to a man who appears to be Serpente (but whose head is covered in a sack). Fango says that it's just sad that he got captured as he laughs. "Serpente" mumbles something but seems to be gagged. Fango asks if the man with the gun is Nero, and he confirms he is. Fango says that he'd been hoping to meet him.

Fango suggests that they make a trade. Fango tells Gatto to go first. He drops his gun to the ground and slides over. Fango says that they're next. They'll put them down at the same time. They both crouch down and slide their guns on the ground. Fango then says that they'll both start them walking at the same time. Tigre and "Serpente" begin walking forward.

Fango says that Avilio sure surprised him the day before. Nero says that he's a good guy. Fango notices something and says to wait. Fango says that Serpente seems to have lost a little weight and notices that his clothes have blood on them. He glares for a second, then smiles and says to keep walking as he seems to be scratching his crotch.

Fango actually pulls a gun out and points it at "Serpente"'s head. Before he shoots, the man suddenly kicks the gun upwards and pulls out Serpente's knife, swiping it him. Fango laughs and jumps back. Fango manages to kick him against the wall and the man falls to the ground with the knife sticking to the ground as well. He pulls the sack off his head, revealing it to be Angelo. Fango says that he thought he smelled something fishy about him.

Cerotto comes out and throws a gun over to Nero. Nero tells them to run as he aims it. Before Gatto can shoot Angelo, he is shot in the shoulder and drops his gun. Tigre and Cerotto run out the window. Nero shoots at Fango, but he escapes out the door. Gatto hides behind a bookshelf and shoots at Angelo, but misses. Angelo manages to open the window and jump out onto the stairs. Nero and Gatto shoot at each other but they are both behind cover. Suddenly, Fango runs in and picks up a gun. He runs behind where Nero was hiding, only to find the window open and Nero gone.

Nero and Avilio walk through China town slowly. He thinks about the past.

They look at Serpente's body and he asks Angelo if he's the one who killed Vanno. Angelo says that he is.

On the street, Nero looks back and stares at Angelo. They both stop and look at each other before Nero goes forward and Angelo walks forward.

Back in the room, Fango finds Serpente's body dressed only in his underclothes. Gatto is distressed and curses as Fango turns to look at himself in the mirror. Fango smiles and calls Gatto an idiot, asking why he has a long face. He runs his tongue along the sharp side of his blade and says that they can declare war on the Vanettis now.

The car drives quickly along with Barbero driving, Nero in the passenger seat, Angelo behind Nero and Corteo behind Barbero. Barbero notes that someone is driving fast behind them. The car drives in front of them and Frate can be seen inside.

They both park by the docks. Frate tells Nero that he has to leave the city as soon as possible and that if anyone sees him, it won't end well. Nero asks if there is a better way. Frate say that he won't die, and that should be enough.

Barbero asks if he should accompany him and Frate answers that he has to stay because they can't run the moonshine business without him. Barbero says they still can't let him go alone. Nero tells him not to worry; he's just going for a quiet drive in the country.

Angelo asks why not take him with him. He says that Fango seems to have committed his face to memory, he doesn't want to run into him again. Nero asks if he can drive and Angelo replies he can. Frate is taken back by this, but Nero says that Angelo will work. Barbero asks if he'd decided on a place for the funeral. Frate answers the Riverside Cemetery. Angelo turns to light a cigarette, and Corteo is horrified to find the Angelo is smiling.

At the abandoned apartment, Scusa finds the window open and asks out loud what's going on. He finds that Serpente's body is missing and grumbles Cerotto's name.

On a rainy day, a group stand around a coffin, including Ganzo and Frate. Frate looks up and notices Nero and Angelo standing behind a tree in the distance. Nero tells Angelo to go back to the car without him. Angelo does so silently. After he does, Nero puts his hand against the tree and then begins crying against it. He falls on his knees. Angelo turns around and sees this, with a blank expression on his face.

Angelo and Nero drive along a dirt road, not saying anything.

A man in a black suit dials a number. When he reaches a bearded man, he says that there's two of them and to kill both of them. The man hangs up, not saying anything as he picks up his knifes as his hunting dog lies on the floor.

Losing to Win, and What Comes After

The episode opens with Vanno Clemente and Nero Vanetti sitting in Cerotto's Bar. Vanno is drunk and upset with Nero about his younger sister, Fio. He wants to know why Nero doesn't stop her marriage, and Nero says that it was her decision. Vanno says that she's marrying a guy that she doesn't even love just so she can protect her family as he takes another drink of his booze. Nero thinks that he's had enough, but Vanno tells him to shut up.

Vanno then asks what Frate thinks about it, and Nero says that he doesn't know because they don't talk anymore. Vanno says that it shouldn't be that complicated and that they're brothers, so they should talk before he passes out. Nero remarks that Vanno doesn't even drink, and that it's more complicated than he thinks.

In present time, Avilio is driving Nero. Nero says that he's hungry and that they've been driving for a week now, so he should be able to drive a little faster. Avilio says that he'll hit something again if he does, but Nero still thinks he should drive faster and pushes on the gas for him.

On the side of the road, a Mexican man tries to hitch a ride from the pair but they drive right past him, soaking him and his dog.

Avilio and Nero stop at Jinny's Diner for breakfast. Nero enjoys his food and asks the waitress if there's anywhere they can stay for cheap. She says that there's a little town ahead called "Khota." After she walks away, he tells Avilio that he's worried about funds after "someone's" crash. Avilio says they should sleep in the car, but Nero says he can't sleep unless he can stretch out his legs. The waitress suggests an auto camp. Avilio quickly stands up to leave and Nero is forced to come along as well.

The Mexican man is again trying to find a ride. He steps in front of a man riding a horse and pulling a buggy. The man is forced to stop his horse and scolds the Mexican man, spitting on his sombrero.

Avilio and Nero pull up to the camp but Avilio doesn't clutch before breaking, causing him to almost run over a man waiting at the gate. Nero reminds him to clutch. The man directs them where to go and Nero apologizes and gives him a tip. As they drive away, the man yells at them to be more careful and calls them idiots.

Getting out of the car, Nero stretches out and remarks that he hasn't been camping in ages. He asks about Avilio but he just answers that he's going to get some water. Nero goes with him and helps pump.

As they walk through the park, Avilio spots an older and younger brother that look very similar to him and his younger brother as children.

They eventually come across two nuns and a group of children about to play with a piñata. Nero asks if Avilio's ever used one. He says no. Nero explains it and says that it's nostalgic. When the boy eventually hits it, Nero cheers along with the other children and the kids clamors for the candy. Some of it falls by Avilio's feet, so a young boy comes up and asks him if it's okay to take it. Avilio looks uncomfortable and says to knock himself out. Nero walks up remarking that the kid's cute and says that Frate was a lot like that when he was little.

Nero walks over to the nun and tells her something. She tells the children to gather around because he's going to show them something. He gives her the name Marte for himself and she tells them to go fetch some balls for him.

Nero manages to juggle three balls which impresses the kids. They all clap at the end. The same boy from before points at Avilio and asks what he can do. Nero says that there's "no use asking him" because "he doesn't have a scrap of human kindness in him." As he says this, though, Avilio manages to steal his wallet without him noticing. Nero is shocked and asks if it's his. Avilio puts his wallet back and Nero asks if he's some kind of pickpocket. In this time, Avilio also managed to steal his belt. Nero steps to get it but his pants sag, causing him to trip on them. Avilio catches him, but his pants fall down, causing all the kids to laugh. Nero seems annoyed but the kids begin clapping.

The kids begin trying to pay him in candy, so Nero takes off Avilio's hat and hands it to him. He uses it to collect the things they give him. As he holds out his hat, he begins to smile.

Back at their camp, Avilio tries to juggle but can't. Nero tells him to start with just one and to make sure not to raise his hands too high. He tells Avilio that Vanno was even better than him.

Back at the cart, the Mexican man is now riding the hourse and pulling the buggy alone with his dog. He looks at a picture of a young Nero and Frate.

Nero says that he was about 10 years old when a circus troupe came to town. He says that he and Vanno really wanted to go, so they slipped out of Sunday mass and swiped some money from Vince's wallet. He found out right away and beat Nero up. He says that it was fun, though, having something like that come to a nothing town like theirs. He says that, for a while, they practiced together, just like Avilio was. It was all they thought about. They showed Fio and Frate and they went wild, though they grew bored of it pretty quickly.

Nero asks if Avilio's an only child. Avilio lies and says yes. He says that he then went on to be a gangster. Nero says that it explains his little trick. Avilio says that his hands shook at first, but now they move before he even thinks about it.

Avilio asks about his first job and Nero says that he went to lean on a guy who was filching money off the family when he was 14. He says that he thinks his name was "Lagusa" or something like that. He says there were four of them, including him and that it was lousy work. Avilio asks if he killed him, and Nero says that he made a move on them first. After that, there was no stopping it. He says that he shot at a kid who ran away, but he didn't get him. He says that ever since that day, he's just thrown himself into it. Avilio jokes that now he's just a penniless runaway. Nero laughs and agrees, saying he's a camper who does juggling on the side.

After Nero falls asleep, Angelo reads the letter he was sent again. He looks it over, and says that there was one more person.

On the way out, Avilio again almost hits the man waiting at the gate. Nero laughs and says that he did it on purpose. Avilio confirms this.

As they step out of the car, a police man walks up to them. He tells them that if they want to make trouble to go elsewhere. Nero asks if there is anywhere that they can get a drink and slips him some money. The police officer tells him about the drug store up the way and tells him to say that Nick sent them. Nero thanks him and walks away and Avilio puts his hand on his shoulder and offers him a smoke. He doesn't smoke, so Avilio walks away. Up the street, it is revealed that he pickpocket Nick. Nero remarks how tacky his wallet it.

Mad Mack's dog sniffs the ground around a parked truck. The man sleeping in the back sits up, noticing Mad Mack. He calls out to him and apologizes for bothering him, but asks for his help. Before he can finish his sentence, Mad Mack spits at him and it lands on his hat. The man curses at him as he rides along on his wagon.

In the drugstore, Nero calls Barbero and says that they just got to a town called Khota. Barbero tells him not to stay long, but Nero says that they only just got there. Barbero says that Orco sent someone after him. Barbero says that, from what Ganzo found out, he's a big man, a regular Goliath.

Angelo looks around a small shop, holding an apple. Barbero explains that Goliath is a giant from the Old Testament. Nine feet, six inches tall. Angelo suddenly notices slices pineapples and rushes over, piling a bundle of them into his sack. Barbero scolds him for not reading his bible. He says he hasn't exactly had time to go to church, but says that if he sees a big guy, he'll be careful. Nero tips the lady behind the counter and she leads him behind the counter through the door. Just before he's about to hang up, Barbero says that they've got trouble on the horizon with Fango and Orco. Nero agrees and says that you can't keep a collar on that mad dog, no matter who the master is.

Nero arrives at a secret speakeasy. Smiling, he makes his way to the counter. He asks the bartender to give him his hardest stuff. He pours it and hands it over to Nero. Nero downs it, but is underwhelmed. Nevertheless, he tells him to keep it coming. The bartender looks at him, waiting, so Nero pulls out his wallet. He finds his wallet empty, so he looks around, noticing a barrel.

Mad Mack's dog begins barking at Nick as he pats down Mad Mack. He turns around and tells him to shut his dog to shut up. Mad Mack whistles. Nick kicks the air by the dog, trying to scare him. The dog starts growling, so Nick continues patting him down. Nick finds his wallet, so he takes the money out and says that it's the fine for barking at law enforcement. He drops the wallet on the ground.

He walks over to the barrels on his wagon, asking if he has anything good. As he opens the first one, he finds the body of the man Mack killed earlier before taking his cart. Shocked, he looks behind him to find Mack infuriated behind him. Mack lifts him up from behind and begins squishing him. He asks if Nick had seen anyone new in town, like two young men traveling together. Nick chokes out that he had at the drug store. He tells him to let him go. He tells him again to let him go before he snaps Nicks back and he dies.

Angelo exits the grocery store and rubs an apple on his shirt before taking a bite. Across the road, Angelo notices juggling balls then a knife. He walks in holding the groceries.

At the bar, Nero has uses the barrel to arm wrestle for money. The other man in the bar cheer them on. Nero manages to win, and some men congratulate him, saying he won again. One of the men pass him money and another passes a shot. Nero downs it, saying it's awful.

Suddenly, Mad Mack barges in. Drunk, Nero calls him "Big Mexico" and says that they should have a round and tells everyone to place their bets. Mad Mack pulls out his picture and compares it to Nero. Mad Mack says that it stinks. As soon as the round starts, Mad Mack slams Nero's fist down with enough strength to break the barrel. Then, he punches Nero in the side of the face. After this, he continuously beats Nero as the crowd watches, astounded.

Just as he's about to punch again, he hears his dog yelp. Nero uses this distraction as an opportunity to kick him in the groin and Mad Mack falls to the ground. Angelo enters and says that it sounds lively in there. Nero blows blood out of his nose and says that the fun's just getting started, but Angelo says that they should go, as they're not in any position to be playing around in public. Nero throws some money on the barrel and apologizes for cutting the fun short before running out.

Big Mack enters the front of the drug store where he finds his dog trying to get surgical tape off his mouth. He removes it, then steps outside. He sniffs the air, saying that it stinks. Suddenly, the car rams into Mad Mack, as his dog looks on in horror. People around him ask if he's okay and someone yells to call a doctor. Nero tells Angelo that his practice paid off, and to get them out of there. Angelo tries to start it, but the engine makes a noise. Big Mack suddenly stands and faces the front of the car. The two jump out as Mad Mack throws people around him as the two run down the street.

That night, the two walk down a dirt road. Nero says that they're so far out in the sticks, they can't even hitchhike. Seeing a barn in the distance, Angelo suggests they stay there. Nero dishearteningly agrees. Angelo asks if he think's he'll come,and Nero says probably because the dog was a skilled scent hound.

On the same path, Mad Mack follows his dog on his wagon. He spots the barn and he pulls out his machetes.

In the barn, Nero puts a pitchfork on the door as a make-shift lock. He finds a can of Royal sliced pineapple and asks what it is. Angelo says that it's canned goods. Annoyed, Nero says that he can see that and asks if he's making a pineapple cake or something. Angelo cuts open a tube with the knife that he seen in the store window earlier. Nero tells him to stop messing around and tells him to oil the guns. Angelo says that he forgot them in the car. Annoyed, Nero says that if he was going to forget something, it should have been the pineapple. Nero turns around towards the door and pulls his gun out of his coat. He says quietly that he's hungry.

Outside, Mad Mack stands before the door as his dog growls. Angelo and Nero hear this and hide, with Nero cocking his gun. Angelo holds the tube he was cutting earlier. They both stare at the door, waiting, but Mad Mack jumps from the window, wielding his machetes.

He charges first at Angelo, and manages to cut some of his hair as he swipes at him. He then kicks him and Angelo flies towards the wall. As Mad Mack starts walking towards him, Nero shoots at him from the front of the barn. Though he hits him initially, it just seems to go through his poncho. As he continues to fire, he misses every time until he runs out of bullets. Mad Mack charges at him as Nero picks up the pitchfork from the door. Mad Mack laughs when Nero tells him to come at him, and chops the sharp end off the pitchfork before kicking him.

Nero falls to the ground. Mad Mack laughs but Angelo throws a can of pineapple at him, using the tube as a sling and manages to hit him. Mad Mack charges towards him, and cuts one of the cans in half. As he gets closer, Angelo throws his knife at him, but it flies past him and into the wall. Just as he reaches Angelo and is about to slash him, Nero takes the knife from the wall and tosses it at him, hitting him deep in his back.

Angelo smiles slyly after looking at his body. Smiling, Nero says that he guesses Angelo owes him now, but Angelo, no longer smiling, asks him what for. Nero says that he saved him as they exit the barn. The dog enters as they leave. Angelo says that he should be thanking him, actually.

Suddenly, the same farmer that asked Mad Mack for help earlier cocks his gun and points it at them, ordering them to stop. Nero calmly asks him to hold on, but he again shouts to stop. Nero begins to explain but Angelo quickly pushes him to the ground just before Mad Mack swipes down his knife.

The farmer shoots Mad Mack in the forehead, in the groin area, the shoulder, and a fourth time, calling him a monster. Mad Mack coughs up blood before collapsing. His dog walks forward, whining. The pair stand up and the three men look at his body. The farmer sighs and asks what he was. Nero calls him "Gorillath," confusing the man. Nero tells him he should read his Bible.

The dog walks over to his master and hands him Nick's wallet. He tells him to take care of the dog because he'll make a good partner.

The pair take Mad Mack's wagon. Angelo driving and Nero behind. With a can of open pineapple in his hand, he says that it's a weird thing to have for breakfast. Angelo says that they have no money. Nero slides a ring into his mouth and chews it before gulping it down. Surprised, he says that it's sweet.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Nero lies in the back of the buggy, coughing. There are pineapple cans scattered around him. Angelo asks how he is, and Nero says he's fine but he'll be better after some sleep. Angelo's stomach grumbles, so he turns to the paper bag behind him. He finds that Nero ate all the cans of their pineapple. Nero says that he just finished them off. Angelo is mad and says that he ate Angelo's share as well. Nero says that, since he left them for so long, he thought he didn't want them. He coughs and then apologizes. Angelo turns back ahead of him, not looking mad.

Nero lies in bed with pink cheeks. Angelo comes in with a bowl and picks up the knife lying beside Nero. In his sleep, Nero says "It's good... eggnog..." Angelo looks at him for a moment before waking him. He holds the bowl and knife, and asks him to get up for a bit. He does and Angelo asks for his hand. He does and asks what he's doing. Angelo says "bloodletting." He pricks Nero's finger and says that, if you get rid of the bad blood, the fever will go down. A small amount of blood trickles into the bowl. Nero asks if it really works. Angelo says he doesn't know. As he's about to do another finger, Nero asks what he's doing. Angelo smiles and says he's doing all his fingers and toes.

Nero pulls his hand back and rolls over on the bed, making the bowl fall on the floor. Angelo looks disappointed and Nero says that he'll be fine after he sleeps. Angelo says that an ice pack might help, but Nero becomes angry and says to leave him alone. Angelo looks unimpressed and Nero says he doesn't need him fussing over him before coughing again.

Angelo mixes egg, milk, and flour in a pot on a stove. He tests it with a spoon and then smiles. He pours it into a cup and then adds the alcohol. Angelo says that it's ready and Nero wakes up. Annoyed, Nero flips over and says he doesn't need anything. Angelo says that it's eggnog and it's good. Nero looks at him through the side of his eye. Nero sits up and apologizes, but Angelo smiles and says it's fine as he hands the cup to him. Nero blows on it a bit, but Angelo says not to worry because the alcohol cooled it down. Angelo smiles as Nero takes a drink, but Nero suddenly spits it out and coughs, surprising Angelo.

Nero's eyes are watering and says that it's really sweet. He smiles before looking up and says that he appreciates it anyway. Angelo looks at him, still surprised. In the kitchen, Angelo takes a ladle and tries another sip. He says to himself that it's good while looking puzzled.

At "Garage Work," Angelo waits outside while Nero pays for a car. Nero runs out and tells him to get in first. Angelo looks at the bottle as Nero runs into a General Shop. Angelo smile while looking at the bottle and then throws the bottle and it shatters offscreen.

The two drive home with Nero in the driver's seat. Nero pulls something out of his pocket and puts it in Angelo's lap. Angelo looks over to see Nero smiling at him. Angelo looks down to a can of Royal Palm: Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple. They continue driving down the dirt path and out of view.

Blood will have Blood

Angelo and Nero sit together in a diner. Nero says that he's sick of eating that stuff as he puts his fork down. With his eyes closed, Angelo continues eating without saying anything. Nero says that he doesn't know how he could eat it without complaining. Angelo says that he'll get hungry later. Nero lights up a cigarette and leans back in his seat. Suddenly, the clock strikes nine pm.

On the phone with Barbero, Nero is taken back when he says that they're making a truce with the Orcos and he asks why they would. Barbero says that Orco finally made a move to snuff out Fango, but failed like they did.

Nero says that they can't afford to fight on both fronts, either, so they want a truce. Barbero says that's mostly true. He says that Fango got twenty or so guys together and holed up on the Island and, apparently, he's connected with the owner, Granchio. Nero says that he has his bases covered. He says that he guesses they can come home, then. Barbero looks behind him before saying no. Nero asks why, if they're making peace with the Orcos, the Galassias shouldn't have a problem. Barbero agrees, and says that Frate persuaded Ronald of that. He asks if they could meet up before he gets into town. Nero says that he's in Portline now, and suggests they meet up at the Lodge in two days. Barbero agrees before hanging up.

Angelo and Nero drive along the road with Angelo in the passenger seat. Smiling with a cigarette in his mouth, Nero takes a long exhale and asks if he wants to join the family when they get back and then passes him his cigarette. Angelo is shocked briefly, but then closes his mouth and takes the cigarette. Nero steps on the gas and they speed along.

Almost in town, Angelo stands at the side of the car as Nero pees on the train tracks. Angelo asks if they're continuing into the city. Nero says no, and, as they drive along another road, he says that it's going to get bumpy. Angelo asks where there going, and Nero says he'll see soon enough. They two exit the car and Nero walks them towards a tunnel partly hidden under trees and bush.

Inside the tunnel, Nero knocks on the door. Someone asks who's there, and Nero answers. They enter to find a brewery, with men working all around. Angelo asks where they are, and Nero answers that it's a moonshine brewery he had specially made. He calls it "The Lodge." As they walk through, Angelo says that it's a pretty big operation. Nero agrees, and says that he makes some pretty good money.

Barbero agrees, saying with his alcohol in particular, right now as he motions to Corteo. As Angelo sees him, Corteo smiles back at him. Angelo is shocked to see him and asks what he's doing there. Corteo answers that they asked for his help. Barbero walks past Corteo, friendly putting his hand on his shoulder before embracing Nero, welcoming him back. Nero hugs him back, thanking him.

Berbero hands a bottle with the label "Lawless Heaven" on it to Angelo. He says that it's fetching a better price than their imports from Canada right now. He says that Corteo's recipe is complicated, so they haven't distributed much yet.

Barbero asks about them, saying that he heard they did a bit of monster slaying. Nero pats Angelo on the back, and says that he handled things pretty well, other than driving. Angelo says that he saved Nero's life multiple times. Nero says that he can run his mouth after he pays him back for crashing the car as he shoves him slightly, causing Angelo to smile. Corteo seems panicked by this.

Now alone, Angelo pours himself a shot. He downs it and, smiling, says that his booze is really the best. Quietly, Corteo asks when he will kill Nero. Angelo asks what he means. Corteo says that Nero's one of his revenge targets. Angelo asks why he asks, when he thought his revenge was stupid before. They pause as a man runs by them.

Angelo explains that if he wants to get close to Don Vanetti, he needs to earn his trust. He'll figure it out after that. Corteo pulls out a cigarette and sticks it in his mouth. He tries to find a lighter, but Angelo tosses his at him. Angelo asks that he started smoking. Corteo lights it and exhales, but, before he can answer, Nero suddenly yells at Angelo, telling him to come on since he wants to join the family. He says that he'll introduce him to Don Vanetti. Angelo stands up and taps Corteo's arm, he hands him his lighter back. As he takes it, he says that it might not be long before he kills him, either.

At the door, Barbero warns Nero not to take his eyes off Ronald once they get back at the mansion. Smiling, Nero says he knows and that Barbero worries too much as he and Angelo walk out the door. Corteo stares at them as well with a blank expression on his face.

At Ottimo Orco, a plate smashes on the ground as Don Orco complains about the food. He threatens the chef as he leaves, and Corvo holds the door open for him.

Spying through binoculars, Angelo asks if he's Orco. Don Orco enters the car with five men surrounding him with guns. Nero says that he is, and that he's pretty well-guarded for a guy they have a truce with. Angelo sighs as he looks at the car.

That night, they pull up to the gate and honk. As they enter, one of the men welcome him. Nero asks where Tigre is, and Volpe answers that he's having a drink with Frate. Nero says that he's hopeless as he pulls forward with Angelo in the passenger seat.

Nero turns off his headlights as he gets closer the mansion. Angelo asks what's wrong, and Nero says that they aren't the usual guards. As the car approaches the front door, Tigre comes out calmly and waves at him. Suddenly, Nero looks angry and slams on the gas.

Tigre runs towards the car as a man runs out behind him, telling them to wait and begins blowing a whistle. Nero then quickly slams on the brakes and tells Angelo to open his door.

He does as a bunch of men run outside with guns. One of the men manage to shoot Tigre in the shoulder and he falls to the ground. In the window, Frate and Ronald can be seen looking out the window at the scene while holding wine glasses. Nero calls out to Tigre.

Angelo manages to get Tigre in the car as they continue shooting at the car and, after, tells him to gun it. Angelo asks what's going on and Nero replies that he has no clue. At the gate, Volpe shoots the other guard to death before he can stop Nero and then opens the gate for them. He hops on the side of the car as they drive away.

Volpe tells Tigre to keep pressure on his shoulder as they drive away and says that he's bleeding hard. He says they need to get him to a doctor. Nero says that it isn't possible, because they'll trace them. Angelo asks who he is, and Nero says that he's Volpe, and that he had him watching Ronald.

Volpe apologizes, and says that it was actually Frate who made the first move. Nero says that he probably had a hunch they were onto them. Angelo asks what tipped him off, and Nero says that Tigre raised his right hand and that was the sign. He says, because of that, he didn't end up filled with holes and thanks him.

At an old warehouse, Nero kicks a can as Barbero looks at him concerned. Tigre lays on the floor under a coat, panting. Volpe sits beside him and Angelo sits on a step. A car pulls up and Barbero asks if he's okay. Barbero asks about the bullet and Nero says that it looks like it passed through. Barbero says to change the bandage as he tosses a bag at Volpe.

Nero asks if his father knew about what was going to happen that day. Adjusting his glasses, Barbero says that he doesn't think so. He says that the monster that attacked him was probably sent by Ronald and Frate.

Listening, Angelo grins as he says that the Orcos are ahead of them and the Vanettis behind. He asks if it's time for them to head back on their trip. Barbero says no, as all the roads out of town are blocked off. Corteo says that it looks like they're stopping all the boats at the bridges too. Barbero says that it's only a matter of time before they find them there. He and Nero look at Tigre, who is sweating and panting on the floor.

Ronald says that Frate will run the Vanettis from now on. He says that if they don't like it, they're basically leaving the town to the Orcos. Enraged, Ganzo asks who he thinks he is. Ronald takes a drag from his cigar and slowly exhales. He says that either way is fine by him. Vince asks if that is the word from Don Galassia. Ronald asks who else it would be from. Frate smiles smugly. Ronald says that he has one other request for his "father"; he says that Nero needs to die.

Back at the warehouse, all six men sleep in the floor but Angelo. Corteo awakens and steps outside to find Angelo smoking.

The group stands over Tigre and Nero asks how he is. Volpe says that he's out cold. Nero apologizes to Tigre and says that he can't take him to a doctor now. Barbero says that he might last another day, at best. Angelo says that there's a way to save him. The four men turn to look at him and Nero asks how.

Angelo walks outside and motions to the Island. Nero is confused, as does Barbero appear to be, and Angelo says that there are doctors there, and they're hostile to the Vanettis, who are chasing them.

Nero is angered by this and grabs Angelo's collar. He tells him not to be ridiculous; Fango killed a bunch of their guys. He tightens his grip as he says Vanno as well. Now furious, Nero says that there's no way he's working with him. The button falls of Angelo's shirt before Barbero stops him and Nero tosses him back. Angelo gasps for air as he rubs his throat. Barbero says that Fango has no reason to take them in anyway. Barbero says he feels for Tigre, but their only hope is to find an opening and get to the Lodge.

Back inside, they all sit around the room, not talking. Angelo tries to take a sip of some booze, but it's empty. He asks Corteo where more is. Corteo says in the car. As Angelo walks by, he stares at Corteo out the side of his eye. Corteo closes his book and follows him to the car.

Angelo grabs the booze from the car and they both walk down towards the water. Angelo tells him to come along. Corteo is surprised and Angelo says that he's going to escape from there. Corteo smiles at this, but then asks how. Angelo puts the booze on the boat and Angelo says "Let's cross it... The river of lamentation into the underworld." Corteo looks uncomfortable, but, suddenly, Volpe calls out to them and asks what they're doing. Angelo pushes off and tells Corteo to hurry. He jumps on the boat and Volpe asks where they're going and demands that they come back. He pulls his gun out and aims it at them, but doesn't pull the trigger. Nero walks behind him and watches them go silently.

As the two dock at the island, a man with a gun approaches and asks who they are. Angelo says that they'd like to sell some alcohol. The man orders that they leave, and they don't want their crummy booze there. Angelo raises his hands above his head and slowly rises. Angelo says that that's what Granchio said at first, too.

Inside, Lacrima sits at the bar drinking sadly. When the door opens, she sees Angelo and Corteo enter. Granchio stands behind the counter, and says that they made a scene last time they were there and that they have some nerve, showing up again. Angelo puts a bottle down and Granchio asks if he's trying to sell his booze there again. Angelo says that it's just an apology for the fire and the rest is on the boat. Granchio says he'll accept it.

Angelo says that they want to see Fango. Granchio asks why, but Angelo says that's only for him to know. Granchio calmly starts to tell them to get lost, but Lacrima welcomes them in. Smiling, she leads them in.

As they walk in, Corteo notices Cerotto by one of the barrels. He asks why he's there. He says that he betrayed Scusa thanks to them. Now he can't show his face around town, so he's there working for nothing. As they had stopped to listen, Lacrima tells them to hurry up. Cerotto says that Fango's even crazier than he thought as they both walk along.

As the three enter Fango's office, he calls her a sow and says that she can't stop bringing in the young ones. He asks if she's thinking about a foursome now, smiling. Fango says that he doesn't know if he can hold out. She says that she just brought them there. She says that if he's up to it, it'll just be the three of them. She turns around to walk out, but quietly says that she'll see Angelo later as she rubs his ass. She says that is if he makes it out alive before squeezing it. Amused, Fango says that she's making him jealous.

After she leave, he remembers their faces. He says that he heard the Orcos and the Vanettis are chasing Nero all around. Angelo says that he wants Fango to hide them. They have a wounded man. Fango starts laughing, and says that it's funny. Angelo says that Fango has nothing to lose. Fango abruptly stops laughing and asks if that's so. He throws his face into his hands on his desks. Crying, he says that Nero and his gang took out Serpente. He says that he used to trip Fango's beard with his knife.

Though Corteo looks terrified, Angelo stares at him with a blank expression as he raises his hand to his chin. Suddenly, Fango raises his gun at them and shouts that he'd never be able to forgive him as he points the gun at Angelo. Though neither men seem to feel scared, they both look at him with a blank expression. Fango smiles and sits back down. He says that they're right; he's not that type. He asks what they have to offer him.

At the abandoned building, Volpe laments that they betrayed them and says that they're going to sell them to Fango. Barbero says that if they were going to, they'd choose Orco or Vanetti. He starts to ask why, but Corteo suddenly enters and says that Angelo didn't betray them.

Barbero asks where he is and Corteo says that he's Fango's hostage. Both of them are surprised and Corteo says he has a message from Avilio; "Bring Tigre and come to the Island. I'll negotiate with Fango." Corteo says that if they stay there, Tigre will die, as will they. So the island is the only place they can go.

Barbero slides his glasses up and asks if he has any proof that it isn't a trap. Smiling, Corteo says that he'll be their hostage. Volpe gets close to his face and asks if he thinks they can trust him. Nero says that they can trust Avilio, but not Fango. Nero says that it's possible he'll betray and kill them all. Corteo says that it comes with conditions.

When Fango asks what they have to offer, Angelo says that he'll bring Don Orco to him, alive and he can do what he wants with him. Angelo asks if he wants to take over his family. Angelo says he can't do it himself and the twenty men he has there aren't enough. Angelo says that the men there don't seem to like him much, either.

Fango smiles and begins to slowly clap. He says that it's excellent, though he gets under his skin. He asks what they'll do first. Angelo says he doesn't know, angering Fango. Smiling, Angelo says that it was Nero's idea.

Nero is shocked that he would says that and says that he has no idea what to do. Barbero says that it doesn't matter if he does, because now Fango thinks he does so he wont attack him. Nero walks up to Corteo and says that he said he didn't want to work with Fango. Nervous, Corteo says that Avilio said that Nero wasn't the sort of person to let a friend die. Looking at Tigre, Nero curses and rubs the back of his head.

Looking out at the Island, Nero says that "There's something wrong about you crossing the river of lamentation before me." Across, Angelo looks out at the window, waiting for them to appear.

Killing Swine

At the Island, Tigre pants with his eyes closed, laying on top of some boards. At the counter, Nero, and Barbero sit while Corteo and Volpe stand. Two men have their guns pointed at them. Nero taps nervously on the counter and he reaches into his coat pocket for a smoke, so one man cocks his gun at him. Smiling, Nero asks if he can at least have a cigarette. The man doesn't react, so Nero says that he looks good at sucking on stuff. The man doesn't respond but turns along with everyone else as Angelo walks down the hall. Barbero says that it was fast as Fango follows Angelo out. Fango says that he heard they'd kill Orco for him. Nero smiles and shouts back that he'd be happy to. Fango and Angelo stand before the counter as well as Fango says that that'll save him some time. He then asks Nero how it's happening. No one says anything for a moment, and Fango finishes that Angelo had told him that Nero had a plan. Nero says that that isn't so at all and says that he's so hungry, he can't think. He tells Nero to get some food and booze because he hadn't had a proper meal in ages.

Smiling, Nero sits down facing Nero in the bench beside him. Fango says that he doesn't seem to grasp the position he's in. He puts his boot down in front of Nero and tells him to lick it. He says to think of it as an appetizer; they're made from fine Italian cows. The four men look at Nero nervously as he slowly inches towards his boot. Suddenly, Nero grabs a fork as tries to stab his foot, but Fango moves away quick enough and isn't hurt. Smiling, Nero asks what's wrong, asking if he doesn't get to eat it then. Fango starts laughing crazily and yells for someone to get Nero some food.

At Ottimo Orco, Orco, Frate, and Ronald sit together at a table. Orco says that he heard Nero got away. Frate looks down, embarrassed, and says that they still intend to find and kill him. Ronald says that he hopes to continue their good relationship, though Nero is standing in the way of that. they asks if he's heard anything about him. Orco says that he heard he's doing well for himself lately. Smiling, Ronald asks what he means. Orco says that he's rolling in dough off Lawless Heaven. Still looking uncomfortable, Frate says that he started making it without asking. Orco says that he'd like a piece of the action. Ronald says that if they get Nero, they'll have both the recipe and the brewery. Still smiling, Ronald rises from his seat and tells him that, if he finds anything out, to get in touch. He adds that that's a requests from the Galassias, too, before turning and walking away. Frate is left scrambling and he quickly jumps up and follows him without a word.

Orco watches the two walk out and curses about Ronald, and how he throws Galassia's weight around. His men listen from an adjacent table, including Corvo. Orco says that he guesses Nero's finished as he stuffs meat into his face. He says that they have to do something about Fango. After throwing the bones on the plate, he says that with so much on his mind, he can barely eat. He downs his glass of wine and asks a waiter where his lasagna is.

Angelo, Corteo, Barbero, and Nero sit in their room. They discuss their sleep and Barbero says that they're in no position to complain. Volpe suddenly interrupts them, saying that Tigre will pull through. Angelo says that if they don't kill Orco, they're done for. Barbero asks if he doesn't have have a plan, but Angelo cuts him off and finishes his sentence. He says that he has a perfect one. He says that the fewer people who know about it, the better. Angelo tells Volpe to catch a chicken for him.

Angelo and Nero pull up to Ottimo Orco in suits. Smiling, Nero says they should eat. Three armed men stand at the front and they command them to halt as they come to the door. One man recognizes Nero and asks what he wants. Nero says that he came all the way there for a good meal, and some business to discuss. He tells them to let Don Orco know. The men look at each other and one men goes back. One man says that they'll need to do a pat-down, so the too raise their arms. Smiling, Nero asks what he recommends there. The man says lasagna. Nero asks if it's "just like mom used to make." The man comes back to open the door and lets them both in.

Inside, the two are greeted by two armed men, and Orco surrounded by his men, including Corvo. Smiling, Orco says that he didn't think Nero would have the guts to show his face around him. He asks if he knows where he is. Smiling, Nero says "Ottimo Orco" and says that it's the best restaurant in Lawless.

Angelo and Nero at a table, eating. Orco tells Nero that Frate's looking for him and asks where he's staying. Nero slowly says that he messed up. Orco asks him how so. Wiping his mouth, Nero smiles and throws his arms up, saying that it's the best lasagna he's ever had. He says that he should have joined the Orco family instead. Orco suddenly bursts out laughing. Orco says that he's a funny guy and turns to his men and asks them. They begin snickering nervously, before he suddenly slams his fist down and they stop. He says that he has many reasons to kill him and not a single one to let him live. Rubbing the back if his head, Nero says that since he came all the way there, he could hear him out. Orco cuts him off and asks what he could possibly say and that it'd better not be a plea for his life. Nero shrugs and Orco continues that he's known Vincent for 40 years. Angelo is shown to be listening intently. He continues, now shouting, that they had a good relationship, but he ruined that by stealing all of their booze. Smiling calmly, Nero says that he'd done the same, but that's just the nature of the business. Orco smiles and says that "The Last Supper is over." He tells him to have some of the finest whisky as he pours it. He says that he wants to send him to his grave with no regrets. All of his men begin pointing their guns at Nero.

Smiling, Nero says that he'd happy to try it, then. He takes a small sip and says that it's bootleg. Finely aged, from Windsor. Orco says that he has a good nose and says that it's not every day you get to drink one that's aged 30 years. He asks if he likes it. Nero says that he does, and says that it's got a refined flavor. He says that even so, it's not the flavor of the modern day as he pours it onto the table. He takes a flask out of his coat and pours it into his glass. He drinks it happily and then pours a glass for Orco. He tells him to try it, noting it;s brand new from just a month ago. Angelo, speaking for the first time, corrects him that it's actually three weeks. Orco reaches out and takes it his hand. Corvo shouts at him, but Orco raises his hand and he takes a sip. He is surprised how much he likes it and downs the rest. Orco says that it's good and asks if it's Lawless Heaven. Nero says that, with it, he'd never again have to pay off cops to smuggle stuff over the border. Orco asks what he wants in exchange. Corvo yells that he can't listen to him, but Orco tells him to shut up. Nero says to make them a place to lie low and he'll give him all of it.

At the Lodge, Orco asks if they're going to dig up some coal, since it's a coal mine. Nero says that their destination is deep inside. Orco tells Corvo to go with him and have a look inside. Nero asks if he has a lighter, but he tells him to shut up as he pushes his gun into Nero's back and they walk towards the entrance. Once the other two have left, Orco asks Angelo if he's Avilio; the one who tried killing Fango. Smiling, Orco continues that he heard Fango went running off in his underwear. Angelo says that he scrambled off like a stray cat. Orco says that he wished he'd killed him. Angelo asks if he's the one who sent the letter. Orco asks what he means. Angelo says to never mind and asks why not use him since Nero's finished. Orco says that he can't trust him.

Angelo pauses and says that he's real name is Angelo Lagusa and his father's name was Testa Lagusa. Orco thinks for a moment before remembering. Angelo continues that Vincent Vanetti killed his father. The two are interrupted and they then enter the lodge.

Angelo walks in with his arms tied and with a man pointing a gun on him. Orco walks behind him. Nero says that, between the Lodge and their recipe, Lawless would be his. Orco asks what the recipe is, and Nero says that if he said, he wouldn't need him any more. Nero walks towards some bottles and Corvo orders him to stop. Nero says that they could take the restraints off now. He says that they should toast to their new partnership. Corvo orders him to stop, but Nero continues forward. As he picks a bottle up, Corvo shoots it out of his hand. Annoyed, Nero tells him to quit jumping at shadows. Nero grabs the next bottle and begins drinking. He pours another glass and says that it has some orange bitters added. Orco walks forward and takes the glass. Orco notices something and begins walking towards the back. Nero encourages him to drink. Corvo runs up beside him and the two nod at each other.

Corvo shoots a hole in one of the barrels. Nero says that they're damaging valuable merchandise. He shoots two more and Nero says that he can do what he wants. He shoots more before shooting a barrel with no booze in it. Nero says that it was empty. Suddenly, Volpe, who was shot in the shoulder, pops out of the barrel and begins shooting. He manages to kill a man before Corvo returns shots. Angelo manages to take out the man holding him. Orco curses Nero. Nero says that it's hard to move with his hands bound.

As Orco's men shoot at him, Volpe manages to escape. As Nero comes out from his hiding place, he finds Angelo aiming at him. Angelo says that he's been waiting for that moment before shooting him in the chest. Nero collapses on the ground. Corvo and Orco walk over to Nero and look at him. Corvo aims his gun at Angelo and tells him to hand over his gun. Angelo hands it over to Orco. Corvo says that they should kill Angelo as well because he's completely untrustworthy. Orco punches him in the face and asks what he would know. Smiling, he clasps Angelo's shoulders and says that he avenged his father and says he should be admired. Angelo doesn't react to this and Orco yells to untie him. A man runs in from the back and says that there was an exit at the back and got away. Orco tells him not to come back until they've got him. Orco tells Angelo that they're useless as Angelo rubs his writs. Angelo suggests they have a toast. Orco smiles and says that it's a great idea. Angelo says pours Orco and Corvo a glass. Orco says that they'll finish Fango and Vanetti off while they're at it. They toast to family. While Orco and Corvo down it, Angelo just holds the drink at his lips. Orco says that it's delicious. Corvo asks if they can still get the recipe even though they killed Nero. Angelo says that they can, since it's made by a friend of his. Orco picks up a bottle and says that they'll never have to kowtow to the Galassias again.

Suddenly, Orco seems dizzy and says that he feels really drunk. He turns to Corvo to see him acting the same way. The two fall to the ground and Orco asks what's going on. He turns to see Nero smiling, standing above him. He realizes that he's been tricked before falling unconscious.

Orco awakens to find himself at the Island. He is gagged and his hands are tied. Nero, Fango, and Angelo stand before him at his desk. Fango welcomes him back to the waking world. Orco is mad and says that Avilio made up the whole story. Orco asks what Fango wants. He says that he wants everything that he has. Orco looks infuriated by this.

Angelo and Corteo stand outside, watching the sun set. Angelo tells Corteo that three men came into the house that day. Corteo looks down and says that Nero said that there were four. He wonders who the fourth could be. Angelo says that he thought it was Orco who sent the letter. He's no friend of Vanetti's. He says that he was wrong and he thinks this "friend of his father's" was the fourth man. Corteo asks if that means he wants to help him with his revenge out of a sense of remorse. Angelo agrees and is about to suggest something else, but the door opens so Angelo puts his letter away and Corteo scurries away.

Nero walks forward and says that the chicken helped them out back there and they have it cooked up now. Smiling, Nero says that he almost believed it himself. He mimics his revenge speech, making a gun with his hand. Smiling, Angelo says that he really put his heart into it. Holding a balloon in his hand, Nero tosses it in the air and says that he played dead pretty good as well. Smiling, Angelo agrees and teases that he's a real ham actor. Nero jokingly tells him to shut up. As the sun goes down, Nero says that it's about time.

Fango, dressed in a chief's outfit, has the Orco men, including Corvo, gathered at a long table. He says that he's honored to have all the executives who've supported the family over the years all there in one room. They all clap as Fango bows. He says that starting today, the Orco family becomes the Fango family. Smiling, he asks if anyone has a problem with that. They all look around uncomfortably. He says that the restaurant will also become "Ottimo Fango," though he wants to keep the dishes Don Orco cultivated just the same. The men seem pleased and all clap. Suddenly, Fango sharply leans into Corvo and asks what dish Orco was most obsessed with perfecting. Corvo nervously says lasagna. Fango says that lasagna was Ottimo Orco's most famous dish. He says that Ottimo Fango will keep it going strong. Fango snaps his fingers as her turns to the door. Two waiters open it. Lacrima enters with food fallowed by a disgusted Cerotto carrying lasagna. Each man is served his own plate.

Fango watches Corvo intently and asks what's wrong. He asks if he thinks it's poisoned or something. Corvo nervously says no as he cuts a piece and brings it to his mouth. He stops before eating it and looks at Fango. Smiling, Fango says that he should savor it. He quickly stuffs it into his mouth as the other men watch. He takes a glug of wine and then says that it's actually delicious. The other men smile, relieved.

Nero, Barbero, Volpe, and Tigre sit at the table. Corteo and Angelo sit beside each other on the step. Tigre takes a bite of lasagna and Nero asks how he can eat such greasy stuff already. Smiling with a bandage over his arm, Volpe tells him not to force it. With a pained expression, Tigre stays he's not. Volpe says that it looks like they made it through. Barbero says that it's actually just going to get harder from there. Nero is annoyed and tells him that he's ruining the meal and to just eat his chicken. Angelo says that Fango has enemies, and now they're their enemies as well. Nero looks unhappy at this and asks what he means. The two look at each other before Angelo looks away and says that they should just eat or the lasagna will get cold as he puts a small piece in his mouth.

A Poor Player

Fango is demonstrating how to properly squeeze a lemon over a pizza at Ommomi Fango. He is among Avilio Bruno, Nero Vanetti, Lacrima, and Cerotto. He says that he wants to show his thanks for helping him take out Orco. After Lacrima starts talking about the food, Fango suddenly pounds on the table, saying that they have to take out the Vanetti family. Fango starts to say that they're like a family now, but Nero interrupts, saying that they're more like roommates. Nero and Avilio head out to cause trouble for the Vanetti family. As they're walking away, Fango asks if they want any booze, but they refuse. Fango says back that it must be because make their own booze that's much better. Lacrima says that they should bring some next time.

In the car, Avilio and Nero complain about Fango. They both feel that he is running them ragged and that he'll try to steal their booze from them. Avilio also thinks that after they're not useful anymore, he'll probably kill them. Nero asks what he thinks they should do, and Avilio says that the only place that they can rest easy is with the Vanetti family, save for Frate and Ronald.

At a speakeasy, a patron orders Lawless Heaven. The bartender denies him, saying that he'd have to go to one of Fango's bars. He is confused, saying that it should be the other way around, as Vanetti's should have Lawless Heaven. As he starts talking, though, Nero and Volpe walk in the bar. Nero walks up to the bartender and offers that he should buy from Fango. The bartender agrees. Immediately after, Ganzo Alary enters the bar and tells them to stop making trouble on their turf. Volpe approaches him first and tells him that they don't have anything to say to him, and tells him to get lost. Before he finishes, though, Ganzo punches him in the stomach and he falls to the ground. He walks up to the counter where Nero is standing. Nero greets him and they have some playful banter. Ganzo asks that they go outside to talk.

Outside, Ganzo asks Nero to return home. He says that it's simply a feud between brothers and offers to mediate on his behalf. He says that he taught both him and his brother about women. He says that he made Nero into a real man, so he should just do as he's told. He also says that a lot of people in the family miss him, and that many of them wanted to be in Ganzo's place, going to see Nero. Nero says that he could refuse him.

Back at Frate's office, he is looking over their income. Now profits are half what they used to be three months ago. Ganzo replies that it is because Nero took the secret brewery. As they're talking, Ronald interrupts saying that he's naive because even after he met with him, Nero is still making money on their turf. He says that at this rate, Fango and Nero will run them out of business. Frate turns to Ganzo and says that it's now life or death between him and his older brother. Ganzo asks if he's going to say that in front of Vincent. Ronald then says that Nero is an enemy of the family and that Don Galassia wants Frate to take over the family.

Nero and Avilio are walking and Avilio says that Fango probably already knows where the lodge is. Nero says that it doesn't matter because they don't actually have the recipe. Nero says that they should actually be worried about Corteo. Avilio says that he should be fine, since Barbero is with him. After that, a car pulls up in front of them and Fio gets out of the car.


Fio wants her brothers to get along

Nero and Frate are shown at a table. Fio come in with 3 cups of onion soup. Fio asks if they can go back to the way things were. Nero replies that he's always supported Vincent to protect the family and he plans to keep doing it. Frate says that he's wrong and that all he really thinks about is his cheap pride. Nero says that there isn't any point in protecting the family if they don't have their pride. He says that if they go against the Galassia's their family will be crushed. Nero asks if he wants their family to be swallowed up by them instead. Frate says that Fio married Ronald to keep that from happening and that Nero is ruining that. Nero calls Frate Ronald's puppet. Frate says that ever since they were children, that Nero just did whatever he wanted. He never went to Sunday mass and just played around however he wanted. Nero says that he invited him to go too, but he never would because he was scared of Vincent. Frate replies that Nero had always looked down on him like that. He says that Ronald's different, though, because he acknowledges him. Nero says that power isn't something that you have acknowledged, that you prove it yourself. This infuriates Frate and he stands up from his chair. He yells that he's the one who ruined their family with his selfishness. He starts to say that if he just died, their family would go back to normal. Fio slaps him for this and asks Nero to talk to Ronald. She says that even if the Galassias did take the city, at least their family would go back to normal. She says that they're both the same and asks what family they're even talking about. She says that a family with brothers killing each other isn't a family at all. She says that she doesn't care what happens, she just doesn't want to see her family killing each other. Nero takes a sip of his soup and says that it's gotten cold.

Fio slaps Frate

Nero says to Avilio afterwards that he'll work things out with Ronald. Avilio asks if the talk had made him nostalgic, and tells him to stop being sentimental. He says with Frate, it's either killed or be killed. Nero says that Frate is still his brother and that family is more important than anything. Avilio says that he had a brother like Frate once, and that he'll let Nero meet him soon.

Avilio and Volpe stand outside talking to each other. Avilio tells him that Nero will die soon if he keeps it up, since he's planning on working things out with Ronald. Avilio says he believes that things have gone too far for it to work out now. He tells Volpe that he needs his help, and Volpe replies that he would do anything for Nero.

At the Vanetti mansion, Frate, Ronald and some of their men are heading off to Sunday's mass. In the car, Ronald tells Frate that he is going to meet with Nero at the mansion. After that, the family will be his.

As they are driving along, Volpe and Avilio drive by in their car and Volpe manages to shoot Ronald in the arm. Frate is horrified at the incident. In the other car, it is shown that Volpe was also shot by some of the other men. Volpe jokes that Tigre will laugh at him, and Avilio says that they have to go somewhere to stop the bleeding. As they pull over, Avilio shoots Volpe in the chest, and afterwards stages his death to look like he crashed into a tree.

Frate and Ganzo find Volpe's body. Ganzo tells Frate that Nero wouldn't do such a thing, but Frate won't accept this, and says that he was almost killed by Nero and now knows that it is either kill or be killed.

Volpe's body is hung under a large bridge outside of the Island for Nero to see. The media gets a hold of this and the newspapers print stories of the family's split, and the attacks.

At the Island, Nero and Avilio are sitting at the bar. Fango approaches Nero and tells him that he is the one who should become don of the Vanettis. He says that he'll support it and to keep up the good work. After he walks away, Nero asks how many people have been killed that were supposed to have been in the same family. A man walks up to him and says that Fio was calling him.


Fio kills Ronald

At the mansion, Avilio had been sent to see Fio and Ronald. Avilio brought flowers that he says are from her brother. She notices a small note admits the bouquet. She reads the note and seems to be distressed, as Avilio and Ronald talk about Nero. Avilio leaves, saying that Nero will arrive shortly. Ronald walks to his desk and retrieves his gun. He notices Fio's concern, and says that it's only for safety. She asks if he is going to kill Nero, and he replies that the Vanetti's only option is to become a puppet to the Galassias. Though Frate understands that, Nero doesn't. He brings her closer to embrace her, but she shoots him in the stomach. He reaches for his gun but Fio shoots him a second time in the chest and he falls to the floor. She seems horrified and apologizes, saying it was the only way for her to protect Frate and her family. He finally dies as Ganzo and Avilio come back in. Avilio picks up his note and Ganzo walks over to Ronald to confirm that he is dead.

Nero and Avilio enter Frate's office and Nero asks how long he's going to stay cooped up. He tells him that he should go out of the country for some fresh air. Frate asks if he'll ever be able to return. He notes that he never missed mass. Nero did what ever he wanted, and yet, Vincent only ever cared for him. He says that he always envied Nero, since his dad acknowledged him. Nero says that their father loved him, but Frate says that he doesn't want to be loved, but acknowledged.


Frate is killed by Nero

Avilio walks up and pulls his gun on Frate. He lifts up his book to reveal that there was a gun under it. Avilio says that what he says is nonsense and asks how many people were dragged into their feud because of him. He asks why he doesn't just put an end to it as he hands him a gun. Frate says that he isn't afraid as he stares at the gun. Nero begs him not to, but Frate hears Ronald in his head telling him to, so he pulls the gun out and pulls the trigger, but there isn't any bullets. Nero shoots after this in self defense, shooting Frate in the chest and killing him. Outside the room, it is shown that Avilio had emptied the gun beforehand and throws the bullets into one of the plants.

At the train station, Angelo and Tigre see Fio off. All three are wearing all black. Tigre hands her her luggage. Before boarding, Avilio whispers to Fio that Frate killed Ronald. That's why Nero killed his brother to prove his loyalty to the Galassias.

As Nero sits mourning over the loss of his brother, Avilio pus his hand on his shoulder and says that starting today, they'll be brothers.

The Melancholy of Barbero

One member of the Vanetti family was a man named Barbero. He was a one of the attendants to Don Vanetti’s eldest son Nero, and feared by all as a capable man, a mafia among mafia. He used no aimless violence like the thugs in that crowd, having instead an excellent intellect and a cultured mind. That Barbero was currently just a little perplexed.

“Hey, Nero. Frate was on the fence. He was conspiring with Ronald to sell the Vanettis to the Galassias. None of us think you did anything wrong. Rather, you made a decision for the sake of the Family.”

“...Ah, I see,” Nero responded listlessly to Barbero’s consolation.

It was the first time he had seen Nero like this. Nero was always full of confidence, shining like the sun. Now, he looked sickly, simply looking down at the floor.

“Honestly, it was a good thing you came back. The situation is changing rapidly. Orco’s dead and Fango is on a high. The Don is old already. Right now, you’re the only one who can bring the Family together.”

“I know that.”

Sitting in his dark room with the curtains drawn shut, Nero hung his head, not even attempting to look Barbero in the eye.

“Then...!” Barbero was on the verge of yelling, but swallowed the words. “...I understand how you feel, but this isn’t the time to mope. Nero, stand up, make your call, and lead the Family.”

No matter how capable Barbero was, this was something he could not do. Nero was, to Barbero — no, to the Vanetti Family — a singular, irreplaceable existence.

“I know.”

He had thought that after Nero returned to Lawless, he would eventually return to his former self. But a bond once broken would not return to its original form. Nero had killed his blood-related brother Frate with his own hand, and his sister Fio had left Lawless as a result. For Nero, who treasured family above everything, that must have been unimaginably painful. It was a sad event that would wring anyone’s heart if they heard the tale, even if they weren’t as close to Nero as Barbero was. Yet when seen from an outsider’s perspective, even that became a weakness that could be exploited.

We are mafia. A weak mafia is prepared only for a wretched end. So he had to say it. That was Barbero’s job.

“Forget Frate for now.”

Nero didn’t respond to the words that Barbero gritted out. Barbero’s heart was almost crushed by the silence that swallowed the room. Then, in place of an answer from Nero, he heard the sound of a knock on the open door at his back.

Barbero, Tigre is searching for you. He says it’s work-related.”

When he turned, Avilio was standing there, waiting expressionlessly for a response. Barbero hurled the words at him in irritation.

“Oi, I’m talking to Nero right now. Save it.”

“Then tell that to Tigre. There’s no point telling me.”

Barbero lost the words to reply to that perfectly logical argument. He couldn’t stand the way Avilio always acted like this. He wondered how he could look so collected while Nero was in pain. The irritation he swallowed down burned in his gut. Then Nero opened his mouth.

“Go, Barbero. Nobody but you can handle the booze runs.”

“But Nero — ”

“I trust you. Please, Barbero.”

If he was told that, Barbero had no choice but to retreat. Avilio entered the room as Barbero left, as if switching places. Then he drew back the curtains which had been closed and opened the window.

“Oi, it’s bright,” complained Nero, looking up. Avilio silently held out a cigarette. Nero took it and held it to his mouth without a word. The click of Avilio’s lighter rang out. Two plumes of smoke carried on the wind blowing from the window.

“I don’t want to get smoked with you.”

“Shut up. I’ll pass on that too.” Nero laughed at Avilio’s boring joke.

Barbero, seeing that, felt hatred rise in him along with irritation. I mustn’t look — thinking such, he turned on his heel and decided to leave Nero’s room.

Tigre’s going on ahead to the Lodge,” Avilio said.

“I see. Thanks,” Barbero replied, without turning. He left the mansion alone, got into the car, and headed to the Lodge, their illicit distillery.

Telling himself he needed a change of mood, Barbero pushed down hard on the accelerator.

Tigre was waiting at the Lodge as Avilio had said. “The next batch will be ready to send soon. What should we do?”

Stacks of paper tied with string were laid out on the table that Tigre pointed to as he spoke.

“Wait one moment.”

Barbero sat in the chair and took a small notebook from the inner pocket of his coat. He used it so often the leather cover was lightly stained. Tigre removed the string from one of the bundles and spread it out on the table. Barbero picked up several sheets of paper and began transcribing the numbers they were littered with into his notebook.

“15 from A-K, 200 from K-V...”

Simple letters and numerals with no units or anything. He arranged the line of code into the correct order and compiled the scattered numbers. These were the results of Barbero’s work: simply by looking at the listed numbers, he could prove his decision had been correct. The room rang out with the sound of the clock hand ticking on and the dry scratch of Barbero writing numbers in his notebook.

A small time passed.

“This week might be like this....” muttered Barbero, closing the small notebook.

Tigre checked it and called out to the young newcomer who had been waiting outside the door.

“Boy, as always, the documents on the table are to be — ”

“Understood. I’ll burn them immediately,” answered the youth, looking respectfully at Barbero.

“I want to become a capable man like you, Mr. Barbero. So I’ll be quick to remember my work and earn money.”

Barbero interrupted, “Then be silent and do your job.”

“S-sorry. I’ll do it now!”

Flustered, the young man began collecting the pieces of paper.

“Oi, Barbero. Don’t bully him,” Tigre said, looking astounded.

“Yeah, I know. Sorry about that,” Barbero said, discomfited. He looked back at the youth. “Work honestly. Don’t think about useless things. Lauro, you’re doing well.”

When Barbero said that, the still innocent youth — Lauro — beamed and dropped the papers he had collected back onto the table.

“Oi, I just praised you.”

Seeing Barbero’s shock, Lauro became even more flustered. “S-sorry! But I’m kind of glad that you knew my name, Mr. Barbero.”

“I won’t forget the name of a useful underling. That’s why I’m leaving an important task in your hands.”

“T-thank you very much!”

Barbero gathered the pieces of paper at his feet and handed them to Lauro. “Lauro, listen well. We, the mafia, will do anything. Murder and theft are a given, and if it earns us money we’ll brew alcohol illegally too. But the most important thing to us is not money.”

“The most important thing to the mafia is — ”

“Trust. Don’t betray. Swear your trust and allegiance to the Family. If you risk your life for the Family, the Family will risk its life for you.” Barbero asked Lauro, who looked awed, “Are you a trustworthy person?”

“Y-yes! I’ll work hard!”

“I’m counting on you, Lauro.”

He gently patted Lauro’s shoulder and beamed.

— I know everything. Your name, your address, your family, even where you drank last week and the name of the prostitute you slept with last night; everything.

The documents I entrusted to you have no meaning on their own. Important? Don’t make me laugh. Everything that is important is stored in my head. If you will stay simple, thinking nothing, doubting nothing — that’s good. I can kill you anytime if you try to betray us. Trust nobody. Doubt always. Use others. If you cannot use them, erase them.

In the Family bound by trust, Barbero’s job was to ‘doubt’. That was what he had done up until that point. It was what he would continue to do from that point on, always. Everything for the sake of the Family. Everything, for Nero.

As they watched Lauro leave the room, Tigre took the cigarette from his mouth and asked, “So, what are we doing about the sales?”

Barbero fiddled with his notebook, considering. “Same as last time. But don’t ship the twentieth case; leave it at the Lodge.”

“We’re getting more orders in, right? Are we going to hold off on selling?”

“The Fango Family is extending its influence. By all rights, orders should decrease. Even so, [[Lawless Heaven]] sells. We won’t change the price, but we’ll raise transaction costs on secondhand auctions. I don’t intend to make a loss.”

Tigre gave him a big nod.

“Got it. We’ll do as you say. Report that to Nero.”

This was one of Tigre’s good points. Barbero didn’t tell him everything he was thinking, and Tigre didn’t ask unnecessary things. When it came to things outside of his area, he trusted his companions and selflessly, silently, did his job. That was what it meant to be a professional.

“The most important thing is trust,” Barbero said, as if persuading himself.

Family was bound by trust. As long as you were trusted, you shared in everything: money; joy; sadness. That trust was earned in every job taken, and on occasion, on the staking of one’s life. Even a youngster used for running errands was to swear his allegiance as a member of the family. But what was with that brat Avilio?

After wandering into Lawless just a month earlier, he had seated himself in the core of the Vanetti Family in the blink of an eye. Barbero recognized that he had ability. You could use him for anything. Though he was young, he had pluck. But to say we can trust Avilio?

“Damn, this is pissing me off.”

The words slipped out without him realizing.

“What’s wrong?” wondered Tigre, pouring a glass and handing it to him. “It’s rare for you to get worked up.”

There was no point hiding it.

“Hey, Tigre. What do you think of Avilio?”

“What? He’s young, but he’s pretty good. I know Nero trusts him.”

“That’s not what I’m asking!”

Barbero banged his glass on the table.

“Oi, this is really odd. What’s wrong? In the first place, if he hadn’t brought Corteo with him, we’d have gone under by now. They could have sold their drink to Orco. But they didn’t. Thanks to that drink, we don’t have to play a dangerous game stealing Orco’s anymore.”

“...That’s true.”

“Then what more reason do you need than that the group trusts him?”

Barbero was silent.

Tigre continued, as if admonishing him, “Hey, Barbero. No matter how much importance Nero gives Avilio, his trust towards you won’t change.”

“I’m just saying it’s better not to trust Avilio too much.”

“That goes for anyone, doesn’t it? If you’re saying that, you should suspect me too. Hey, Barbero, why is Avilio the only one you’re this worried about?”

“It’s not like that. You’re different from that guy!”

Barbero realised with a shock that he had half-risen from his chair.


Tigre just smiled. “Nah, I was a bit surprised, but I’m glad I got to hear a bit of your real thoughts. Normally, even when you speak you only say roundabout things.”

He poured [[Lawless Heaven]] into Barbero’s empty glass.

“But you know, cool your head. You’re of a different mettle to my thuggish looks. You should put aside any unreasonable emotion. You’re the one who taught me that greed leads to death.”

Barbero took the glass and held it up.

“If you drink this, you’ll return to your senses.”

He drained the glass of [[Lawless Heaven]] in one gulp. He swallowed down the burning heat and felt the kick like a blow to his chest.

“It really is good booze.”

Normally, he should have been satisfied with that.

Materials began arriving at the Lodge the next day, and preparations began with Corteo as the head. He was the only one who knew the recipe for [[Lawless Heaven]]. Neither Nero nor Barbero tried to force him to reveal it. This was partly out of respect for him and partly as a fallback guarantee of his safety.

“How is it? If there are no problems, start work.”

Corteo’s expression was serious as he inspected the quality of the ingredients. Barbero couldn’t stand that he was Avilio’s associate, but he had never slipped up in his job brewing alcohol. In that sense, Barbero held some goodwill towards Corteo.

“It seems fine. Am I making the same amount as last time?”


“...I think we could sell a little more.”

It wasn’t Corteo who said that.

Avilio! You came!”

Corteo spread out his arms and welcomed the visitor. And that visitor wasn’t alone.

“Are we preparing [[Lawless Heaven]] for shipping? Let me hear a report I can understand.”

Nero pushed open the heavy iron door and entered the distillation room.

Nero! Is it, are you alright now?”

“You’re the one who told me to forget about it. This guy dragged me out by force, telling me my soul would wither away if I just stayed holed up in there.”

Nero jerked his chin in Avilio’s direction.

“So while I was taking a stroll I thought I’d come observe the brew. Right now, [[Lawless Heaven]] makes up the bulk of the Vanetti Family’s earnings.”

He proceeded to the center of the room and looked back at Barbero. Everyone took note of his actions and waited for what he would say next. This sort of glamour was part of his character; it couldn’t be put on for show. It was proof that Nero undoubtedly carried the blood of Don Vanetti.

“So, why not increase the distribution of this central product? We’d need to increase the distribution to compete with that idiot Fango too, wouldn’t we?”

Barbero sighed and answered, “It’s the opposite. If we try and force a sale, we’ll attract Fango’s attention no matter how we do it. There’s no need to go out of our way to push it. As for’s because [[Lawless Heaven]] sells.”

“Yeah? So in the end, you’re saying it sells. So it’d be better to increase — ”

“Say there are buyers, but no product. What happens?”

“Well — the price would increase.”

At Nero’s answer, Barbero nodded, satisfied.

“That’s right. First, we limit distribution without changing the wholesale price. On top of that, we sell off a third of our stock at a high market price on the secondhand auctions. We won’t make a loss. Even now, our profits are rising plenty.”

Nero listened with narrowed eyes.

Barbero continued his explanation. “Then we lay aside a portion of the stock.”

“Lay aside? You mean, keep it without selling it? I understand you even less there.”

“Right. Booze isn’t something you should drink immediately. Corteo’s drink is a product that could stand fermentation. If we just put it in a corner of the warehouse it will rise two or three times in price.”

Barbero took a bottle of [[Lawless Heaven]] and held it up to the light of a lamp. That pale amber light was the light guiding the Vanetti Family to glory.

“I’d like to use this as a chance to attach add value to [[Lawless Heaven]].”

“I see.”

Right as he thought Nero had somehow understood, Avilio cut in. “...How miserly. Are you pretending to be a businessman or something, Barbero?” Without flinching at the glare Barbero cast him, he continued, “We’re mafia, right? We can make what we please and sell as we please. If you want to fiddle with calculations, why don’t you go count the creases in Fango’s ass?”

“A-Avilio, that way of putting it is — ”

Barbero had leaped up and grabbed Avilio by the lapels faster than Corteo could stop him speaking. He dragged him closer.

“Tell me, Avilio. Surely you don’t think you can say that sort of thing without any repercussions?”

Even so, Avilio’s eyes held neither fear nor timidity. It was like he was being stared at by utterly chilled glass spheres. Barbero grew even more disgusted.

Unthinkingly, he made to draw his pistol. It was Nero who stopped him.

“Stop, Barbero. And Avilio, think of a better way of putting it.”

“It’s the same no matter how I put it. If something sells, you should sell it boldly. Are we wine sellers? No. We’re just using it because everyone needs it.”

Avilio looked up stubbornly at Nero. He was the only one who took that sort of attitude with him.

Avilio continued his speech. “And who holds the most delicious drink? Even if we don’t push sales, our booze sells. No matter how much of an idiot Fango is, he can’t fault the taste. So we don’t have to hold back for anyone. We can just brew as much as we can, and sell as much as we can.”

That was yet another logical argument. But how many more people would die by that logic?

Barbero added to his argument. “If we’re that bold, we’ll draw the attention of the federal authorities. It would be their chance to round up the whole lot of us. Fango isn’t our only enemy.”

This time, Avilio said nothing. Barbero released his collar.

Nero muttered to himself, “That damned Scusa...I hadn’t thought that far.”

After a full ten seconds, he made his decision.

Corteo, don’t increase production for now. We’ll do as Barbero says. Alright?”


After glancing in Avilio’s direction, Corteo gave a stiff nod.

“You’re alright with that too, Avilio? It’s my decision. Don’t grumble.”

“Yeah, got it,” Avilio answered, facing Nero.

Then Nero talked about a number of work-related matters and a number of meaningless matters, after which he left, accompanied by Avilio, to return to the mansion.

Nero’s decision had done a great deal to calm Barbero’s feelings, because Nero had recognised that Barbero was more correct than Avilio.

But Barbero’s good mood didn’t last even a day. --- The next day, Tigre flew into the Lodge’s distillation room.

Barbero, Corteo, have you read this?”

He threw a third-rate tabloid known for publishing dirty gossip onto the table.

The word ‘scoop’ jumped out from the page.

“‘Charges filed against Head of the Federal Bureau of Prohibition, Scusa, on the suspicion of accepting bribes’ says? What’s this.”

Barbero cast his eye over the entry. As far as he knew, it was very accurate information. The names of the persons concerned had been skilfully concealed, but the Vanetti Family’s history of involvement with Scusa had been documented in the exposition.

In the end, Scusa had been an opportunist, balancing the Orco Family and the Vanetti Family and accepting money from both, so negotiations had broken down.

“Why is an article like this coming out now...?”

Barbero’s questions were soon answered.

Avilio came to the Lodge and told Corteo, “Corteo, increase production of [[Lawless Heaven]]. Nero’s orders. Will you make it in time?”

“Ah, yes. It’s still fine. I’ll start at once.”

Barbero, watching that exchange, crumpled the tabloid paper and threw it onto the floor. “Did you sell information to the reporters?”

Scusa won’t be able to move for a while after this. He’ll be busy putting out the fire in his own ass, and if he’s bad at that he’ll lose his position. We can sell booze openly.

“That’s not an answer. I’m asking if you sold Family information to increase alcohol production.”

“Would you believe me if I said no? Avilio wasn’t triumphant. “If you don’t have proof that I sold information, it’s no more than slander.” He fired the words calmly, without derision.

“The increased production is Nero’s order.”

That was all he said.

Barbero gnashed his teeth hard enough to shatter them.

The one to leak the information had been Avilio. Even if he had no proof, he was sure of it. Rather than refute Barbero with regards to the matter of increasing alcohol production, Avilio had created a situation which would push his own opinion.

And it had happened in only a day.

His way of doing things meant that if he made even a single mistake, his life would be in danger from both the federal authorities and the Family. But by doing that, Avilio had earned the right to speak on behalf of Nero.

“About the alcohol, Nero says to leave ongoing matters to you.”


This time, he would accept Avilio’s way of doing things. But that way of doing things — that willingness to burn his own body — made Barbero’s doubts about him swell. As Nero had decided to sell boldly, Barbero’s job expanded to include sales management. For several days after, he holed himself up in the Lodge, doing nothing but make gradual progress on his work.

People came in and out, but since Corteo was cooped up in the Lodge all the time as the brewery supervisor, he naturally became Barbero’s conversation partner.

“...Corteo, you hated the mafia.”

“I don’t intend to join the mafia now either, but — ”


“It might not look that way from the outside, I suppose. I’m earning plenty of money. I’m just doing a job that enables me to have that. Honestly, I’m happy that my drink sells.”

A wry smile unwittingly slipped onto Barbero’s face at Corteo’s reply.

“Did I say something strange?” Corteo asked, controlling the distillation equipment with dissatisfaction.

“No,” Barbero answered. “you’re suited to the mafia. Far more than me or Avilio.”

“Is that praise? I’m not really happy about it at all...”

Barbero shrugged and laughed at the curt response. “Honestly, you think you were dragged into this, right? Sorry about that.”

Barbero had been the one to propose expanding the production of alcohol to Corteo while Nero and Avilio were away from Lawless. The Lodge had been prepared for that purpose, and they had several other similar facilities built so it wouldn’t be a problem if this one was destroyed.

“I do think I was dragged into this. But not by you, Barbero. By Avilio.”

“Then you could say a word of complaint.”

“I chose to be dragged into Avilio’s life.”

Corteo said nothing more.

Barbero, too, continued working silently. Even so, while he was throwing off his reserve bit by bit, Barbero clearly started to become interested in Corteo. They talked casually, perhaps because their circumstances were similar.

Apparently Corteo’s father had passed away when he was young, and he had lived with his sickly mother.


“A lot happened to me, too,” he hedged, and Corteo didn’t try to pursue the subject either. “...Back then, I hated the mafia too.”

“Should the right hand of the next Don be saying something like that?”

“Even if I said it, it’d just be taken as a joke. Besides, you and I are the only ones here. I don’t mind.”

Then Barbero said, with feeling, “...Don’t become like me.”

“Eh, why?”


Those words might have been directed at his past self.

Nero showed up at the Lodge occasionally. He had completely returned to himself, and talked happily about work while stealing drinks, saying he was taste-testing. Barbero was grateful to Avilio for that. But Avilio was always next to Nero when he smiled, and the number of times Barbero’s name came from Nero’s mouth grew less and less.

He knew that Nero’s current right hand was rumored to be not himself, but Avilio. He had friends who countered that, but rather than express his dissatisfaction, Barbero continued working. He believed that was the best way to respond to Nero’s trust.

One day, when Avilio was away from his seat, Nero said, “Avilio could stand to be a bit more sociable. He said he was raised in an orphanage so I wonder if he’s gone loopy as a result.”

A slight sense of incongruity arose within Barbero at those words. And even after a few days, that unease hadn’t disappeared.

— What was wrong?

It was the first time he had heard Avilio had been raised in an orphanage. But everyone had a past they didn’t want to speak of. If he was raised in an orphanage, that was all the more true.

Avilio had originally appeared with Corteo, who he called his acquaintance, selling alcohol.

He had heard about that day from Nero countless times.

“Hey, how did you get to know Avilio?” “Eh, we met at a dive bar about half a year ago, and he’s helped me out with a number of things since.” “Before that?” “I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him about it,” replied Corteo, when Barbero asked.

There wasn’t anything particularly unnatural about that. Barbero was worried for that exact reason.

I chose to be dragged into Avilio’s life.

He hadn’t been able to forget Corteo’s expression as he said that. Was that the sort of behaviour warranted by a mere friend you’d met half a year earlier? At times like that, Barbero decided to follow his instincts to the bitter end.




Telling himself it was his only good point, Barbero concentrated and continued to think, realizing he didn’t even know Avilio’s objective.

Money? He’s already earning more than enough. If Avilio was after money, he shouldn’t have had a problem with Barbero’s plan. But in reality, he had walked a dangerous path crushing the Federal Bureau of Prohibition and continuing to sell alcohol under Fango’s nose, continuing to raise a grand ruckus together with Nero.

What sort of merit did that have for Avilio?

“What does Avilio intend to do with this Family, no...with Nero?”

Barbero rose slowly and started walking towards the entrance with the car keys in one hand.

“I have something to do,” he told Corteo. “I won’t be back tonight.”

He left the Lodge.

His destination was the number one dive bar in town, The Island. The person he wanted to meet was someone who could soon be found by asking around at several bars.

“Yo, Cerotto. You’re plain as ever.”

“M-Mr. Barbero!”

Upon seeing Barbero’s face, Cerotto looked ready to flee the premises.

“Wait. I haven’t come to eat you or anything. I’ve brought you a job.”

“A job? For me? I-I’ll do anything. Please let me do it! Please!”

Having betrayed Orco and then Scusa, Cerotto had continued to lose his wagers. Well, Cerotto himself hadn’t intended on betraying them. He’d just chosen the stronger side each time. If he hadn’t, he’d have been killed right away, so in that sense he might just have been unlucky.

Anyway, it was a given that Cerotto, now working as an information broker, had a reputation lower than dirt. He wanted to aim for the chance to raise it eventually. He felt it was still too early for him to exit the stage.

“The order is simple: investigate Avilio Bruno. Rumours are fine; if you find anything unsavoury, better still. Request whichever expenses are necessary.”

“T-that’s generous of you. As I thought, even Mr. Barbero himself is worried about his position as Nero’s right han — gwah!?”

Barbero grabbed Cerotto’s mouth and twisted. “You must not let Avilio realise that you are investigating him. And shut that mannerless mouth of yours. In front of me, at least.”

“G-got it. I’ll be careful.”

“I’ll come to the Island once every three days under the pretense of conducting market research. Tell me your results then.”

Barbero handed him capital to cover him for the time being and left the Island.

Right as Barbero was meeting with Cerotto, Corteo was toasting Avilio in the distillation room at the Lodge.

They didn’t have any particular objective. It was a small joy before they sent Corteo from the Lodge to the house. He and Angelo had the rights to taste the first glass of the batch Corteo had brewed.

“Speaking of which, Barbero asked me about you. He asked where we met.”

“...How did you reply?”

“I said we met at a bar in Lawless about half a year ago. I don’t know about your past before that.”

Avilio tilted his head slightly and narrowed his eyes.

— So he’s finally starting to want a background check.

“That’s fine. Don’t say any more than that, Corteo.”

Avilio swirled his glass and gulped down the remaining drink in one go.

In the three days after, Barbero waited for the results of the investigation while desperately quashing his impatience.

What he received basically amounted to nothing.

Cerotto, who had received the job, could say that at the very least he had searched with all his might.

Starting from within Lawless, he had found the names registers of all the orphanages and poorhouses in the vicinity, but hadn’t found anyone called Avilio Bruno on them. Though he showed them photos of Avilio and slipped countless bribes by them, he couldn’t catch even a shadow of a person like that.

Cerotto, at the counter of a bustling dive bar, began making excuses in a cold sweat.

“Mr. Barbero, I really searched.”

“I know. Somehow, no matter how much you, an information broker, searched, you couldn’t catch his tail. What does this mean...”

Barbero thought, staring at the picture of Avilio lying on the table.

Cerotto, you were originally an acquaintance of Corteo’s, right?”

“Well, yeah. At the start, he wanted to know where to sell alcohol. It’s been years since then.”

“You don’t know his friend Avilio?”

“No, not at all. I hadn’t even heard that Corteo knew someone like that. I only started hearing Avilio’s name come from Corteo’s lips this past month.”

Exactly when Nero and the others had met Avilio.

So Avilio hadn’t been in Lawless before that?

Corteo didn’t want to sell to the mafia, right?”

“Yeah. At the time, I was working in Orco’s shop — well, back then I was pretty much one of his henchmen, so.”

Cerotto rushed to excuse himself. Barbero urged him to continue his story. “That’s fine. Continue.”

“I invited him countless times to sell wholesale to the Orco Family, but Corteo stubbornly refused to agree to it.”

“When was this?”

“This was just a month ago as well, I think. Actually, I gave up because he’d started associating with you guys. There’s no doubt about it.”

Then right after Corteo had refused to sell his drink to Orco, he had sold to the Vanettis.

Corteo had hated both the Orcos and the Vanettis equally as mafia. Then what had brought on his change of heart?

“...Is this what he meant by saying he was dragged into it?”

“What is it?”

When Cerotto looked up, Barbero handed him a white envelope.

“Your pay for this time.”

“Eh, but I didn’t — ”

“Take it. You did a rather good job.”

Faster than Barbero had spoken, Cerotto had tucked the envelope in his inner pocket. “Thanks, hehe.”

Barbero put the money for the drink on the counter and quickly left the bar. When he looked up again, the pale moon, just covering the night sky, was looking down on him.

As Cerotto was counting the bills in the envelope, Avilio was in the Vanetti mansion.

Nero had a glass in one hand and was staring at the moon.

“Back in the day we’d often do this. Look at the moon together, drinking leisurely. A lot has changed in a short time, huh...”

He gulped down the drink and huffed out a sigh.

“Whew! That’s potent. We’d been drinking bad booze stolen from Orco then, but this is an just the best ‘heaven’. Everything’s changed.”

“...What do you mean by ‘everyone’?” Avilio asked, standing as if avoiding the moonlight.

“Well, everyone’s everyone. Vanno’s gone, both Barbero and Tigre have been entrusted with important jobs, so we can’t drink whenever we want. I invited Frate countless times, but he didn’t come with...”

Nero took another gulp of his drink after he spoke.

“You’ve been with Barbero for a long time.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Speaking of which, the moon was big like this on the night I first met Barbero, too.”

Yes, a big moon had hung in the night sky on that day, too.

It had been Barbero’s fifteenth birthday.

As he returned home from his job as a day’s laborer, he had been struck off his feet by his father.

It wasn’t just that day. It happened every night. His father took the money from Barbero’s pocket as he lay fallen, unable to move, and ranted about the same thing every night.

“Is this all! I can’t buy booze with this! You useless damn brat!”

“But if we don’t pay off our loans we won’t have a place to live...”

“If you’ve got money to pay people back, go buy booze!”

Though he was yelled at and beaten, if he held himself together, things would someday work out.

When his father fell into a drunken stupor, he could crawl into the cellar, hug his knees and sleep. Then when morning came, he rushed out of the house to work as if he were running away.

When he had been younger, he had sold newspapers. He had entered bars and restaurants holding the newspapers close, and gentlemen had taken pity on him and bought them; he had even received several tips. It had been a typical job for a needy child.

He had no money, so he hadn’t been able to attend school. His father lost his job and was tempted by vicious mafia to bear responsibility for a loan he wouldn’t be able to pay off for his whole life. He drowned himself in alcohol to avert his eyes from that reality. Barbero didn’t learn until much later that the work project itself had been a trap to catch his father.

Every night, his father ranted that Barbero didn’t earn enough, but of the children who sold newspapers, he was earning the most.

“If you do the same thing as others, you’ll earn the same amount.”

So Barbero used a little resourcefulness in his work.

He slipped several varieties of gums and smokes in his bag along with the newspapers and sold them to customers there where required. He happily accepted simple errands, so he came to know the regular customers’ likes and schedules so he could cater to them.

“For instance, the plumber, Arnold, goes to meet his lover after finishing work on Fridays. So I pass him a single flower with the paper. If you slip cheap items in with the newspaper, they’ll be happy to leave you a big tip.

He taught the other children that resourcefulness freely, but there was nobody who earned as much as him.

Observe people well, sense their subtleties, have proper manners, yet acted like a child.

He was the only one who could do that.

When he got older, he became able to do a variety of jobs.

He liked working. He didn’t have to think while he worked, and the sum he earned was an honest appraisal of his effort.

He learned his alphabet from the papers and taught himself some level of arithmetic in order to understand interest rates on loans.

The bulk of the money Barbero earned this way went towards paying off his father’s loan.

“There’s enough for the interest. Tch, how boring.”

The mafia who had lent the money snatched the interest from Barbero’s hands and left grudgingly. On the other hand, when he didn’t have enough on the repayment day, they gladly beat him up.

The mafia were scum. When he finished repaying the money someday, he’d have nothing more to do with that bunch. Believing just that, he slowly reduced the amount of the original loan.

To Barbero, doing that was beneficial for both the borrower and the lender.

But he had been mistaken.

“Don’t tell me you can’t return the money. If it’s impossible for you to return it, we’ll thoroughly uproot something. Be it your home, or your land, or if you’ve a woman in your family, her body. If you pay back just the interest all neat and tidy, that doesn’t earn us anything.”

That day had been Barbero’s fifteenth birthday.

His father had taken up a new loan without telling Barbero, and that debt was irrecoverable. At once, the mafia stormed their home and informed him of it while beating his father.

His mother had died in an instant.

“Even if you’re a man, if you’re young there’ll be a buyer. Shall I tell you what you’ll suffer? Hee hee hee.”

With a vulgar laugh, the thug licked a stripe up Barbero’s cheek.

He could still die.

When he imagined suffering a fate worse than death after that, his legs froze up.


“Ahhh, you dabbled in human trafficking. Mafia trash. The slave trade was abolished a hundred years ago. Even a junior school brat knows that.”

A boy the same age as Barbero stood in the entrance to the room.

“What’s with this brat?”

The mafia henchmen looked dubiously at the boy.

The boy barged into the room, completely unafraid of them. As the pale moon shone through the broken glass in the window, the boy stroked his hair.

“You don’t know anything. You lot are subcontractors of subcontractors at Uncle Orco’s place, dickweed mafia, right? I’ve got priority over this claim. Pull out, dumbnuts.”

The boy thrust the piece of paper he was holding at the thugs.

They read the name printed on that document.

“Vincent Vanetti...? You’re from the V-Vanetti Family...?

Their faces paled.

“That’s right. I’m their representative, Nero Vanetti. When I came to collect our debt as my father told me, I see this charade. Ahh, this old man’s dead.”

Barbero’s father was lying on the ground without even a twitch. The boy — Nero Vanetti — checked his pulse and then shrugged in amazement.

His father was dead.

But it wasn’t that much of a shock.

More than that, he couldn’t take his eyes off the boy named Nero who was boldly facing off against mafia opponents.

“You touched our claim without permission. What should I tell my father? Hey, can a dead man pay back money?”

As Nero spoke, he kicked the mafia in the side.

“Urgh...S-sorry. We didn’t mean to kill him.”

“I’m not asking you if you meant it. How did it happen?” he continued, and kept on kicking the mafia.

“W-we’ll pull back. So won’t you intercede for us to the Don?”

“Then hurry up and begone, ya spineless octopus.”

The mafia ran off, leaving Barbero, Nero, and the corpse of Barbero’s father in the room.

“Sorry about that. If I’d come a little earlier, your father might not have died.”

“It’s fine.”

“Is it? Well, if you say so...Here.”

He held out a hand to Barbero, who was sitting on the floor.

Barbero hesitated.

Instead of taking the hand, he asked, “Are you part of the mafia too?”

“I don’t want you lumping me in with that group from earlier, but yeah.”

“If I take your hand, what will happen to me?”

“Well, you’ll be taken along in place of the loan. By me.”

The borrower’s death didn’t nullify the loan. Nero was telling him to work in place of his dead father.

“Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to dispose of you somewhere. You’ll become a member of the Vanetti family.”

Family. If was what Barbero wanted the most. But at the same time, it meant the mafia Barbero despised the most.

“I hate the mafia. They’re the worst, aren’t they?”


“I have a dream. If I join the mafia, it won’t come true.”

“Hmm, let me hear it.”

“...I want to go to school and study. Then, I want to get a job where I can be useful to people.”

He had never spoken that desire aloud before. Even if he had, he’d have been hit and that would have been the end of it.

“If you want to study, study as much as you like. As for the rest of it...Be useful to me. Any complaints?”

No matter how Barbero refused, Nero boldly kept his hand outstretched.

“Come with me, Barbero. You’re not a man meant for hiding in this sort of place for the rest of your life.”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you. Even that you’d been paying off your father’s interest.”

Barbero was surprised that Nero knew him.

“Unlike me, you’re smart. I was moved...That’s why.”

He’d never been praised before.

“In the future, I’ll become the Don of the Family. At that time, I want you to be this for me.”

As he spoke, Nero tapped his forehead with his pointer finger.

Barbero hated the mafia. They were the cause of his unhappiness. If he accepted Nero’s invitation, he would have to become a part of the mafia he hated...

But the pale moon shone down on Nero’s figure. Nero, shining like he was beloved by the moon, had acknowledged Barbero’s worth.

“I need you.”

To be needed — it was an unbelievable temptation.

Fearfully, fearfully stretching out his hand, Barbero clasped Nero’s hand.

Then he kissed it.

Nero smiled like the sun.

Barbero was satisfied just with that.

Barbero and Nero were simultaneously looking up at the same pale moon that had been there that day.

When he finished talking about his meeting with Barbero, Nero, completely drunk, pestered Avilio. “That’s the story. Yet you guys do nothing but fight. I’m tellin ya to get along. What can’t the both of you stand about each other? If there’s something, tell me, c’mon.”

“Ask Barbero. There’s nothing in particular on my part,” Avilio answered.

He had no interest in Barbero. After all, Barbero’s name hadn’t been written on that letter. And he wasn’t the other unnamed person. He just didn’t want him to interfere with his plans. That was all.

The next day, Barbero called Avilio, Corteo and Nero to a bar.

“What on earth is the matter? It doesn’t seem like we’re here to swap make-up drinks.”

Nero stared, mystified, at the assembled group.

The bar was a cheap one targeted at the general public, so it was full of drunkards in the evening.

“I won’t take up much of your time.”

Barbero shot Avilio a look filled with plenty of suspicion and a spoonful of jealousy. But Avilio looked not even a bit shaken.

— This is the only time I’ll allow him to be settled. I’ll soon peel off his disguise.

Without letting his eagerness show, Barbero turned to Nero.

Nero shrugged his shoulders in defeat.

“I get it, I get it. I consent to it, so hurry up and get it over with. In exchange, tonight’s tab is on Barbero. You’re fine with that, right, Avilio?”

When Avilio nodded wordlessly, Barbero smirked and spread out his hands.

“Then let’s begin. Corteo, answer my questions honestly.”

“M-me? Not Avilio?”

Corteo swallowed. They had expected that Barbero, who suspected Avilio, would come with some sort of trick. Avilio and Corteo had decided on just one fact. The two of us met half a year ago, at a bar in Lawless. Apart from that lie, they would tell the whole truth. Corteo was incapable of acting any more than that, and even when he thought of telling that one lie, he was so nervous his mouth dried up.

“Earlier, there was a point when Cerotto told you he wanted to sell your drink. Do you remember that? It was the day the man Cerotto called his older brother destroyed the kitchen in your house.”

“Y-yes. I remember.”

He couldn’t forget. It was the day Avilio had returned to Lawless.

“When was it?”

When Corteo answered with the exact date, Barbero took a lightly stained notebook from his pocket and wrote that date down.

Nero, who had been watching that exchange, seemed to realize something.

“Huh, that date...”

Nero, be quiet. Corteo needs to say it.”


“Now, the next question, Corteo.”

Barbero’s glasses glinted, and the inside of Corteo’s mouth became even drier. Unable to bear it, he swallowed the contents of his glass in one gulp, but the alcohol evaporated in an instant. He peeked at Avilio, but Avilio was looking away with an expression that said it was no concern of his.

“You and Avilio came to the Island to sell your drink, right? Tell me the date.”

Corteo turned more to Avilio.

His mouth flapped, begging silently for help, but Avilio’s words were harsh. “Answer. It’s nothing to feel guilty about.”

Corteo responded timidly, “...The same day Cerotto came to mine.”

“In other words.” Barbero leaned forwards across the table and brought his face close to Corteo’s. “The same day you refused to sell to Orco, you went to the Island to sell liquor. Isn’t that odd? What brought about this change of heart?”

“That’s because Avilio told me to...”

“Oh, you do get along. Then, when and where did you meet?”

“Half a year ago, at a bar in Lawless.”

— Got you, Barbero thought, and pulled the trigger.

“Ahh, I’ve heard that before. Then let me ask Avilio. Where in Lawless were you in the time between when you met and when you came to the Island to sell your drink?”


Avilio lapped at the drink in his glass. Barbero couldn’t stand even that brief silence.

“You can’t answer? I investigated too. The name ‘Avilio Bruno’ hasn’t been on the register of any cheap inn or the cheap apartment or the high-class hotel over the past year. Did you use a pseudonym? Then anyone’s fine. Bring me someone who knows you.”

There, Nero cut in again.

“Sorry for cutting in when you’re getting worked up, but is there a point to these questions? I mean, what. What’ll happen if Avilio can’t prove where he’s been this past half year?”

“If he can’t prove his whereabouts over the past half year, then Avilio only came to this town one month ago; I expect, on the very same day you met these guys.”

“Hmmm. And then?”

Nero looked at Barbero thoughtfully. Barbero was talkative now, and explained the path to the truth.

“Then where did these two meet? Corteo, you had your sick mother, so you couldn’t leave Lawless. That means Avilio was living in this town, right?”

Avilio put a cigarette to his lips and quietly lit it, without trying to escape Barbero’s questioning. Barbero watched Avilio’s movements and interpreted them.

“Were you lying about coming from an orphanage too? There’s no point of contact. The only people who associate with orphanages in this day and age are crazed religious folk or Reformists. Not Corteo or his mother. They wouldn’t have had the ability.”

Barbero seized Avilio’s shoulder.

Avilio Bruno. Who are you, really? For what reason did you approach the Vanetti Family?”

Just as it seemed Barbero was about to press Avilio...

“You jerk, I’ll kill you!”

“Very good, come at me! I’ll stop that small-town spirit!”

The shop flew into a frenzy. It seemed a drunken fight had broken out. The surrounding customers began to bet on who would win, and one side grew loud with cheers and applause.

“We were just at a good point, but it can’t be helped. I’ll go stop them a bit.”

Nero swung his arms and jumped into the fray.

“You guys, shut up! If you’re gonna have a stupid fight, go do it elsewhere! Or shall I be your opponent?”

“Fine with me, damned brat! Don’t go crying to your mother after!”

Rather than stopping the fight, Nero joined in and the noise level rose to a maximum. Barbero watched the scene with irritation.

“What’s this. What do we do, Avilio.”

“Have a glass and calm down, Corteo. It’s not on the level of your liquor, but since Barbero brought it it’s got a good amount of alcohol in it.”

Avilio smoked his cigarette without any change to his normal demeanor. The moment would soon come for that composed expression to crumble into something unsightly. Will he act defiant, or snap and go on a rant? Or perhaps he’ll beg for forgiveness while crying. What will Nero do when he sees that? While Barbero was thinking such things, a bloodstained man appeared to Nero miserably from one corner of the noisy room.

“W-wait a moment! I was wrong! I’ll apologize, so let up already!”

“Huh? Don’t tell me to stop now. I’m raring to go.”

The drunkard, beaten up by Nero, cast a wobbly gaze around the room. Then he ran at full speed towards the table Barbero and the others were at.

Avilio! Oi, Avilio! Help me! I’ll be killed at this rate!”

When the drunkard clung to Avilio, as expected, Nero stopped swinging at him too.

“Huh? Avilio, do you know this guy?

Avilio quietly but clearly answered, “Nero, won’t you spare him? He’s a friend from the same orphanage. We came to Lawless together half a year ago. Oi, Guccio, are you alright?”

The worn-out drunkard leaned on Avilio’s shoulder. From there, it didn’t take long for the story to be resolved. The man’s name was [[Guccio Baltano]]. He came from an orphanage in a small town named Consto. It was far from Lawless. Half a year earlier, he had come to this town with Avilio to find work.

“Can I prove it? Well, I have my work certificate, and you can ask the landlord of the place we rented when we were here as many times as you like. Avilio was at mine for a while, but I’m not going to guarantee his identity for you or anything. He did help me, but if it’s to do with a mafia dispute, leave me out of it.”

Guccio spat out the words in one go and poured the alcohol on the table down his throat. “Ow, my mouth is all cut up inside.”

Just to be sure, they confirmed with the orphanage in Consto from a nearby public phone and found that Avilio and Guccio were indeed on the register. The check was quickly completed.

“So that’s that, but do you have any other questions?” Avilio asked. Nero let out a huge sigh and Barbero’s jaw was slack. Corteo’s lips were squeezed tightly together, not letting a word escape to the very end.

Nero clapped Barbero on the back.

“So you were just thinking too hard, Barbero. Avilio, don’t hold it against him. His deep distrust has gotten us out of many a pinch before.”

“I don’t mind.” Avilio laid a hand on Barbero’s shoulder. “That’s your job. I don’t know what went on, but as long as your doubts have cleared, it’s fine with me. I’ll send Guccio home.”


Avilio held back Corteo, who tried to follow him. “I’ll be back soon. Today’s on Barbero, so drink up.”

“That’s right, right! Today we’ll drink until your savings are gone! Old maan! Bring us the best booze you have!”

Turning their backs on the din, Avilio and Guccio left the bar. Corteo watched them worriedly.

The two of them walked silently after leaving the shop. After some distance, they stopped in a back alley.

Guccio waved his hands in front of Avilio. “Was that alright? I was beat up good. If you don’t hand over some sort of reward you’ll pay dearly.”

“Ahh, that’s right.”

Avilio pushed a bundle of bills into Guccio’s breast pocket.

“Seriously, you’re giving me this much?”

“You saved me, Guccio. By the way, take this too.”


The moment that Guccio, lost in counting the bills, looked up, a gunshot rang out in the alleyway.

Avilio threw Guccio’s corpse into a wooden box piled up to the side.

Upon learning that Barbero doubted him, Avilio hadn’t neglected to prepare. First, he looked for a man from an orphanage who had come to Lawless half a year before. It didn’t matter where he came from. The important thing was that he could prove those, and he soon found a man who met those prerequisites.

Next, he sent a donation to that orphanage and had them add the name Avilio to their register. In this day and age, the running of orphanages was just a power struggle between religious groups, and the adding of names to the register was a daily occurrence, so that was solved with the money and a single call.

Then, when Barbero called him out, Avilio, knowing that he would be cross-examined, arranged with Guccio to have that situation play out...

Finally, after completing the trick with Barbero and Nero, he quickly killed that man. Thus, the secret would stay safe forever. The corpse, as that of a nameless person who had collapsed and died on the street, would be disposed of. That was an everyday occurrence in this town.

Avilio was smiling. With this, he could return to his daily life. That everyday living for revenge, smeared with insanity, was the safe place Avilio currently desired.

Several days passed after that.

Barbero was bogged down working on market expansion, but there wasn’t a day he didn’t think about Avilio. In the end, he still didn’t know Avilio’s objective. Barbero still doubted Corteo and Avilio. That was his job.

Barbero, what should we do for the next batch?”

“The same as the last. No matter how much we make, there’s not enough. Keep the twentieth case,” Barbero answered Tigre while jotting down numbers in his lightly stained notebook.

“And have you read this?”

Tigre held out a third-rate tabloid. It had reported in a corner of the local news page that a new federal head of prohibition had been appointed to office. In the short interview, the new head of prohibition was enthusiastic about crushing the mafia in Lawless.

“It’s a worthless story.”

In all likelihood, the new head of police would prioritize crushing the Fango Family over the Vanettis. They could lend them a hand there; there were any number of ways to do things. Barbero’s hand stopped as it was turning the page of the notebook. He wondered what meaning the date written there had. He hadn’t been able to seize the truth about the day that someone assuming the name Avilio Bruno had returned to Lawless, and the day Nero had met Avilio.

I wonder where our paths are joined.

The one truth was that until severed their bond, Barbero would continue to serve Nero.

The door to the Lodge burst open and Nero rushed in.

“Oooi, Barbero! How long are you going to stay cooped up in here scribbling numbers down. We’re going to open up a new market! Tigre, you come too!”

“My, my. You just want to drink.”

“That’s right. Let’s drink the bars dry and sell them [[Lawless Heaven]] instead.”

Barbero closed his notebook and pushed it into the breast pocket of his coat, then rose from his seat.

“Now, today we drink!”

Nero smiled happily and clapped Barbero on the back.

When they left the Lodge, Avilio was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Oi, Nero. I’m telling you not to let this guy drive. It would be an embarrassment to the mafia if you died in a traffic accident. Switch with me, Avilio. I’ll drive.”

Avilio silently rose from the driver’s seat.

I should have realized it earlier. My dream has already come true. So then from now on, too, no matter where I go, I won’t regret it. Wanting to see things through to the end if possible, Barbero turned the car key.

Behind the Curtain

Stepping out of a building, Scusa and Delphy are met by a group of reporters. Scusa introduces Delphy as the Federal Bureau of Prohibition from Chicago. He says that he will be keeping peace in Lawless in his stead. A reporter asks why he would come to Lawless, and he answers that "There's a rotten stench in this town, and it's coming from the mafia." and that he wants to end the police corruption. First, the Fango family, with the Island as their home base, he will sweep away. After that, the Vanetti family that has been controlling the city for many years with Nero as the don. Lawless heaven has been fetching high prices domestically and internationally of late. A reporter interjects that Nero is popular with the city's people, much more so than the cops. This is ignored by Delphy and he says that "The power struggle between the two families is endangering public order in the city." He says that they will first crack down on the brewing of moonshine, and then they themselves.

At the Vanetti mansion, Nero Vanetti, Barbero, Avilio, and Corteo are sitting together listening to a broadcast of Delphy speaking. Nero turns it off, and Barbero suggests that they cut down the production of Lawless Heaven. Nero refuses this, and tells him to keep rolling it out. Because "the sinners are waiting." Barbero laughs at this. Corteo stares at Avilio nervously.

As Corteo, Tigre, Barbero and Avilio sit in Nero's office reading the newspaper, Tigre calls Delphy a big-nosed freak. Nero walks in and asks what's wrong. Barbero hands Nero a newspaper, and Nero reads out loud that Delphy exposes multiple establishments selling bootleg liquor. Nero has bags under his eyes.

Tigre scoffs that Delphy's messing with them. Barbero tells Nero that more and more bars are passing on buying their liquor. Angry, Nero says to fire rounds into Delphy's house, and, if that doesn't work, to rub him out. Nero turns and walks out of the room. Barbero calls out to him, but he still leaves. Barbero says that it's really affecting him. Tigre asks what he expects.

In the backyard, Nero smokes a cigarette. Avilio walks out and remarks that the weathers nice and asks if he wants to go for a ride. Nero takes the cigarette out of his mouth and says that he made up his mind to never get in a car that he's driving again. He then smiles. The two then laugh together.

Avilio lights his own cigarette and leans against a bush. Nero lays on the ground. Avilio says that Fango will make a move soon and that they best move cautiously from now on. Nero says that he's the only one left now and that he has to protect the family. He begins to say what he has to do, but then sits up and asks if Avilio will come with him. He agrees. Corteo stands inside by the window, watching them.

Corteo is shocked that the Lodge is being investigated. Barbero, Corteo, Avilio, Nero, and Tigre sit in Nero's office. Tigre curses him. Nero tells them to take out his family. Barbero and Tigre looks very uncomfortable and Barbero asks that they just take him out. Avilio answers no for him, and says that someone else would pick up the investigation. Corteo looks shocked at this. Smiling, Nero agrees and says that they need Delphy himself to call it off.

Corteo says that Avilio must be kidding and asks what he thinks he's doing going after Delphy's family when his revenge is just against the Vanettis. Avilio tosses a stack of money over to him. Corteo asks what it's for, and Avilio says for college. He says to stay out of his life. As Avilio is in the doorway, Corteo throws the money at him and it explodes all over the floor. Corteo yells that he's the one who dragged him into everything. Avilio doesn't turn around and keeps walking.

At Delphy's house, the phone rings. Delphy answers it and a man tells him to call off the investigation at once. Delphy says that he won't respond to threats. The voice says that it's his last warning. He again refuses and hangs up the phone as his wife and daughter look scared. His wife says that he works too much and that he should take some time off. Delphy agrees as he walks them to the door. A police officer waits there and he asks that he take care of them. He kisses his daughter on the head and tells her to listen to her mother. The phone rings again as his wife says that they'll get going.

Delphy hesitates but then answers. As he does this, the police officer starts the car and it explodes. Delphy is horrified and runs outside. He finds the car on fire and looks on in terror. Luckily, his daughter was looking for her teddy bear and the two hadn't yet entered the car. Delphy falls to his knees in relief.

On the Island, Fango asks if he's sure about the info to someone on the phone. He says that he's surprised because he never thought that he'd come to him.

The newspaper prints that Delphy called off the investigation. The bartender reads this and is disappointed and says that that's always how it ends up.

At the Playhouse, Barbero says that since Delphy called off the investigation, they'll leave the Lodge alone now. Nero, Barbero, and Avilio walk outside and Nero says that it's good. Nero says that he can't believe that they called them out there just to check the carpet color. A man approaches from the other side of the road. Barbero quickly runs in front of Avilio and Avilio in front of Nero. Barbero puts his hand on his gun and tells the man not to come any closer. The man says that he's a huge fan of Nero's. Nero smiles and says that he's glad to hear it as he starts to walk away. The man tells him to hear him out and runs toward him. He tells him to let him join the family. Barbero steps between them and tells him to take a hike.

As they argue, Avilio looks around and sees two men in the shadows. They pull machine guns out of a box so Avilio calls out to Nero. They begin shooting but only the fan gets hit as Barbero and Nero both jump out of the way. Avilio shoots at the men but they run away, unharmed. Avilio chases them, but they get into a car and drive off. They stare at the fan who is now dead, laying in a pool of his own blood.

At the office again, Corteo, Avilio, Barbero, Tigre, and Nero sit together. Tigre slams his fist on the desk and says that Fango must have set the whole thing up. Barbero says that not too many people knew that Nero would be there today. Nero turns around and tells them to find the traitor.

In Nero's office, Nero peeks between the blinds and sees a group of 4 men standing and two of them talk to each other. Nero chuckles slightly and remarks to Angelo that that is what high alert looks like. Outside the door, men begin arguing, so Angelo and Nero turn to the door. Ganzo tells Nero to let him in while Tigre tries to stop him. He knocks and tells him to open up. Nero begins walking towards the door, but Angelo stops him.

Angelo opens the door to Ganzo and Tigre, with the former looking uncomfortable. Ganzo is annoyed, saying that he didn't come to talk to him. Angelo tells him that no one's allowed to see Nero at the moment. Angry, Ganzo steps towards him and asks him how many years he thinks that he's been there. Angelo doesn't react but Tigre seems to be ready to pull him off of him, if needed. Ganzo finishes that it was before Nero was even born. Barbero interrupts him, calling him "uncle" and then nods and apologizes. Ganzo "tsks" and then walks away.

Barbero walks in afterwards, telling Tigre not to let anyone in before closing the door.

In Nero's office, Nero looks over some papers and asks Barbero if it's the list of invitees. Barbero says that it is, excluding the ones who haven't replied yet. Angelo stands by the window, silently looking out of the blinds. Nero says that he doesn't recognize most of the names, and asks if it will be okay. Barbero says that he vetted them before inviting them. Outside, Angelo spots Corteo walking out of the building. He tries to light a cigarette and, after briefly failing, crushes it in his fist. Angelo watches on with a blank expression.

He puts down the bottle and recipe and picks up his golf club. He begins walking towards Corteo and he steps back, nervously. Corteo suddenly trips and finds that it was over Scusa's body, with his forehead caved in. He realizes that his blood is on the bottom of the club. Fango watches with glee before closing his eyes and telling him to forget it and get lost as he points to the door with his club. Corteo walks towards the door before Fango tells him that he might tell Nero who the real traitor is. He begins the record once again as Corteo stops walking. Fango, standing in front of the telephone on his desk, tells the operator to get him the Vanetti Mansion. Corteo gasps for air facing the door. Fango continues to tell her to put him through to Nero Vanetti. Corteo turns and begins walking toward him. Fango tells her his name. Before Fango can stop him, Corteo slams the bottle onto Fango's head. He stumbles backwards before Corteo stabs him in the throat and blood begins poring out of the top. With his eyes wide open, he gasps that he can't see and asks where he went. He continues stumbling and says that it feels pretty good. Corteo grabs the telephone from his desk and smashes him on the head and Fango falls to the ground, entangled in the curtains. The record begins to repeat as Corteo smashes at least another 13 times. The blood spreads across the curtain as he continues relentlessly beating him from behind the curtain.

Black and Deep Desires

Just having murdered Fango, Corteo walks quickly though the streets of Lawless, trying to make his way to the train station. Just as he's about to board the train, someone reaches from behind and pulls him back. He is accompanied by two other men.

At Avilio's apartment, he is awoken by the ringing of his phone. He hesitates but answers it nonetheless.

At the Vanetti Mansion, Avilio is led to the garage. There, Nero, Barbero, Ganzo, Corteo are all located. Corteo is being roughed up for answers about his betrayal of the family by Carmelo. Avilio asks how they know it was him, and he motions over to Gatto. He explains that Corteo leaked Nero's schedule to Fango then came back to the island yesterday. Barbero explains that Gatto came to throw himself at their mercy with the info about Corteo. Gatto says that the higher-ups want to work with the Vanettis. Since Fango's gone, they're done for.

Ganzo pushes Carmelo out of the way and begins beating up Corteo and demanding that he explain himself. Avilio watches this without emotion. Nero calmly leaves and Avilio follows him.

In Nero's office, Nero smokes a cigar and Avilio sits on the sofa. Nero says that they have no choice; Corteo needs to die. Avilio doesn't react to this and continues to look down as Barbero also enters the office. He asks Nero if he has a moment. Barbero explains that he's called the Fango family executives to meet with them in the morning of the next day. As Barbero starts to talk about Corteo, he asks Avilio to leave the room. Without a word, Avilio stands up and leaves while Barbero seems to glare at him.

Outside, Tigre and Gianni are talking about Fango. As Tigre notices Avilio, and calls out to him. He says that it must be hard as he knew Corteo for such a long time. Avilio asks of he said anything yet. Tigre says that he hadn't said anything yet. Gianni says that Ganzo might kill him before he does. Tigre says that Ganzo has a real temper when it comes to Nero and begins to say something before looking up at Avilio and apologizing. Avilio tells him that it isn't a problem before walking away.

Avilio calmly walks through town. It briefly shows a sign for Florida. He comes to his house and goes inside. It seems that someone is watching him from across the street (Who wears similar clothes to Cerotto). Once inside his room, Avilio yanks off his tie and kicks his table. Cerotto knocks on the door and Avilio lets him in. After going through the situation, Avilio asks why Corteo killed Fango. Cerotto explains that Fango betrayed Corteo and that once he got the recipe from Scusa, he didn't need him anymore. Distressed, Cerotto says that he would have never seen this coming since Corteo hated the mafia since he was a kid. Cerotto asks why he would want to kill Nero so bad that he would team up with Fango. Avilio thinks back, but then just looks out the window and then leaves without saying anything.

At the Vanetti mansion, Avilio jumps over the wall. He hides behind a tree and stares at the garage and pulls out his pocket knife. Suddenly, gunshots ring out and Ganzo yells for someone to get in there. Avilio is shocked but stays hidden. Having been shot in the arm, Ganzo stumbles out, cursing, as Tigre and Gianni come running. Ganzo tells them that Corteo escaped out the back window. The two run to the back as Barbero and Nero run out as well. Nero runs to Ganzo and asks if he's alright. Nero picks him up and Avilio comes out and asks what happened, to the surprise of the two.

Inside the garage, Nero, Ganzo, and Avilio look at the damage. The back window had been broken and Carmelo lays dead on the floor, having been shot. Ganzo says that Carmelo charged out of nowhere and whipped out a gun. Barbero enters and asks if he got away. Ganzo says that he had a feeling about Carmelo from the start. Ganzo calls him trash and kicks him. Nero tells Barbero to not let Corteo get away. Barbero says that they've locked down all roads leading out of the city.

As Avilio walks to Corteo's apartment, we see that the Vanetti men are all out looking for him. When Avilio enters Corteo's apartment, he finds it completely trashed.

In Nero's office, Nero and Barbero are talking. Barbero says that since Corteo and Avilio have known each other so long, and since Avilio's covered for Corteo before, he feels a bit uneasy about him. Nero says that it's only because they're friends from childhood. Nero says that Barbero has a bad habit of being too suspicious. Nero says that first they find Corteo and then everything else will come after that.

On the phone in his apartment, Avilio says to someone to let him know if they find him and then hangs up. Just before he puts the phone down, it rings again. He answers without saying anything. No one says anything for a moment before Avilio asks if Corteo is on the line. Corteo apologizes then says that they're going to kill him if Avilio doesn't kill Nero. Shocked, Avilio asks where he is. Corteo doesn't answer and simply says that he'll phone at the same time the next day. He again says that if Nero isn't dead, he will be. It shows that someone is pointing a gun at him as he speaks. Avilio calmly asks who's with him. Corteo starts to say who sent him the letter, but the line goes dead.

Avilio sits on a chair in his apartment and thinks back to what Nero said on their camping trip about the night his family was killed.

Avilio goes to the Vanetti mansion and walks past Del Toro. As he walks past him, though, Del Toro looks back at him, suspicious. Avilio walks outside to the backyard where he find Nero juggling rocks. He drops one and it rolls to Avilio's feet. Nero greets him and Avilio notes that he seems to be taking it easy. Nero says that he isn't an idiot like Fango. Avilio asks if they'd found any trace of Corteo. Nero replies that they hadn't yet. Nero says that some former bigwigs are meeting today to talk about where the family goes from there with Fango out of the picture. Nero smiles and stands up, and tells Avilio that he should come too. Avilio agrees. As Nero walks away, he kicks the rock he dropped earlier.

In one of the rooms, Ganzo, Avilio, Barbero, and Nero are inside. Nero asks Ganzo how his wound is. Ganzo says that it hurts a bit, but it's nothing serious. Del Toro enters the room and nods. He then brings them to Vince's room. As Avilio looks at Vince, he seems disgusted. Vince apologizes for calling them all the way there. Nero tells his father that he wants Barbero to serve as a family executive from now on. Barbeo says that he swears his loyalty to him anew. Vince gestures and Nero introduces Avilio as a new recruit. He asks if he's the one with the booze. Nero says that he's the one who brought it to them. He also says that Avilio has a lot of moxie. The two look at each other before he asks that Avilio takes care of Nero. Avilio agrees and calls him don. Vince says that "Children grow up before you know it. You do so much for them, then... Frate's dead, and Fio's gone too. Nero, I'm not blaming you. You did it all to protect the family. I thought welcoming Ronald into the family was the best way to protect it, and I listened to Ronald over you. But that made things worse with Frate." He continues to apologize, but Nero says that it's enough, and that it's all in the past now. Vince says that if Frate hadn't dies, the Galassia's would never have stepped back. He says that Nero did the right thing. Vince stands up and says that "God helps those who help themselves." He says that from now on, Nero will be the don.

Barbero and Nero are initially taken back. Nero quickly gathers himself and walks over to kiss his father's hand. He then sits down in his chair. Ganzo, then Barbero, then Avilio, walk over to kisses his hand. After this, they begin a meeting.

Barbero reads that the Fango family is now incorporated into theirs. He says that from now on, he'd like to reconsider the Island as a primary sales route, that they continue rebuilding while expanding the Lodge, and that they work toward mass production. Then, regarding Lawless Heaven, he'd like to prepare to sell it in Chicago in the near future. Ganzo is surprised, as he feels that the Galassias won't like it if they sell there. Nero says that they'll negotiate with them, of course. Nero says that he'd also like to send some to Don Galassia before the Playhouse's opening. He asks Avilio if he'd go in his place. Barbero says that he will handle that, as Avilio isn't ready. Nero disagrees and says that they'll leave it to him. He says that they have the preparations on the Playhouse to finish. Avilio agrees, and Nero says that he's counting on him. Nero tells his father that the rehearsals are starting at the Playhouse soon and that everything's in place. Vince looks happy and says that he can't wait.

Downstairs, Tigre downs a glass of Lawless Heaven and marvels at Nero becoming the don. Tigre says that he'll make a great don and Nero smiles happily at him. Avilio asks who the man beside his father was. Nero asks if he means Del Toro. Avilio says that he's never seen him speak. Nero says that he heard he got messed up in the European war. Since fighting there, he's served under Vince. Tigre asks if he was in prison. Nero says that he was on a job for the family. And he only got out the year before last. Avilio asks how long he was in for and Nero says that he isn't sure, but he thinks 5 years. Avilio says that he went to prison 7 years ago, he asks if Nero went on his first job with him. Nero says no, because he was supposed to, but got sent to prison before that. Tigre says he has to go to the bathroom and leaves.

Now alone, Avilio thinks about what Corteo had said the night before about killing Nero. He stares at the knife sticking out of the ham on the table. He looks at Nero, who is drunk and looking at his lap. He seems to be slowly reaching for it, before Nero says that Ganzo thinks pretty highly of Avilio and that he really pushed for him to take Avilio there. Nero says that he was shocked, since Ganzo had always been an old-fashioned kinda guy and that he was sure he'd be the one to ague against it, but it was the opposite. With the knife no longer in the ham, Nero lights his cigar and sits back into his chair. Avilio says that he's glad the Nero was acknowledged by Vince. Avilio says he's drunk and that Nero should go on ahead as he walks out.

Before he exits, Nero says "Seven years ago... That night, when Dad took me along on my first job... It wasn't just the kid who ran away. I couldn't shoot anyone. I was afraid to shoot. I felt like Dad held me in contempt for it. That's why, to get him to acknowledge me, I've thrown myself into my work, done a lot of killing. And then, even Frate... In the end, maybe nothing's really changed since then..." Avilio looks back slightly angry and says "But you could kill him now, right? That kid you failed to shoot seven years ago."

Avilio then travels to Cerotto's Bar and hands him something. Outside, he looks up at the stars. At the mansion, Nero is laying outside, doing the same. Avilio comes to a house and looks at his clock before knocking on the door. Someone opens as Avilio points a gun at them. Avilio says "It was you, wasn't it?" Smiling, Ganzo says "Right answer, Angelo."

Proof of Sincerity

At a local harbor, Avilio is shown waiting to board a boat. Gianni is shown spying on him from behind a newspaper. A man tells the group that they can now board so Angelo stands up with his trunk. As he's about to board, he notices Tigre watching him, surprising him. Tigre is initially taken back by being caught, but then smiles at him.

The two talk in an alley. Tigre initially talks about Lawless Heaven and apologizes for spying on him. He pauses briefly and then expresses his sadness about Corteo; saying that he's a good guy and that Fango probably fed him a line. Nevertheless, he still has to die. Angelo maintains a blank expression throughout. The boat honks and and they both look towards it. Tigre waves Gianni over who is staring at the boat. Angelo asks if he can go and Tigre says it's fine. As the boat sails away, they send him off.

As the boat gets farther and farther away, Angelo stands at the edge of the boat, staring at the port. A man approches him, so Angelo turns around. He smiles, finding Corteo standing there, and compliments him on his hat. Corteo smiles back at him.

Back at the Vanetti mansion, Nero. Barbero, Tigre, and Ganzo sit together in Nero's office. Barbero asks if Corteo showed up at the boat and Tigre tells him that he hadn't. Nero asks how many times he has to say that he isn't in on it. Ganzo doesn't say anything, as he's thinking about the previous night.

After Angelo confirms that Ganzo did send the letter, he comes inside the house. Angelo asks why he sent the letter to him. Ganzo says "Vincent kept worrying himself over Testa's son, the one who got away. He told me to track you down by any means necessary. Don't worry. You're dead, as far as he knows. To be honest, my hopes weren't high, but you did well. You made a few blunders along the way, but the way you killed Vanno had style." Angelo asks why he wants the Vanettis dead. Ganzo admits that he wanted the town of Lawless and everything that comes with it to himself. Ganzo asks if he killed Nero. Angelo says that he can kill Nero any time, but Vincent won't go down that easily. He says that to kill Vince, he needs Ganzo's help, since he needs Angelo as well. Angelo says that he wants Corteo and that once he's safe, he'd come back. Ganzo asks what happens if he refuses, and Angelo says that he entrusted the letter to a certain man, and that if he dies, it will be sent to Nero with his name on it. Ganzo gets up and opens a door. Corteo is sitting on the other side of it. Ganzo says that, for now, he should pick a familiar place to lay low.

Vincent asks how the playhouse is coming along. Nero says that it's right on schedule and that the orchestra they've got rehearsing is saying good things about it, too. Vincent reaches beside him with a shaky hand to his cigar box. Nero looks displeased at this. He stands up and tears the end of it. Del Toro lights it for him. Vince says that it's been a long road. But if they can patch up their relationship with the Galassias, that should clear up the last of their worries. Nero agrees and says that if you can't beat them, join them. Vince says that the Galassias want is to expand steadily, not to destroy. He says that as long as they're corteous toward them, they won't be unreasonable. Nero says that they won't let them live, but they won't let them die either. They'll just hang over them at all times, taking kickbacks and growing fat. Vince says that he understands how he feels, but that the Galassias could wipe them out if they wanted to. Nero tells him not to worry, as he's not stupid enough to try to do something about it now. Nero quotes his father saying "Think carefully, then walk forward with purpose. The faster you rush out, the more likely you are to trip and fall." Vince smiles at this. Nero tells his father that no matter what happens, he'll protect the family.

Tigre laments that they can't find Corteo anywhere. Barbero says that he's worried about Corteo, but about Avilio as well. Tigre says that he did call from Chicago and that he said the deal went great. Nero says that the Galassias corroborated too. Barbero says that he's been gone a whole week, and that if he'd gone straight to Chicago, it should have only taken him one day. Tigre says that it's his big trip to Chicago and that there's nothing wrong with spending a few days living the high life. He says that the women there aren't like the ones in Lawless. Ganzo agrees, saying that a woman he took to bed in Chicago left him limp for a week, sickly even. Smiling, Angelo suddenly appears at the door, and asks what they're talking about. This suprises everyone and Tigre greets him, asking if he wants a drink. Nero says that it sounds like business went well. Angelo agrees, saying that they got almost everything they wanted. Looking displeased, Barbero says that it took him quite a while. Angelo says that there was a lot in Chicago he had to try out. Barbero doesn't seem happy with this answer, but Tigre happily asks how it was over there. Angelo, to the surprise of Tigre, says that it wasn't great and that the alcohol quality was poor. He says that they can mix it into cocktails to hide it, but the straight stuff is nothing. He says that there is no Chicago booze that can top Lawless Heaven. Don Galassia and his underboss, Straga both agreed. Nero says they should toast and tells Angelo to tell them stories of his trip.

Back at Ganzo's house, he says that he's relieved that he returned because he was worried that he might run off with Corteo. Angelo says that his revenge isn't finished. Ganzo says that the playhouse will be opening in three days, so Vince will be leaving his mansion for the first time in a long while. Ganzo hands him a gun and says that he should keep him safe while smiling. Angelo doesn't pick up the gun, so Ganzo asks what's wrong. He says that it's nothing as he picks it up and puts it in his pocket. He gulps down the rest of his drink then stands up to leave. As he reaches the door, Ganzo throws him a bag full of bullets. He tells him to use it well.

At the playhouse, Nero says that he can't believe that it will only be two days until it's open. Ganzo says that Don Galassia will come, as promised and that that means he officially accepts the Vanettis as friends. Tigre happily says that Lawless is now his. Nero says that it isn't yet, since there are still those with lingering loyalty to Fango and there's also Corteo. Ganzo puts his hand on Nero's shoulderand says that he and his father will need the best security there is to protect the guests. He says to leave it to him. Nero agrees and then asks where Barbero is. Tigre says that he went to go meet someone at the pier.

At Angelo's, he receives a phone call from Tigre asking if he can come now. He says that they got a lead about Corteo. Angelo agrees and hangs up. He leans back in his chair and sighs.

At the Vanetti mansion, Angelo knocks on the door. He enters a room with Barbero, Ganzo, Nero, and Tigre. They all seem surprised to see him. Angelo asks if they found where Corteo is hiding, and Nero says that they hadn't. Barbero walks up to Avilio and asks if he let Corteo escape. He cocks his gun and says that they day he left for Chicago, Corteo was at the pier. Angelo doesn't say anything as Barbero holds a gun to Angelo's head. Gianni knocks on the door, but Barbero tells for him to wait. Though he tries to stop him, Corteo barges in. This shocks everyone and horrifies Angelo.

Going back to Angelo's old apartment, Corteo lays in bed awake, staring at the ceiling. He sits up and looks at the bottles of whisky around the apartment. He puts them into a bag and walks outside. On his way out, he is stopped by the landlady. She asks if he's a friend of Angelo's. She says that it's better if he stays away from him because "He doesn't have a proper job, yet he has all that money..." Smiling, Corteo says that they're brothers. The woman apologizes and Corteo walks away. As he does, he says "Forever. No matter what happens."

Down by a small river, Corteo opens his bag and takes out a bottle of Lawless Heaven and thinks about their time together. At a zoo, Corteo asks if that's his favorite place. Avilio says that it is, so Corteo asks if he comes there a lot. Angelo says that he doesn't, and that it's his first time. He says on that day, Luce told him he wanted to go to the zoo someday. Back in the present, Corteo opens a bottle and pours it out, saying that they can start over together. He then throws the bottle into the water. He then starts throwing them in one by one.

One morning, he is awoken by the landlady knocking on his door. She says that he has a call from Angelo Lagusa. He answers the call and doesn't say anything until he hears someone on the other line. It's actually Ganzo who tells him to come back at once because he has to save Angelo.

Back in the office, Barbero drags Corteo to sit in a chair. He pulls his gun on him and asks why he tried to kill Nero. Nero walks over to him and says that he doesn't remember doing anything to earn his hatred. He says that he wanted to save Avilio from this ridiculous place. Tigre curses at him and Barbero asks if he and Avilio were working together. He denies this and says that he did it himself. Barbero asks if it was Avilio who got him out of the garage, and he refuses this as well. Barbero says that someone saw him on the pier the day Avilio left for Chicago. Corteo says that he never went there. Barbero calls him a liar and says that they both went after Nero together. Smiling, Corteo looks up at Barbero and asks "Avilio's in your way, isn't he? He could steal your position as Nero's right hand." Barbero slaps him twice and is about to punch him when Nero calmly says that it's enough.

Barbero begins to protest, but then looks at Nero and stops. Nero pulls out his gun and points it at Corteo and cocks it. He looks over at Angelo and stops. He walks over to him with the gun and, smiling, gives it to him. He tells him to kill Corteo. Angelo looks upset and slowly takes the gun. They all exit the room with Barbero stopping momentary to stare at Angelo.

As the last man leaves the room, Angelo puts the gun by his side and walks over to Corteo. He sadly asks why he would come back, and Corteo says that it was because Ganzo said that Angelo was in danger. This angers Angelo and Corteo says that even if he hadn't, it would have been the same way with him dying. He says that with his gun, he can clear any suspicion of him. After that, no one will get in his way. Angelo says that he's there to get revenge and he's not done yet. Smiling, Corteo sits back in his chair and closes his eyes, saying that it's been a crazy ride. He notes that it's only been three months since Avilio came back to Lawless. He opens his eyes and says that he's glad he got to see him again. With a shaky voice, Angelo again asks why he came back, so Corteo smiles and says "Angelo, because we're" and then trails off, smiling and then does his special wave. Angelo shoots him and then sadly begins to smile. He finished his words, saying "because we're brothers, right?" With his face quivering, he promises to "see him soon."

All for Nothing

Sitting in a meeting with Tigre, Ganzo, Barbero, and Nero, Barbero asks Avilio is the Galassias were receptive when he brought them the whisky. Avilio says they were, and that they called what happened with Ronald "water under the bridge." Nero says that he remembers Strega going to Ronald's funeral. Barbero explains that Strega is Don Galassia's nephew and Ronald's cousin. He asks Avilio if he met him in Chicago. Having just killed Corteo, we see that Avilio has bags under his eyes and looks very troubled. He doesn't reply until Nero calls out to him. Concerned, Nero slept at all. Barbero says that either way, it's best that they proceed with caution. Tigre says that there is no need to be so nervous and Ganzo replies that they are the big family that controls Chicago, so they shouldn't do anything to offend them. Hearing cars pull up, Ganzo announces that the Galassias have arrived.

Nero greets Don Galassia and says that it's an honor to meet him as they shake hands. Don Galassia says that he looks like his father as a young man. Looking nervous, Nero begins to bring up Ronald, but Don Galassia tells him not to worry as Nero took responsibility for that himself. He says they should instead both moe forward and build a relationship together as he puts his hand on his shoulder. Nero replies that he's grateful to hear him say that. Galassia introduces Strega, saying that he's a capable man and that he hopes that they can get along as the two young men shake hands.

The door suddenly opens as Del Toro opens it for Vince.Vince says that it's good to see him. Galassia greets him, calling him "Don Vanetti," but corrects himself as Nero is now the don. Vince confirms this, saying that he pushed all the hard work onto him so that he can take it easy. Galassia laughs, saying that he's envious. Nero walks over to some wine and asks who would like a drink. Galassia says that the wine Avilio brought will surely be popular in Chicago as well. As he finishes saying this, Vince begins coughing into a napkin. Galassia asks if he's alright, so Vince looks down to see blood in his napkin before excusing himself and closing him hand over it.

Outside, Don Galassia asks if Avilio is ready to come to Chicago. He says that he'd never be able to abandon that place. Strega says that Nero seems like an interesting guy, but calls him a "naive child [who] will trip sooner or later." Galassia tells Avilio to look ahead to the future because Lawless it too small a town for him.

Later, at a bar, Avilio and Ganzo sit together. Ganzo says that he doesn't look very well. Avilio doesn't reply to this and asks if there are any changes to the plan tomorrow. Ganzo says that there isn't and tells him that their room is the furthest down the hall on the second floor. He says that the door is bulletproof, so to kill Vincent, he'll have to get inside. It's the one door without an outside knob, so it's set up so that you can't get in from the outside without a key. Motioning to two other men sitting at another seat in the bar, he says that they'll finish off Del Toro, who'll be in front of the door. After that, Nero should open the door. Avilio says that he'll let Galassia escape first, then kill Vince and Nero. He takes out the letter and tells Ganzo to add his name to it since if his name is on it, it means that he's him enemy. As Ganzo begins to sign it, Avilio asks if he was there that day. Ganzo seems to be slightly taken back that he knew, but Avilio reassures him that he knows he didn't fire a shot. Ganzo tells Avilio that back then, Vincent was colluding with the Galassias. Testa found that out, so he killed him and his family. Ganzo puts the letter back in its envelop and says that Avilio should be the one to kill Vincent and Nero. Avilio looks away and tells him not to rush him, as everything is in its proper order. Ganzo looks over to an empty table beside them and asks what he's talking about. Avilio says that it's nothing as he stands up and puts the letter in his pocket. He leaves the bar. As soon as he does this, Strega walks in and asks Ganzo if he's sure Avilio can be counted on, and that nothing can happen to the Don. Smiling, Ganzo says that Avilio's capable. He says that once Vincent is dead, and Strega continues to say that in two days, Ganzo will be the one unifying the family, so not to mess it up. Ganzo agrees, saying that unlike Nero, he does as he' told. He asks if Don Galassia knows about it. Strega says that he doesn't have to know, as he's "gone soft, though and through."

Back at the mansion, Nero sits in his office drinking Lawless Heaven. Barbero walks in and asks if he could have a moment. Nero asks if it's about Avilio. Barbero says that he thinks they should take him off security at the playhouse. He feels that Avilio resents them over what happened to Corteo, especially Nero. Nero interrupts him, saying that he cleared all suspicion on himself yesterday and that he would have no reason to resent them. He's says that Avilio's like an empty shell now, but that "[he]'ll give [him] something to live for."

In Vincent's room, he lies in his bed as Del Toro sits on a chair beside him. Nero enters the room and they both turn to look at him. Nero smiles at his father and asks how he's feeling. His father says well enough and asks if he spoke to the doctor. Nero says that the doctor said he'd be right as rain. Still smiling, Vince tells him not to hide it; he knows he's on his way out. Nero looks solemnly back before nodding slowly. The two wait silently as Del Toro exits the room before Vince begins to speak again.

Vince tells his son about his constant regret about killing the Lagusa family and how he is constantly thinking about if there could have been another way to stop them from getting swallowed up by the Galassias besides killing his best friend. Nero, who had been listening quietly, waits until Vince is finished and then tells him that the Vanetti name is more important than anything. He says that he's ready to do what he must. Vince smiles at him and begins lifting up his right hand, weakly, to Nero. Nero is sadden by this, but clasps his hands over his father's; covering up the scar left by Testa. He lovingly holds it close to his face as his father looks up at him.

The next day, at the Playhouse, a large group of reporters stand waiting for Vincent Vanetti to make an appearance. As a car pulls up, Tigre is shown trying to hold them back. Del Toro opens Vince's door and he comes out. Nero walks around to support his father as reporters begin shouting questions and snapping pictures. One asking if he has anything to say after not been seen in public in 3 years. As he and Nero walk towards the playhouse, Vince stops and marvels at its beauty. Nero smiles and agrees and they press on. Helping keep the reporters back, Angelo looks over his shoulder at the two. He has bags under his eyes and he turns around further to show Barbero looking at him suspiciously. Angelo looks back for a moment before being interrupted by a car pulling up. Don Galassia steps out of his car and waves while smiling. Some photographers take his picture.

That night, Tigre looks over at an armed man and says that they have no class; standing around with their giant guns. Barbero says that have no choice because they can't risk anything happening. The two and Gianni are interruped by applause. Tigre spits into his wine glass and, smiling, says that it seems they're about to start. Angelo, who had been leaning against a pole beside them, sees the silhouette of Corteo standing on the stairs. He tells the group that he's going to look around. Though Gianni and Tigre watch the stage, Barbero watches Angelo suspiciously.

On stage, the mayor announces that he's never been so proud to be mayor of Lawless. He asks that they have another round of applause for Vince as a spotlight begins shining to their booth. The crowd applauds as many stand up. Vince stands up as Nero and Galassia also clap beside him. Vince smiles and waves at the people below him. Smiling, Galassia says he's impressed and that they don't even have a theater that nice in Chicago. Also smiling, Nero says he's honored. Galassia smiles and he and Vince each pick up a class. Galassia says that should make a toast to a new start with the Vanetti family. They raise their glasses before drinking. Vince looks slightly suspicious of his words.

In another booth, Ganzo and Strega sit together, watching them. Strega smiles as he looks around to see all his men standing with guns and the show begins.

Angelo walks up the stairs slowly. Del Toro stands in front of Vince's door quietly. A group of guards swap and new men begin supervising. One of the men say to the other that he's happy they're so understanding because he'd go crazy after standing for 3 hours as he begins to pull out a cigarette. The other man scolds him and tells him to smoke past where Del Toro stands. The man relents and begins walking over. Just as he walked past Del Toro, he suddenly stops and begins digging in his pockets. Smiling, he turns to Del Toro and asks if he could lend him a match. Del Toro completely ignores him. The man, still smiling, takes a step towards him and teases that there's no need to ignore him. The man suddenly pushes Del Toro into the wall while stabbing him with a knife. He begins twisting it before Del Toro starts to push him off. As he does this the other man comes from behind and stabs him in the back. He puts his hand over his mouth and tells him to be silent forever. Del Toro suddenly forces the two off and snaps the first one's neck. As he falls to the ground the other man runs at Del Toro and stabs him again. Del Toro takes the knife out and stabs the man in the throat. The man falls back to the floor, dead.

Panting, Del Toro begins limping over to the door. Someone suddenly begins running towards him. Just before reaching the door, he turns only to have Angelo stab him in the chest, finally killing him. As Angelo stands over his corpse with a knife still in his hand, Barbero interject that he "thought so" and the two stand staring at each other with a blank expression as Tigre looks on with shock.

In the basement, Barbero and Tigre stand over Angelo as he sits in a chair. Barbero asks if he wanted to avenge Corteo. At his words, Angelo begins smiling faintly while looking down, but ignores his question. Barbero walks forward and pushes Angelo's knife into his shoulder. He twists it and Angelo gasps quietly in pain. As blood flows out of his wound, Angelo chokes out that his comrades are after Nero as they speak. Tigre and Barbero look unfazed by this and Barbero tells him not to change the subject. Tigre interrupts that he didn't see the bodies of Galassia's watch guys up there. He says he's worried.

Barbero looks back over as Angelo tells them that there's a letter in his jacket pocket from the man who called him to Lawless. Barbero reads that it's addressed to "Angelo Lagusa." Ge quickly reads it over and Tigre asks what it says. He reads that "The ones who killed your father, mother, and little brother, who now rest in peace in Lawless are Vincent Vanetti, his son, Nero, and Vanno Clemente and Ganzo Alary. Barbero angrily asks who sent it. He doesn't answer so Barbero demands to know who this "best friend" is supposed to be. Angelo ignores him so Barbero begins striking him. After a few blows, the two are both out of breath and Tigre says that he'll call Nero and Ganzo. Before he leaves, Barbero stops him and tells him not to tell Nero.

Vince, Nero, and Galassia sit together in their booth when Nero notices Ganzo talking to Tigre at the door as Strega continues watching the show. Ganzo looks over his shoulder as he walks out the door and Tigre closes it behind him. Nero furrows his brows at this.

As they walk downstairs, Ganzo feigns surprise at what Avilio did. Tigre says that Barbero said not to call Nero. Continuing walking, Ganzo tells him to call Nero. Tigre stops and Ganzo tells him that Nero's the don, not Barbero. Tigre goes to get him as Ganzo continues going down.

Inside, Barbero turns to see Ganzo come in. Ganzo asks him what happened. Barbero shows Ganzo his letter and says that he was right about Angelo being after Nero, as well as Vince and Ganzo. He says that whoever sent the letter is behind everything. Ganzo looks at the letter blankly. Barbero asks if he has any idea who could have sent it, and Ganzo replies no. Barbero asks where Tigre went and Ganzo tells him. Barbero is taken back by this and asks why. Ganzo says that Nero should get to decide what to do, since Angelo was his right hand.

Barbero becomes frantic at this and says that Nero won't kill him. Ganzo tells him to calm down. Barbero kneels down and says that Vanno and Del Toro, and the deaths of so many others... they were all his fault. Ganzo shows no emotion at this until sighing in annoyance. He tells Angelo that Nero said he was like an empty shell but said he would give Angelo something to live for. He accuses Angelo of driving Nero mad and begins to say that if he hadn't shown up, but Angelo looks up and smiles, calling him pathetic. Barbero is further enraged by this and reaches into his coat for his gun. Aiming it at Angelo, he calls him a "devil who possessed the family and infested Nero's mind." As he's about to shoot, he says that he'll protect Nero himself but he is suddenly shot before he can by Ganzo and falls to the ground. Ganzo looks at his body unemotionally and says that he guesses it's all over. He looks at Angelo and asks where he messed up. Angelo smiles and looks up. He tells Ganzo that things are going perfectly.

Tigre knocks on their door and calls Nero. He excuses himself and goes to answer it. Nero asks what's wrong, and Tigre says that Barbero's got Avilio. Nero looks over his shoulder then nods, following him out.

Nero gits his teeth as they slowly walk down the stairs together. On their way, Ganzo stands kneeled over. Nero calls out to him and runs over. Ganzo says that Angelo got away and that they just missed him. The two look over to see Barbero laying in a pool of blood. Nero is horrified, as is Tigre. Tigre runs over to him but Nero stands there, suddenly angry. Tigre curses and throws his fists into his thighs. Ganzo walks beside Nero and watches Tigre blankly. Nero mutters "Avilio." Ganzo hands him the letter and says that he's after Vincent, him, and Nero, it seems. Nero quickly reads over the letter and is shocked. Tigre asks about the don and Ganzo replies that he can't get inside without the key. Tigre is furious, but Nero manages to calm down and says to send someone, just to be safe. Tigre yells that he'll find and kill him.

Suddenly, Strega Galassia comes in with two of his men. Smiling, he asks what's going on. He asks if Barbero is a stage prop. Suddenly serious, he says that if anything happens to the don, and then asks if they know what would happen. Ganzo says that if he was him, he'd go with a rifle. Nero is taken back by this and Ganzo finishes that he could snipe him easily from the box across from his. Nero pushes Strega out of the way and runs past him. Tigre quickly follows. Smiling, Ganzo turns to Strega and says that they'd better get searching too.

Angelo limps up the stairs, clutching his wounded shoulder. Running below, Nero yells at Tigre to check the fourth floor. As Angelo continues walking, Nero comes to the door across and kicks it open. At the same time, someone knocks on Vince and Galassia's booth.

He tells them that he was told to lead them outside through the back entrance. Vince asks where Del Toro is and Angelo replies that he doesn't know but that he isn't there. Vince ask who he is and he says that he's Avilio. Vince tells him to bring Nero. Angelo pauses for a second before asking Galassia to open the door as they "don't have time." This angers Vince and he tells him to watch his mouth. Galassia tells him that he doesn't need to get angry. He says that he himself knows him well and that he's Nero's right hand. He gets up to open the door.

From across the playhouse, Nero sees Galassia going to open the door so he sprints out, leaving Ganzo and Strega behind. They watch on as Angelo enters their room while pointing a gun. They both smile and Strega says that it looks like they've reached the climax, though it didn't go quite by the script.

Angelo enters the room and points his gun at Vince. Galassia asks what he's doing. He points his gun at Vince and says that he killed his family. Vince says that he doesn't know him. He says that his father was Testa Lagusa. This shocks Vincent.

Galassia remarks that "This is great! Is he part of the performance?" while smiling. He says that "He just keeps getting more interesting!" Angelo says that he returned to Lawless for this day. He says that "This time, I'm the one who will take everything away." Vincent is still shocked but closes his eyes and seems to accept his fate. A gunshot echos through the playhouse and silences the singer. The crowd looks around confused.

Vincent opens his eyes to see that Angelo shot Galassia instead. He shoots him four times in total in the stomach and he falls to the ground. A woman screams and people begin fleeing out of the playhouse. Vincent crawls over to Galassia's body and yells for someone to call a doctor. Angelo calmly walks out of the room.

Having watched his don's murder play out, an enraged Strega pulls out his gun and aims it at Ganzo. He begins to protest, saying he didn't know about it, but Strega doesn't hesitate and shoots him twice in the chest, killing him. Strega looks down at his body and asks what is going on. He begins smiling and says that it isn't a bad development and turns to his men and orders them to kill the rest of the Vanettis. This begins a shootout and many Vanetti men die.

As Nero runs through a hallway, he spots Angelo. He seems to be about to go after him but his father calls out to him from behind. He turns around to see his sickly father. Vince falls to his knees and begins coughing up blood. Nero runs over to him and holds him up. Vince places his bloody hand on Nero's shoulder and tells him that "It's over," and that "It was all for nothing" before dying in Nero's arms. Nero hugs him close in grief before becoming angry as he looks past his shoulder with a murderous glint in his eyes.

Outside the playhouse, Angelo hides in a dark alley. He gasps for air as he notices a shadowy figure standing close to the alley's entrance. He thinks it to be Corteo and tells him that he "did it" before falling unconscious. We then see that it's actually Strega. He looks down at Angelo with a blank expression.

Hovering Through the Filthy Air

At Hotel Lawless, Nero goes up an elevator while thinking about why he trusted him. Angelo sits in front of a window overlooking the Island. He is guarded by one of Strega's men. A second man knocks on the door and brings in a tray of food for Angelo. Angelo doesn't react, so the second man complains that he still has no interest. The first man asks why he is still alive, since he killed Galassia. The other man says he doesn't know. The second man notices magazine about Florida sitting on the table and says that it's ridiculous. As he tosses it back, a large explosion can be seen out the window on the Island. The two quickly look over, but Angelo just looks on without any expression.

The first man remarks that the Vanettis must all be dead by now, then the other replies that it's the perfect presentation for Don Strega. As they talk, Angelo notices a car parked outside of the hotel with Cerotto sitting in the driver's seat. The first man begins eating Angelo's food, so the second man scolds him. He says that he's not eating it anyway. The second man begins to leave, but is attacked after opening the door. The second man is shocked and tries to pull out his gun but instead yells out "bang" as he points his finger. He is attacked as well. Through this, Angelo doesn't stop looking out the window. After taking them both out, Nero stares at Angelo, infuriated. Angelo finally looks up and smiles at him.

At the island, a large group of men stand outside of a church. They say that if they throw down their weapons, they won't be hurt. Strega watches on from his car. Someone waves a white cloth out of the window and says that they're coming out but they instead throw a bomb. This causes a shoot out as both sides begin firing. The shooting eventually leads to one of the Galassia cars exploding.

At Fango's mansion, Tigre and Nero sit in a room together. Tigre says that they keep coming in swarms, so even if all of their bullets hit, they wouldn't have enough. Nero receives a phone call from Cerotto. He says that Angelo is in room 501 of Hotel Lawless and that everyone's been sent over to the Island. Nero says that he's going and that Tigre and the rest should as well, as he doesn't want to "die in the same place Fango did." Tigre laughs, agreeing, and then adds that they're only after Nero anyways. Nero chugs down the rest of his drink and then says "later." Tigre stops him briefly, starting to says that it's their something, but then says to never mind and instead tells him to sock Avilio for him.

Now in the car with Angelo, Nero, and Cerotto, Cerotto asks where they're going, but notes that there's no way they can escape anyways. Angelo asks Cerotto why he's there. This angers Cerotto and he instead turns the question on him and asks why he's still alive since he's done killing all the Vanettis. Angelo doesn't reply, so he begins talking about Corteo; saying that he never wanted to join the family, no matter how much money he could get from it, he wouldn't even consider it. He blames Angelo and says that it's all his fault and that Corteo had never even been with a woman. He begins crying and demands to know why Avilio should live when he's dead. The whole time, Angelo looks out his window and doesn't react. At Cerotto's shouting, Nero tells him to pipe down. Cerotto wipes his eyes and drinks some alcohol.

Nero pulls the letter from his coat pocket and asks who sent it. Angelo tells the truth and Nero says that he was "being deceived from all sides." Angelo then admits that he is the reason that Frate, Volpe, Del Toro, Barbero, and Vanno are all dead. Nero sadly looks down at the letter and notes that he's the only named person in it who's still alive. He asks why he wasn't killed as well. Angelo says that Vincent holed up in his mansion and wouldn't come out. So he would have to get close to his son first. Still looking down, Nero asks then why he would let him live when he seen him at the play house, as he had already gotten to his father. He says that it was because he wanted them to both feel the same pain that he did. "A pain worse than death." Angelo chuckles, causing Nero to look over at him. Smiling, he says that it was "a shame Vincent died so soon."

Nero pulls out a gun and pushes it into Angelo's forehead, as he breathes heavily in anger. Though Angelo again has no real response to this, Cerotto is distressed and tells him not to shoot him where they are. Nero seems to be about to pull the trigger when Angelo tells him to "do it." He instead clocks him, and he passes out. Nero says that he'll save it for later. Cerotto is exasperated by this and turns on the car.

At the Island, Tigre and a group of men are about to try and make an escape. Tigre is drinking and he hands it over to a man beside him. The man chokes on it. Tigre reassures him that he'll be fine, and the man smiles at him with tears in his eyes. Another man appears and says that the boats ready. The man run out into an open area and are ambushed. Tigre begins shooting and he tells the other men to go on ahead. They do and one of them is gunned down. Tigre is shot twice in the leg but continues to shoot at them. When his bullets run out, he is shot to death in a shower of bullets. None of the Vanetti men make it off the island. Afterwards, their bodies are all lined up in a row as Strega looks around smiling. He says that "the king's arms are long, Nero."

At a Shell gas station, Cerotto fills up his car. He asks if they want some breakfast. No one answers so he scoffs and walks away towards a store across the street. Nero notes that he's too trusting.

Cerotto walks towards the counter with a can of beans. He looks at the car and scoffs, then goes back and grabs another two cans. As he approaches the counter, he hears honking so he turns and looks out the window to see his car driving away. He runs out of the store in disbelief, but the clerk assumes he's stealing so he punches him out. In the car, Nero says that he's hungry.

Angelo dreams of waves washing up on a sandy shore. He opens his eyes and looks to see a man sitting at the table near the foot of his bead. The man yawns and then notices Angelo's awake. He rushes out of the room.

Angelo, now sitting up, downs a glass of water. Strega stands beside him and asks why he killed Galassia. He says that he lived a happy life and that it was just because it was convenient since the Vanetti's killed his family. Strega finds this amusing and says that he's just been manipulating everyone. Angelo asks why he saved him, and he says that it was as thanks. He says that he sped up his plans to be don next.

With cars following the two, Nero shoots at the Galassia cars as Tigre drives. Strega says that they fled to the Island. Angelo says that prohibition will end soon, making the town worthless. He asks what the point is. Strega says that Nero killed Ronald, but he thinks that Angelo might be more useful as he's "a man with no inconvenient ambitions." He says that if he kills someone on the Island, he can be free. He asks if he'll come with him, and Angelo says that he doesn't care anymore. He looks over at the Florida magazine.

At the Barton Diner, Nero and Angelo sit together at a booth. Nero looks around nervously. A man brings Nero a meal before staring at Angelo whose hands are tide up. Noticing, Nero says that he's escorting a dangerous prisoner. He says that he shouldn't stare at him because everyone who's gotten involved with him has ended up dead. After finishing his meal, Nero lights up a smoke. He tosses the pack at Angelo and he lights one up too. A suited man walks in to the diner and sits at the front. Nero observes him from the side of his eye. He then pays and they bother walk out.

Back in the car once again, Nero looks at a map using a lighter to see. Angelo tells him to go right and how to get onto his route. Nero asks where they're going, and Angelo says to the sea. Angelo asks if he's ever seen it, and Nero says that he hasn't. They then head in that direction.

The two eventually set up a fire to camp out. Nero passes Angelo some alcohol and then asks why he didn't just leave the city. He says that he wanted to see his revenge play out. Nero takes the letter from his pocket and throws it into the fire. Nero asks if he was satisfied. Angelo says that he thought that by completing his revenge and making his family's killers pay, he would find a reason to live again. But he says that "there was nothing left." and that "It was all for nothing." This infuriates Nero and he grabs Angelo by the collar and pushes him against a tree. He demands to know what was the point of all their deaths as he punches him in the face. He sadly asks why he didn't just kill him too. and that he trusted him. Angelo screams back that he should have just killed him seven years ago as he ran away. For the first time showing his pain, Nero is shocked as Angelo begins to cry. A car drives by in the background.

Nero thinks back to seven years ago, when he went to the Lagusa house with his family.

When he was looking downstairs in a closet, he finds a birthday gift to Angelo. As he stares at it, he hears a loud noise and rushes out to see. Angelo runs out the door. Nero aims at him with a pained expression on his face. He pulls the trigger without opening his eyes and Angelo isn't hit.

Nero sits against a tree staring at the dying fire. Angelo is asleep on the ground laying on top of a blanket. Nero looks at him before looking up at the moon that just appeared from behind the clouds.

At another diner, they both sit at a booth as Angelo is still tied up and Nero is eating. Angelo says something then Nero looks annoyed before Angelo raises his tied hands. Nero cuts his hands loose and they then share his meal.

Angelo is driving and Nero sits scared. Angelo almost hits a tree but then swerves away from it. In an open field, they pass by a mother and baby horse and after a small bridge. Nero is again driving as Angelo smokes a cigarette as he looks out the window. Nero lays awake in the sun smoking as Angelo fixes a tire on the car. In the middle of the night, Nero yawns as Angelo sleeps in the passenger seat.

Finally, they arrive at a cloudy beach. They climb over a small hill to reach it with the car parked on the other side. On top of the hill, they look out at the sea. As they walk down the beach, Nero says that "You don't need a reason to live. You just live." As they walk, Angelo begins to say why he didn't kill him. Nero stops walking but Angelo continues forward. He says that it is because he "didn't want to kill [him]." Nero points his gun at him. He closes his eyes before looking forward and shooting.

As Nero drives back alone, he passes by the same car and man that he seen earlier. As he passes the other man brakes and looks at Nero's car, implying that he is following him. In Nero's car, he looks over at a can of "Royal Palm Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple" sat on his passenger seat. He looks forward before beginning to smile.

As the credits roll, we see the waves washing up onto the shore. Their footprints are erased by the waves, and there is no trace of them left.


The people I was traveling with stole my car, and I was so shocked I dashed out of the store. I have money, and I’ll be sure to pay.

Even during such a simple explanation, I could sense several times that my life hung in the balance. If not for the shopkeeper’s daughter next to me lending her support, I’d probably have been left to the tender mercies of the police.

I managed to pay for the cans, but I didn’t have the money to buy a new car. Besides, I had no idea if I’d be safe if I returned to Lawless. After all, the people I was dealing with this time were the Galassias - big shots in Chicago.

I’d driven the car that carried Nero and Avilio. If a single word of this were to get out, I’d definitely be done for.

“There’s no going back for a while…”

I muttered these words to myself, but for some reason, they won me the deep sympathy of the shopkeeper’s daughter. She asked her father to hire me to work in the store. While he gave in to his darling daughter’s request, the gaze he turned on me grew increasingly harsh.

I dutifully followed orders and worked hard. One day, out of the blue, Nero appeared in the store to buy something, causing me a real fright.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing here? This can’t be good!”

I involuntarily let out a yell, but Nero just smiled wryly and said, “You’re as much of a pushover as ever, I see.”

“I haven’t forgotten that you two stole my car!” I bellowed.

“If the car was really returned, you’d be the one in trouble,” Nero replied with a laugh.

It seemed that Nero had already been found by the Galassia underlings.

While on the run, aimless and with no real plan in mind, he’d just happened to pass by this spot. It seemed that it was actually easier to hide right under your pursuers’ noses, by laying low in nearby places. Cities were the best place to lose yourself. Nero said all this with a smile.

But I couldn’t help but think - Could it be that this guy actually wants to die…?

Throughout the conversation, there was no mention of Avilio, who should have been traveling with him.

He wasn’t by Nero’s side. I also sensed that this was something which couldn’t be discussed.

Apparently it had been Nero and his lot who had murdered Avilio’s family. The one who had given the order to kill Corteo was also Nero. And so Avilio had taken away Nero’s kin, his companions, even the Family.

These two people couldn’t possibly continue to coexist amiably.

But for some reason, on the front passenger seat of the car lay a pineapple can, and Nero kept glancing over at it many times.

It was as though Avilio was there…

Just as I had liked Corteo, Nero too had liked Avilio.

He must have been rather fond of him; he’d brought him everywhere he went.

Avilio, too, had gotten along very well with Nero. Although their personalities were exact opposites, no matter what, they were a good match for each other.

And yet, despite all that… This mafia crowd really was beyond saving.

No wonder Corteo had hated them.

Nero gave me a sizable sum of money, and departed this town in that hopelessly beaten-up car.

The shopkeeper’s daughter asked, “Was that a friend of yours?”

I laughed bitterly and shook my head, and told her it was the car thief. She was furious for a while, but eventually she started laughing.

I took out the money Nero had given me. She said, “It won’t buy a car, but it should be enough to pay for two train tickets and still have some left over.”

Before I managed to sort out what on earth this sentence meant, a cry had already escaped my mouth, “No!”

I couldn’t put the woman I loved in danger. I couldn’t bring her to Lawless.

Faced with her tears, I found it extraordinarily difficult to explain the whole situation. And the shopkeeper even charged forward to hit me.

Can you just let people finish talking before you start hitting them! Please!

In the end, I had to tell the whole story in full detail.

“Please don’t tell the Galassias…”

Trembling with fear, I begged them to keep the secret. This wasn’t for my sake, but for Nero’s.

“Hmph! Like we’d want to get mixed up with that mafia sort!”

The shopkeeper told me to stay here for the time being. Hearing this, I let out a sigh of relief, though even the shopkeeper’s daughter called me “a pushover”.

Taking my hand in hers, she said, “After everything’s settled down, how about we go back together?”

Because of this, I got hit by the shopkeeper again - but the incredible thing was that this time, I didn’t feel any pain. Even when the spot where I was struck became swollen, with her tender care, the pain was nothing to speak of! …or at least I could bluff that much.

Before we received any news of Lawless, Prohibition was repealed.

Even the grocery store run by the shopkeeper began to sell low-proof alcohol.

The moonshine breweries in this town vanished one by one, replaced by ordinary stores that could sell alcohol.

Everyone said that the times had changed.

The newspapers said that the mafia in Chicago had gotten involved in a fierce battle with the FBI. After that, together with the shopkeeper’s daughter who was now my wife, I returned to Lawless.

In Lawless, no one knew what had become of Nero afterwards.

No one had any idea whether he was dead or alive.

With Orco, Fango, and Vincent all gone now, Lawless could be said to be incomparably peaceful. Apparently the Galassias had returned to Chicago without having taken control of the town. With the end of Prohibition, the Galassias had most likely lost the power to control somewhere as distant as Lawless.

I’d assumed that the playhouse where the tragedy took place would have been shut down, but in fact, it was operating just fine. The house where Corteo formerly lived now had a new tenant. The church on the island, in contrast, was unsurprisingly abandoned, given how severely the past shootouts had damaged the buildings. As for the Island, it seemed that it was soon to be reopened. Orco’s restaurant and the Vanetti mansion, too, now had new owners.

Ah, the times really had changed. I felt this very keenly.

Bearing flowers, my wife and I went to pay our respects at the graves of Corteo, my brother, and others.

At the same time, I said a small prayer for Avilio and Nero.

Although I have no idea what became of you two…

I didn’t have the slightest wish to know how those two guys ended up. I never wanted to find out. </poem>



  • Vincent Vanetti: Vincent Vanetti is Nero's father.
  • Connie Vanetti: Connie Vanetti is Nero's mother. Nero was shown to get along well with his mother. Though she was sickly, he would try to help her and was concerned when Fio suggested that he was harming her with his behaviour. As an adult, he is shown to fondly remember the onion soup she used to make them.
  • Fio Vanetti: Fio Vanetti is Nero's younger sister. Little of their relationship is shown. Because she is a girl, Nero didn't play with her growing up. It is shown that she very dutiful, even as a child, and would scold Nero when she felt he deserved it.
  • Frate Vanetti: Frate Vanetti is Nero's younger brother. The two brothers have a large age difference and clashing personalities. Though Nero loved Frate, Frate was insecure and envious of Nero's status. Frate attempted to assassinate Nero, forcing him to go into hiding. In the end, Nero is forced to kill Frate in order to protect himself.


  • Angelo Lagusa: Angelo and Nero have a difficult relationship. Unbeknownst to Nero, his Family killed Angelo's. As the story progresses, they seem to bond and Nero seems to consider him a friend. He often teases Angelo about his poor driving skills and his love of sweets. When Nero becomes ill, Angelo makes him eggnog. As thanks, he buys him a can of Royal Palm. After Angelo completes his revenge against his Family, he chooses not to kill Nero. As Nero drives away, he keeps a can for himself.
  • Arturo Tronco: Nero and Arturo aren't shown meeting, but Nero is infuriated when Frate mildly suggests that his death was his own fault.
  • Barbero: Barbero and Nero met when they were both 15. Nero takes him into the Family. Because of this, Barbero idolized Nero and was very protective of him.
  • Cerotto: Cerotto and Nero do not interact much. He helps Nero find Avilio after his Family is wiped out. Though he steals Cerotto's car, he brings it back to him afterwards.
  • Corteo: Nero seems to enjoy teasing Corteo. He realizes that Corteo is important to Angelo. After he finds that he tried to get him assassinated, he forces Angelo to kill him.
  • Corvo:
  • Del Toro:
  • Delphy:
  • Fango:
  • Galassia:
Ganzo AlaryEdit
"So I was being deceived from both ends..." —Nero (Day 12)

Ganzo was a close friend of Nero's father well before Nero was born. As such, Nero seemed to be close to Ganzo since he was a child. Even then, he affectionately referred to him as his uncle. He was deeply hurt when he found he had betrayed him.


Nero is a masculine, Italian, given name. The name's meaning is black, dark. The name is of uncertain origin; it could also be from Sabine roots. The first name is taken from the Roman nickname, which is known from the Roman emperor Nero (37-68). Nero's language of origin is Sabine. Here, the meaning is vigorous, strong.[11]

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  • Like Angelo, Nero was "interviewed."

Q1 Where do you go during summer vacation?
The lake. I used to always go with my family. Lately, I go a lot with Vanno, Barbero, and the rest.
Q2 On summer nights, when you can't sleep, what do you do?
Q3 What do you like to eat during summer?

Q1 サマーバカンスに行くなら?

Q2 眠れない夏の夜、何をして過ごす?

Q3 夏の食べ物で好きなものは?


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