91 Days Wikia

Phantom of Falsehood[]

He's locked up in his room, and won't even come to his own daughter's wedding? Too much caution just becomes cowardice.
—Ronald about Vincent[source]

Well, I'll fix your little Orco problem for you. Not that I get the point of fighting over this backwater burg. It's just a pit stop on the way of hauling booze over the border.

Where the Footfalls Lead[]

How stupid do you have to be to kidnap someone and then get yourself killed?
—Ronald about Vanno[source]

Blood Will Have Blood[]

Is insulting each other the sign of a close-knit family? A father and son shouldn't fight each other.
—Ronald towards Vincent and Frate[source]

A Poor Player[]

What a mess. What's wrong, Ceasar? You looked bold when you casted the die.
—Ronald to Frate[source]

Don't act like a child!
—Ronald shouting at Frate[source]

Vanetti's only option is to become a puppet to the Galassias. Frate understands that.
—Ronald to Fio[source]

Curse you--
—Ronald's last words[source]

Do it, Frate.
—Ronald's voice in Frate's head[source]