The Offering's True Identity
Kanji ()(もつ)(しょう)(たい)
Romaji Kumotsu no Shoutai
Volume Volume 4
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True Identify is a drama CD for 91 Days.


Corteo waits at Cerotto's bar for Avilio. Though it's been 7 years, he wonders if he remembers that it's his birthday.



Corteo Cerotto, another please.
Cerotto It's not like you to drink this late, Corteo.
Corteo Yeah, I guess. Avilio's meeting me to drink, so... (Today's my birthday... It's been 7 years, but I wonder if he remembers...)
Angelo Sorry I'm late.
Corteo N-No! I just got here too...
Cerotto Heh, he's been here for 2 hours...
Angelo Cerotto, can I have Lawless Heaven with water.
Cerotto Got it
Angelo Today was pretty hot, huh.
Corteo R-Right... Avilio, yotte?
Angelo Oh. Corteo?
Corteo Y-Yeah?
Angelo It was today, wasn't it?
Corteo Yeah, so you remember.
Angelo Of course! So it was today.
Corteo Yep, it's today.
Angelo Do you have it right now?
Corteo Huh? No, should you be the one bringing something...? Not that you have to, or anything...
Angelo What're you talking about? So you don't have it?
Corteo Have what?
Angelo The sample. You don't have it, then?
Corteo "Sample"?
Angelo Lawless Heaven's [???]. You said you were [???] Lawless Hell.
Corteo O-Oh, yeah... I did...
Angelo nani ga aru n darou?
Corteo N-no... Not really...
Angelo Makaseru saa
Corteo Yeah, you're right...
ANgleo I guess there's no helping it then. See ya.
Cerotto Uh! Hey, Avilio!
Angelo Hey, Cerotto, something Lawless Heaven. Don't say.
Cerotto That isn;'t what
Angelo I don't get this guy.
Cerotto nai bartender.
Angelo Really now?
Corteo Wait now. It's okay, right, Cerotto?
Cerotto Pfft. I couldn't care less as long as I'm paid.
Angelo Corteo... Don't. ...Oh.
Corteo "Oh" what?
ANglo Come to thing of it, today's
Corteo Today's what?
Angelo It's boushi shinchou, right?
Corteo Boushi?
Angelo Sore. It's new, isn't it?
Corteo I've been wearing it for about 3 years.
Angelo Oh? Really. you na
Corteo It's strange, isn't it...
Cerotto No, not really.
Corteo That's not what I mean.
Nero Hey! Berbon, straight.
Cerotto Right away!
Nero Corteo! I heard from Avilio. So it's today, huh?
Corteo Oh, no. Sorry, I'm not finished the new booze yet.
Nero Huh? "Booze"?
Corteo Lawless Heaven Lawless Hell...
Nero No! Not that. Though that's important as well... Huh!? Wait, could it be that...
Corteo About what?
Nero So that is it!
Corteo What are you talking about?
Nero My bad! Pretend I didn't say anything, 'kay? Got it?
Corteo Y-Yes... I didn't hear anything...
Nero Great! Later then. Alright Sir! Here!
Cerotto Mr. Nero! That's too much!
Nero Don't worry about it.
Cerotto Waah! He's always so cool!
Corteo Maybe... They do remember?
Cerotto Huh? About what?
Corteo Haha, it's no use! You must be in on it too, huh?
Cerotto Huh? What are you talking about? Weirdo...
Corteo Stop kiddin' around!
Cerotto Ow... Oh, now that you mention it... It's today, isn't it!?


You do know what day it is today, right?
Cerotto I seriously respect that.
Corteo You don't know.
Cerotto Huh?
Corteo You really don't know.
Cerotto Is that so?
Corteo I don't smoke.
Cerotto Oh, really?
Corteo It's fine.
Cerotto What is?
Corteo I can see it.
Cerotto What!? This cake's-!
Corteo I won't tell.
Cerotto I didn't say that.
Corteo So Avilio
Fango Heey! Corteo! Happy Birthday!
Corteo Eep! Mr. Fango?
Fanngo Alright, eveeryone!
Nero Happy Birthday, Corteo!
Corteo Nero?
Angelo Corteo, happy birthday.
Corteo Avilio! So you really did remember!
Angelo Of course. We're brother's, aren't we?
Corteo Avilio... ...Thank you... I'm really happy!
Fango Cerotto!
Cerotto Right away!


Fango Well, it's about time! 3-2-1:


Happy birthday to you, Lacrima!


Lacrima Thank you... I really... love you guys! ...Thank you so much...


Happy Birthday, Lacrima.
Corteo Huh? Avilio, today's my-
Angelo I know. Just wait.
Corteo Oh, o-okay...
Fango Now! It's the long-awaited present time! Lacrima, Corteo,
Corteo Cake
Fango Huh?
Corteo Yes...
Lacrima da ne
Corteo Is that so?
Fango Hurry up.
Corteo Okay...
Lacrima Don't look at me...
Corteo Sorry.
Fango Lacrima, here's my present:
Lacrima In front of everyone?
Fango Nero Vanetti. Thank you for doing something for my Lacrima.
Nero Don't mention it. I was doing it for Corteo.
Corteo For me? What do you mean?
Nero Avilio told me... you haven't done it yet, right?
Corteo Done what?
Nero Become a man.
Angelo Congratulations, Corteo.
Lacrima So! Let's go then.
Lacrima You
Fango Dammit
Corteo NO!
Lacrima Wait!
Fango Cerotto!
Cerotto Yes, sir!
Angelo Really? Well, let's have some cake.
Nero Heh, you really like sweets.
Angelo Yep. So, let's toast to Corteo.
Angelo and Nero Cheers!


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