Information regarding the actual date is vague but a relatively accurate timeline of events is possible.

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Date Episode(s) Event
1888  Day 13 One night, Vince meets Ganzo at a bar.

The next day, Vince meets Testa and Orco at what would be become the Vanetti Mansion.

1917 Day 13 At age 10, Nero attends the circus with Vanno Clemente.

Luce is born.

Interlude The Lagusas go on a picnic.
Day 13 Nero, Frate, Fio, Vincent, Testa, and Ganzo attend Connie's funeral.
1921 Day 1 In early April, at night, Angelo celebrates his birthday with his mother, brother, and Corteo. Corteo returns home. Lagusa family is murdered, excusing Angelo. He goes to Corteo's house and they promise to be brothers forever then go to sleep.

Angelo leaves the next morning before Corteo awakens. He returns to find his house burnt before walking away. He goes into hiding for 7 years.

1922 The Melancholy of Barbero Barbero's family is killed and he joins the Vanetti Family.
(1921 - 1926) The Melancholy of Barbero Corteo and Cerotto meet when Corteo wants to sell alcohol.
1927 Day 1 Corteo's mother dies in the summer.
1928 Day 1 Angelo returns to Lawless and meets up with Corteo. The same day, they go to the Island and then flee with Nero and Vanno as the sun sets.
Around late March of


Day 2 At 9:33[1], on a booze run, Tronco is killed.

The next day (ref: Chapter 2), around early April of 1928[2] Fio Vanetti and Ronald Galassia's wedding is held.

The next Wednesday[3], Avilio attempts to kill Fango at Lacrima's apartment.

As the sun rises, Angelo Lagusa kills Vanno, then returns to tell Nero.

1928 Day 3 At 7:13 AM<ref>Corteo has a clock on the table and said he waited for him to return the night before.</ref> on the same day as Day 2, Angelo returns to Corteo's Apartment.

Corteo goes to Cerotto's Bar to ask where he was the previous night.

Fango tells Orco that someone tried to kill him last night.

Vince, Ronald, Ganzo, Del Toro, Scusa, and Frate have a meeting about Serpente's body.

Fango follows the Vanettis to an abandoned building on the same day.

They drive that night and Frate meets them to tell Nero to leave town.

Scusa finds Serpente's body is missing.

At an unknown rainy day, Vanno's funeral is held. After this, the two depart. A man calls another to kill the pair.

1928 Day 4 Sometime before Tronco is killed, Nero and Vanno meet at Cerotto's Bar where Vanno gets drunk and they discuss the Family (Vanno hadn't gotten the cut from Serpente yet).

A week after the last episode ended, the pair travel and sleep at a camp. When they wake the next day, they leave and then spend a night in a camp.

There is a flashback which occurred sometime before Vanno Clemente's death.

1928 Day 13 Angelo nurses Nero. Barbero suggests that Corteo begin working at the Lodge.
1928 Day 5 Sometime later, at 9pm (clock strikes 9), the two eat together in Portline. Nero suggests they meet at the Lodge in two days.

Frate betrays Nero and Tigre is shot. Angelo goes to Fango in order to get help for him.

1928 Day 6 Angelo and Nero take Don Orco out for Fango.
1928 7 Ronald, Volpe, and Frate are killed. Fio leaves town.
A month after Angelo returns The Melancholy of Barbero Nero won't leave his room after the death of his brother. After Barbero goes to the Lodge, Angelo brings Nero.


The next day, a tabloid reports that charges have been filed against Scusa, on the suspicion of accepting bribes, causing Barbero to increase their sales.


Barbero spends several days at the Lodge. He begins talking with Corteo.


When Angelo isn't there, Nero says that he could be more sociable but he was raised in an orphanage, making him suspicious.

A few days after being told this, Barbero asks Corteo how they met. After telling him, Barbero says that he won't be back that night and goes to the Island. He finds Cerotto who is working as an information broker. As he is talking to Cerotto, Corteo and Angelo meet distillation room at the Lodge and Corteo tells him that Barbero asked.

(First, he looked for a man from an orphanage who had come to Lawless half a year before. It didn’t matter where he came from. The important thing was that he could prove those, and he soon found a man who met those prerequisites.

Next, he sent a donation to that orphanage and had them add the name Avilio to their register. In this day and age, the running of orphanages was just a power struggle between religious groups, and the adding of names to the register was a daily occurrence, so that was solved with the money and a single call.) ----

Three days later, Cerotto can't find any information. Nero and Avilio drink together.


The next day, Barbero called Avilio, Corteo and Nero to a bar. (Avilio, knowing that he would be cross-examined, arranged with Guccio to have that situation play out) Avilio kills Guccio and throws his corpse into a wooden box. ----

Several days later, Barbero continues to work. A tabloid reports Delphy has been reported.

Prologue Nero tries to convince Angelo to go to Lacrima's shop.
Interlude At Corteo's, Angelo has a dream about his past.
8 Delphy begins investigating corruption in Lawless. Corteo turns to Fango in an effort to kill Nero. Fango is murdered.
9 Corteo attempts to leave town, but is captured by the Vanettis and tortured for information. He escapes with Ganzo's help. Nero becomes don. Angelo discovers the fourth man's identity.
10 Before going to Chicago, Angelo and Corteo travel to his old apartment in Normal.

Angelo stays for two days then heads to Chicago.

Another Path The same day, Angelo arrives in Chicago. He stays the night. The next day, he predicts that he should be back at Lawless in less than a day.
End of June 10 Angelo returns to Lawless. Corteo is killed.
11 The Vanetti Playhouse opens. Del Toro, Barbero, Ganzo, Galassia and Vincent die. The Galassias start a war with the Vanettis.
12 Nero and Angelo escape town. Tigre is killed.
Epilogue Nero returns to town briefly.
After 1933 Epilogue Cerotto attends a church even with his wife and child.

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  1. Vanno Clemente checks his watch
  2. Arturo Tronco's gravestone say 1928 and after Nero says that the Playhouse will be done in late June, Frate says that it's three months away
  3. Vanno Clemente tells Avilio it'll happen on Wednesday night.
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