Whispers of Sweet, Sweet, Sweets
Kanji (あま)(あま)()()のささやき
Romaji Amai Amai Kashi no Sasayaki
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Whispers of Sweet, Sweet, Sweets is a drama CD for 91 Days.


Angelo is interested in eating a special cake from a local shop.



Nero Mister. Sorry, but.
Man It's fine. Mr. Avilio too.
Angelo Yeah.
Angelo Why didn't you decline?
Nero Huh?
Angelo It would have.
Nero Oh... That's more you, isn't it? It's empty.
Angelo Empty...?
Nero Yeah.
Angelo I see.
Nero Well, next is here.
Angelo This shop is...
Nero Huh? Yeah, this shop isn't under us. Cake
Angelo Is that so?
Nero It makes 50 cakes per day.
Angelo ?
Nero No. Next is... shop. Let's go.
Angelo Nero!
Nero What?
Angelo That cake shop... could you leave it to me?
Nero What do you mean?
Angelo I'll
Nero You're... when?
Nero That seems fun. Then-
Angelo It's fine. Leave it to me.
Nero Huh? Haha, sure.
Angelo [That was good. Now I can. Huh? That's... Corteo? ]
Corteo ...There.
Angelo He's... Why is he...This is bad!
Corteo Avilio?
Angelo Tsk.
Corteo Why Lodge.
Angelo No, not really.
Corteo Do you have some time?
Angelo What happend?
Corteo The truth is the car.
Angelo [This is bad... the cake'll...!]
Angelo Actually, right now I'm... with Nero.
Corteo flinching?
Angelo Yeah
Corteo Avilio...
Angelo So I can't help you.
Corteo I don't care. Why would you?
Angelo Right now,
Corteo Avilio, what are you?
Angelo It's for my revenge.
Corteo I get it!
Angelo I'm in a hurry, so I'm going.
Corteo You can't! ...Avilio....


Cerotto Welcome!
Angelo Cerotto?
Cerotto Well, if it isn't Avilio.
Angelo What are you doing here?
Cerotto ~
Angelo The cake...
Cerotto OH! You must be collecting debts for the Vanettis!
Angelo No, it's not that...
Cerotto Look, there's no way that the lady of this business would pay!
Angelo No! Just cake...
Cerotto Oh? Cake?
Angelo Yeah.
Cerotto There's no way you'd say that! With such a scary face, there's no way you'd like sweets, right? Seriously! Hehehe
Angelo Hey.
Cerroto Wah!
Angelo I came here to eat cake.
Cerotto We still have some.
Cerotto Here. It's the last one.
Angelo Really?
Cerotto ~~
Angelo Potato?
Cerotto I'm not. Wait a second.
Angelo Okay. Well, then. It's beautiful.
Lacrima Thank you for your patronage. My, aren't you that Vanetti boy?
Angelo You're Fango's-
Lacrima Call me "Big Sister."
Angelo Stop it.
Angelo Why are you-
Angelo Patishie?
Lacrima Yeah. You haven't eaten any yet.
Angelo No, my fork-
Lacrima Then I'll
Angelo No.
Lacrima When I was young, Mama would...
Angelo Still no fork. Hey. HEY.
Lacrima What?
Angelo A fork.
Cerotto Sorry,
Angelo Ah, thanks.
Lacrima Hand that over. I'll feed you. "Aah."
Angelo Hey! Give it back!
Lacrima No, it's fine.
Angelo Stop it.
Lacrima You're awful.
Cerotto Oh no.
Fango Lacrima
Angelo Fango!?
Fango Avilio.
Angelo ?
Fango Ottimo Fango
Angelo Fango's
Angelo annoying
Lacrima Okay. Quickly, 'kay?


Avilio! So, you like sweets, huh? [2]
Angelo Is that bad?
Fango No.
Angelo Certainly.
Fango Orco
Angelo Oh. That tasted good.
Fango Right?
Angelo Thanks.
Fango Why haven't you eaten?
Angelo No one gave me a fork.
Fango Ah, sorry; Hey! Cerotto! A Fork!
Cerotto Yes Sir!
Cerotto Here you go.
Fango Sorry for interrupting. Please savor it.
Angelo Alright. Finally... Finally I can eat it!
Corteo Congratulations.
Cerotto Oh, Corteo.
Corteo Here's some booze to celebrate. Avilio?
Angelo Oh! Hey...
Corteo What are you doing here?
Cerotto Cause he likes sweets. He went through a lot of trouble to eat this cake,
Corteo So when you said you were in a hurry because Nero was waiting...
Angelo Sorry.
Corteo I see... You should have just said so. You're about to eat it now, right? Sorry for interrupting.
Angelo No, it's fine.


  1. Silvan Winds
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