Phantom of FalsehoodEdit

A family that can't protect their own turf has no future.

There's another saying: "God helps those who help themselves."

Day 9Edit

Seven years ago, on the night that Dad took me to my first job... It wasn't just that the kid ran away. I couldn't shoot anyone. I was scared to. Because of that, I felt that Dad held me in contempt. So I threw myself into it, including killing, so he'd acknowledge me. Then, even Frate... I guess nothing's changed since then, even after everything...
—Nero frailly speaks his mind[source]

七年前…… 親父に初めて仕事に連れていかれたあの夜。……逃げたガキだけじゃねぇ。誰も撃つことが 出来なかった。撃つのが怖かった。親父に軽蔑された気がした。だから 親父に認めてもらうためにガムシャラにやってきた。殺してきた。そして、フラテも…… 結局、あのときから、何も変わってねぇのかもな……
—Nero frailly speaks his mind[source]

—Nero frailly speaks his mind[source]

All for NothingEdit

The Vanetti name is more important than anything. More than friends, more than parents and siblings. I'm ready to do what I must.
—Nero to his father[source]

Slipping Through the Dirty SkyEdit

I thought that by completing my revenge and making my family's killers pay, I would find a reason to live again. But there was nothing left. It was all for nothing."
"You've got to be kidding me. Don't you dare try to sum it all up like that. What about them!? What were their deaths for!? Why didn't you just kill me? I trusted you!"
"Then you should have just killed me back then! That night, seven years ago... If you'd just shot me...
—Angelo and Nero[source]

You don't need a reason to live. You just live[1].
—Nero's final words of the anime[source]


  1. 「生きてることに理由なんてもんはいらねぇ……、ただ、生きるだけだ。」
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