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The Vanetti crime family.

The Vanetti Family (ヴァネッティ・ファミリー, Vanetti Famirī) serves as the primary Mafia syndicate in 91 Days. It was led by Don Vincent Vanetti, who eventually retired and passed the leadership over to his eldest son, Don Nero Vanetti.


The Vanetti Family originates from Savoca, a town in the region of Messina, Sicily and when Vincent Vanetti immigrated to USA, due to the economic crisis, he dreamed of creating a criminal empire of his own, and he got close to the Moreno Family through its Underboss, Ganzo Alary, then, he meets Testa Lagusa and Orco and then, the Don himself.

He served under the Morenos, until 1921, when he betrayed them and formed the Vanetti Family.

Creation and Maintaining of the Vanetti Family[]

After the feud between the Moreno Family and the Galassia Family had begun, Vincent took the opportunity to takeover the leadership of the Morenos, with the help of Moreno's said Underboss, Ganzo, by killing Don Moreno and the entire Lagusa Family, except for Angelo and took over all Don Moreno’s business assets, including his mansion.

For following seven years of Vincent's reign, the Vanettis became the one of the most feared faces in the state of Illinois and, possibly, America, alongside with the Galassias, but when Don Vanetti got sick and Don Orco rose to power so much, that he had the half of Lawless in his pocket, the Vanettis gotten weak and seeked alliance with the Galassias by creating a kinship through Fio's marriage with Ronald, Don Galassia's nephew, but it didn’t help. They lost lots of territory and businesses to Orcos, including their exclusive smuggling route to Canada, but Nero had a different thinking for their plans, whose consequences, as well as Avilio Bruno's assistance, remained them as the only leading criminal faction of Lawless, which by the time of Vincent's retirement, Nero was appointed the Don of the Vanetti Family by his father.

Collapse of the Vanetti Family[]

After Avilio, now revealed to be Angelo Lagusa, Testa's vengeful son and a member of Ganzo's conspiracy of deposing Vincent, killed Don Galassia instead of Vincent and Don's other nephew and Ronald's cousin, Strega, replaced him as the Galassia Family's Don right after his death, he, after killing his co-conspirator Ganzo for his betrayal, commanded his men to wipe the Vanettis out and eventually, all of the Vanettis were killed in the massive shootout at the Island, except for Nero who escaped from Lawless, along with Angelo and Cerotto, whom he and Angelo abandoned.