Romaji Ame
Volume Volume 6
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Rain is a segment of 91 Daze.


Nero and Angelo sit inside as it pours rain.


Nero Damn. It's really coming down...
Angelo Yeah.
Nero Nothing to do but drink.

Gotten used to this town yet?

Angelo Yeah.
Nero Ever been to Marco's?
Angelo The place down town?
Nero Yeah
Angelo Not yet. I was thinking of going soon.
Nero Have you ever lived in this town before?
Angelo No. Why?
Nero Just a feeling.

You just got here, but you seem to know it pretty well.

Angelo Once you've been to one town like this, you've been to them all.
Nero Yeah, that's true.
Angelo It's letting up.
Nero Let's head out and cheer up.
Angelo Where?
Nero How about Marco's? I hear they've gotten some good booze in.
Angelo Why don't we head to Riverside? Really stretch our legs...

Nero mattaku
Angelo うん。
Nero koto ga ne

kono machi o

Angelo un.
Nero ni itta ka.
Angelo Down town no
Nero un
Angelo mada na
Nero mae ni sunda ko nai no kai kono machi ni
Angelo iya. Naze.
Nero nanta koto na.
Angelo Doko ni demo aru, arifuri machi da.
Nero Naa, sou da na.
Angelo wakatta na
Nero na
Angelo doko ni iku no?
Nero maruko no mise wa dou da? ii sake ga haitteru shi.
Angelo Riverside made no kla





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